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These guys are amazing i love the way they sing their covers!!! :) <3 

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Sometimes it hurts soo much to know that the one you love might not love you, but the funny part is everyone keeps tellng youvtgat they do love you :( any they won't ever let you know they love you!

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try it!! it actually works!! woahh

Ima tell my love how I feel and hopefully he'll relize it's a deep and true love! ♡ whenever I see him my words melt into love and when he hugs me he makes me feel like if I were in heaven people have asked if we're going out ... sadly were not :( but one day I will ♡ :> 

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Wat I drew inspired by song "Hall of Fame" by The Script
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1. Tell me wat I'm like even if u don't know me
2. Tell me u love me and really love me
3. Tell me I'm beautiful when I'm really not
4. Give me a hug and be my friend forever
5. If any one loves me you'll tell me u do and ull take my pain pain away
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