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John William Howard
I love to make music, I love to interact with my friends, and I love my Jesus :)
I love to make music, I love to interact with my friends, and I love my Jesus :)

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When God lets us watch Frozen
Everybody has days like this from time to time. It's been amazing to see the parallel between my new life as a father of a toddler and the love the Father has for his children here on earth. The thought came to me yesterday, as thoughts always do when I hav...

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Another exercise in trust
Things today have been a little turmoil-ish. I found out that my Jetta, in which I survived an incident with a drunk driver about two weeks ago, is likely to be deemed a total loss. Because of the way the vehicle was set up, this leaves me with no debt and ...

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The Lord's many blessings
The last several weeks have been a wash, an outpouring of God's love and bold displays of his ability to care for me. I've been so busy lately that I haven't had time to reflect on the happenings of late, but my editor was gracious enough to give me the eve...

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Tragédie à Paris
It dawned on me yesterday exactly how many times I've been working and touched by tragedy in the last several years. As I sit here in the lobby of my old Starbucks and tap away, I clearly remember working the night of the shootings at Clackamas Town Center,...

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Chasing the self-motivated man
I've spent ample time over the last few weeks thinking about sources of motivation. Being closely connected to athletics, I find it amazing to watch a kid who is self-motivated. I'm not that way, not really. I've spent too much time focusing on being better...

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To walk, to wake
Rather late this morning, I finally convinced myself to get out of bed and drug myself across the hallway to have a machine make me coffee. A sandwich and copious doses of caffeine in my system, I returned to my sheets and was about to click through to one ...

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Addicted to work
My desk actually looks a little like this. Hello, everyone. My name is John, and I'm addicted to work. That's what it feels like, anyway. Maybe it's time for a self-intervention. These last two weeks have been crazy. Tuesday, I started early and worked late...

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Cats and church
The last few weeks -- six of them now, I suppose -- have been so full of learning, writing, sleeping and complaining about the excess of the secondary and the lack of the latter that I've neglected to post any thoughts here. Philadelphia, October 2015 Unfor...

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Thanks in advance for housing
In the time between my last post and this one, my world has turned inside out -- kinda. A month from now, I'll be moving to Grants Pass to take a position at the Daily Courier, as most of my tiny blog-readership is already aware. Change is difficult for me....

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Rainbow Joward
The Supreme Court's decision to extend equal marriage rights to the homosexual community this week broke the internet. It became the fad to add a rainbow filter over your Facebook profile photo, whether or not you'd ever openly advocated for gay rights befo...
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