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"I can see some benefits of using NVC but I don't want to talk in a way that sounds weird or scripted, which may come across as inauthentic."
This is a common concern I sometimes hear from people interested in Nonviolent Communication who want to be sure they are investing their time in a process that will truly improve their communication.
First, I want to make a distinction between what is natural and what is habitual. NVC teaches that it is natural for us to connect in a way that reveals our feelings and needs while wishing to know and understand the feelings and needs of others.
Second, the intended goal of NVC is not to speak in a formulaic manner. The goal is to use the formula to train our brains to more often empathize automatically. As we get more comfortable with listening and speaking from a place of empathy, our language will naturally reflect this. We may still sound a little different, depending on the situation, but more often than not, the people we are communicating with will feel deeply heard and understood.

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Austin. Saturday October 6, 2012 from 10am to 6pm
Sign up now. Seats are limited and will go fast.

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Do We Really Need Labels?

Maybe not. Whether you call them "labels," "moralistic judgments," or "assumptions of universal truth," they are common in many cultures. If you listen carefully, you will hear them in most conversations.

You are so good! She is lame! Great movie! You are beautiful! Bad boy! That was mean! How rude! Nice blouse!

What is "wrong" with telling someone they are beautiful? What is the alternative?

First, our brains process on multiple levels, including the literal.

In other words, when I say "You are beautiful" to you, part of your brain interprets...
#nvc   #nonviolentcommunication   #moraljudgment   #labels   #communication   #conflictresolution   #authenticity   #empathy   #compassion   #parenting   #psychology

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One of my life quests is to expand the perception of what is "acceptable", right now via language. This graphic [hopefully] makes it easy to visually process one of the key concepts supporting said expansion:

"I am responsible for my feelings"
#acceptance   #nvc   #nonviolent   #nonviolentcommunication   #liberty   #conflictresolution   #speakfromtheheart   #peace   #needs   #compassionatecommunication   #compassionateparenting   #language   #freedom   #voluntaryism

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People often ask me, "NVC (Nonviolent Communication) sounds great for one-on-one relationships but how do you apply it to dealing with 'bad' people?" So I finally wrote this up and welcome you all to add your ideas!

#punishment #crime #nonviolent #noncoercion #nonviolentcommunication #nvc #compassion #reform #prison #incarceration #freedom #liberty


"Needs" as presented in the NVC framework are a valuable tool of abstraction that makes it easy to step outside of ourselves for a moment and look objectively at our feelings and our strategies. In the mediations I do for couples, I've found "needs" to be invaluable!

Check out this little scenario:
Husband: "Honey I really want to stay in tonight"
Wife: "I really want to go out."
Husband: "What needs underlie your desire to go out?
Wife: "I want to connect with other people. What about you?"
Husband: "I want the comfort and safety of being home."
[once strategies have been separated from needs, many options are available]
Wife: "Aha! Let's invite a couple friends over!"

#nvc #nonviolentcommunication #marshallrosenberg #liberty #selfimprovement #empathy #compassionatecommunication #compassionateparenting #empatheticlistening #ronpaul

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My Life for Yours - Dealing with Death - Parenting with NVC

#nonviolentcommunication #nvc #parenting #grieving #mourning #lettinggo #choice #personalchoice #animation #bleedingheart

My Life for Yours - Dealing with Death - Parenting with NVC

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"When we believe that our needs involve another person doing something, we take an abundant world and make it scarce." Marshall Rosenberg, PhD

The Basics of Non Violent Communication 2.2.avi

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A Path To Peace

"Our culture/training/media encourages reinforcement and expansion of our boundaries; creating the illusion of safety/ security. Buy more land! Buy a bigger house! Have more stuff!"
#peace #communication #culture #love #fear #media #filters #nonviolentcommunication #nvc #stillness
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