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Alberto Cairo
Knight Chair in Visual Journalism University of Miami
Knight Chair in Visual Journalism University of Miami

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Stack and unstack
My friend Geoff McGhee , who works for Stanford University's Bill Lane Center for the American West, has just published a nice series of interactive graphs and maps   about California's move toward renewable energies. One of them caught my attention. Here's...

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Brit Hume misreads a graph and parrots White House talking points
Fox News pundit Brit Hume grudged about this graph from the Congressional Budget Office's report on the Republican Better Care Reconciliation Act: (BCRA) Here's Hume's tweet, replying to an article by Jonathan Cohn , claiming that the BCRA would cut Medicai...

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New tutorials and resources section
I've completely revamped the Tutorials & Resources section of this website. Check it out. Here are the main changes: 1. I've added Maarten Lambrechts 's wonderful Data Cleaning With Excel tutorial to the list, besides a couple of short videos about pivot ta...

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Student work: Visualizing forest loss in the Amazon
I want to bring your attention to  Silent Forest , a large news documentary project that maps forest degradation and destruction in the Brazilian Amazon. The Guardian has a good story about it , and the About section itself can help you understand what the ...

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Nerd Journalism
On Friday I defended my PhD dissertation in Barcelona. Its title is Nerd Journalism: How Data And Digital Technology Transformed News Graphics . The latest draft still has plenty of errors and typos, and I need to incorporate the feedback from the committee...

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Data videos
It may be because I'm getting older, but in the past few years I've grown a tiny bit less fond of intricate interactive graphics, and a tiny bit more fond of videos and animations that explain complex ideas and data in a linear fashion. This post collects s...

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The importance of writing making-of articles
Our new visualization is out. This time we've collaborated with Maarten Lambrechts on a visualization about Eurovision, The Eurosearch Song Contest . Go take a look at it. It's fun. Something we're asking everyone we collaborate with is to write a making-of...

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Datasketching culture
Our new Google News Lab visualization project is out. This time, it's actually two projects in one: Beautiful In English , by Nadieh Bremer , and Adventure is Out There! , by Shirley Wu . As usual, I provided some art direction. You may be familiar with Nad...

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Multiple graphics, multiple possible insights
One of my favorite mantras about visualization is that a single chart, graph, or map is unlikely to show everything you need to know about a story. It's thanks to the combination of several graphics that compelling insights may arise. NPR's latest project, ...

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Visualization book club
Tableau Public's Sophie Sparkes has just launched a visualization book club (Twitter hashtag is #VizBookClub .) She's planning to read a graphics-related book every two months, and she invites everyone to join her in a conversation about its contents. The f...
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