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Is there scroll fling detection implemented in Picasso? If not, do you have plans to do that? thanks!

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Наши советские мультфильмы всегда были и будут самыми лучшими. 

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Сделал приложение со сборником прекрасных советских фильмов. Большинство фильмов искренне считаю шедеврами кинематографа. Рекомендую!
Работает как на Android смартфонах так и планшетах. 

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I've made the app that provides timetables of Riga public transport. Please, enjoy:)

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Today's #AndroidDesign #Protip by +Roman Nurik and +Peter Ng is about using point units in Adobe Photoshop to improve your workflow for Android graphic asset creation.

Did you know that you can use point units in Adobe Photoshop to emulate density-independent pixels (dp) [1]? You can show all dimensions in density-independent units while still maintaing pixel precision during editing and exporting. Simply change Photoshop's ruler units to points, choose the right document resolution and from then on, think of points in Photoshop as Android's density-independent pixels!

So which document resolution should you use? Well in Photoshop, the default document resolution is 72ppi, where 1 point equals 1 pixel. This is analogous to Android's MDPI density, where 1dp equals 1 pixel.

To work in XHDPI (320dpi) and have 1 point equal 2 pixels, change the document resolution to 144ppi. In general to emulate an Android density of NNNdpi use a document resolution that's 45% of NNN. To emulate HDPI (240dpi), use a resolution of 108. For XXHDPI (480dpi), use a resolution of 216.

That's it—welcome to density independence nirvana with Photoshop! The attached photo album demonstrates some of the exact steps involved in case you're not sure where to look in Photoshop's settings.

Have more asset production workflow tips? Let us know in the comments!

Using Point Units to Emulate DIPs in Photoshop
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Is it possible to pause/resume Picasso images loading job? I have a long list of images and I'd prefer to stop any updates on fast scrolling to make it  smooth. 

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Today on Android Design in Action, +Nick Butcher, +Adam Koch and I shared our favorite design details from the 11 apps in the Beautiful Design Summer 2013 collection on Google Play [1].

And it was quite the whirlwind tour: the responsive grid views in Pattrn, Pinterest and TED; the beautiful reading experiences in Pocket, NY Times and Press; the rich imagery and typography in Grand St and Flipboard; and the wonderful interactions and responsive layouts in Timer, Expedia and Eye in Sky.

We finished off with a shout out to the recently published Timely Alarm Clock app, which demonstrates some incredibly delightful design touches all the while remaining very consistent with Android's design principles and guidelines.

As always, the [small number of] slides are attached to this post and you can find the full show recording on YouTube: Android Design in Action: Beautiful Design Summer 2013 Highlights


#AndroidDesign #ADiA
Android Design in Action: Beautiful Design Summer 2013 Highlights
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Хорошая книга.

PS: Если влом покупать, то могу поделиться pdf.

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Today on Android Design in Action, +Nick Butcher+Adam Koch and I ran with +Reto Meier's cricket app design from The App Clinic [1] by layering on some visual design touches covering:

• Action bar restyling
• Accent colors and background color changes
• Metrics and spacing
• Typography and visual hierarchy tweaks
• Navigation drawer metrics and styling
• Specs/redlines to hand off to developers

We then dove into design recommendations for using Maps in your app, ranging from:

• Basics of the Google Maps Android API v2
• Visual and interaction design for markers and info windows
• Camera transitions/animations
• Full-screen (map is the interface) vs. embedded (map is the context) modes

As always the slides for this week's show are attached and you can catch the episode recording on YouTube: Android Design in Action: Cricket App Specs + Maps


#AndroidDesign #ADiA
Android Design in Action: Cricket App Specs + Maps
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