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George Monkhouse
Acupuncturist, Health Coach and Pioneer in Dulwich, London SE22
Acupuncturist, Health Coach and Pioneer in Dulwich, London SE22

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from 4 years ago
Who are you?

George Monkhouse LicAc MBAcC is an experienced acupuncturist and expert in strong natural medicine without side effects.

- specialist in chronic conditions of stress, pain and illness

- works with professional athletes and yogis

- helping people make long term improvements to health and well being through natural diet and lifestyle changes

- works with focused and committed individuals who are prepared to take responsibility for their current state of health and to work to optimise all vital functioning

- qigong and meditation instructor, nutritionist, Daoist scholar

- creator of the Way of Balance and Harmony, a set of principles and practices for supreme vitality

- international health coach, helping people make the improvements gradually and sustainably that support a balanced life

- advocates a diet and lifestyle of cleaning and strengthening

What are the top three things you're working on right now?

1. Treating patients.

2. Coaching people to get rid of skin eczema and psoriasis in 30 days.

3. A global free healthcare system.

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Tired of 'needing' more time and money? Want to feel in the flow most of the time rather than stressed and strained?

Register on my website for the newsletter to receive advanced news on my upcoming course 'The Way of Balance and Harmony', a system of ancient Chinese longevity and prosperity practices.

'The Way of Balance and Harmony' is a series of self development tools based on principles of Yang Sheng ('Nourishing Life') to help you learn and practice a system of healthy living.

- meditation and positive mental frameworks
- emotional mastery techniques
- movement healthcare practices (qigong & taichi)
- nutrition and eating for effect
- the universal principles of Balance and Harmony and their resulting 'symptom'; Vitality.
- daoism

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Healing laughter yoga and daoist meditation course

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Consume natural sugars for greater health

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Learn a super easy and healing breathing technique. It's free!
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