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New Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Building During Sunset

It's been forever since I had the time to sit down and process an image. Almost 5 months have passed since I moved from Australia to Singapore for the second time in the last two years. This time 'more' permanently - well, as far as permanency goes nowadays! The move, new life, new job, new apartment have all kept me so busy that there was little time for my photography.

Two months ago I took a weekend trip to Kuching, Malaysia. it's only a good hour's flight away. As I didn't have much time, and didn't do my research, I purely relied on friend's and friend's friend itinerary and suggestions on what to do. Whilst the wild orangutan sanctuary was really something amazing, my personal highlight was strolling down the Sarawak River and discovering the illuminated State Legislative Assembly Building. I imagined the angle and shot from across the river during sunset for the next day and returned to find an amazingly intense play of colors and lights.

Blah Blah d'Technical
- Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
- Lens: EF 17-40mm f/4L
- Other: Cable Release, Hoya Pro CPL Filter
- Tripod: Gorillapod
- Exposures: 21 brackets (for three golden and blue hour images)
- F-Stop: f/9, f/8 and f/7.1 
- ISO: 50 - 400
- Focal Length: 24mm
- HDR: Photomatix 
- Processing Techniques: Manual Blend, HDR
- Food: Borneo Jungle Laksa
- Drink: Canned Beer
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+Sascha Wenninger - thanks alot, mate. Absolutely true about the beer and it's impact on this shot :) hehe
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Victor Marz

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Friday evening after work I had the great pleasure to meet up with fellow Canberra photographer +Rob Crispe who came down to visit Melbourne for a mate's wedding. The weather gods were not on our side that night with only 10C, gale force like winds and rain every few minutes flying almost horizontally into our lenses. It was still worth it to get out, meet a fellow minded new friend and shoot some nice pics. 

Have you ever met anyone you only knew from the web? I've tried it a few times now, and am positively surprised about how many times I met some really awesome folks. 

Anyways - After a few test shots, I decided to go for a long exposure as I loved the strong waves and above normal height water levels smoothing out. To avoid camera shake from the strong winds, I decided to get my tripod as low as possible, hung my camera bag under the tripod to add some weight and made myself as big and wide as humanely possible to block to oncoming wind and rain from the camera. I stood still in my spot  for a mere 16 minutes and  44 seconds, but I can tell you it felt like an eternity in those weather conditions. 

There is something really amazing about long exposures as you can't really tell how they'll pan out, especially when you shoot in twilight and calculating the perfect exposure in your head has really more to do with guesswork and good luck especially when you have heavy clouds involved.

Tech Talk:
- Canon 5D Mark III with Canon 17-40mm at 17mm and f/4
- ISO 50, single exposure for 1004 seconds, no noise reduction (thank god for not another 1004 seconds!)
- ND400 Filter mounted, CPL dismounted
- DXO Optics 7.5 for Raw processing to TIF (uncompressed ;))
- PS Workflow: Leveling, Curves optimisation, Vibrance and Color Balancing, High Pass Filter for details, manual exposure masks to increase bridge contrast/ visibility, Watermarking
- Two Argentinean Quilmes with Rob after the shoot to warm up

Have a great new week, folks! I'll be a bit quieter over the next days, as I'm off to Canberra for a bit of work now.
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Thanks +Robinson Yang! Much appreciated
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Victor Marz

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We love Melbourne

after another magnificent past seven days the week is ending with a spectacularly tranquil sunset in the Docklands of Melbourne. 

This time I experimented with the long exposure technique I learnt from the grand master of photography Jonathan Danker a few months back Singapore. I added a bit a post-processing magic to it, which I learnt from my favorite monkey aka +Elia Locardi combined with my beloved twilight style this magical moment was captured digitally. Many thanks for sharing your techniques and inspiring me with your work, guys!

I hope you're enjoying the Sunday night with a glass of wine today :) as it's supposedly good for your health. Have a great week!

Technical Mumbo-Jumbo:
- F/16
- ISO 50
- Shutterspeed: 241.6 seconds
- Canon 5D Mark III with EF 17-40mm
- Manfrotto Tripod
- Good friend to distract me while i'm waiting for the long exposure to record
- Glass of Shiraz
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Cheers mate, will do. Fingers crossed for the weather!!!

Sent from my iPad
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Victor Marz

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Photography Magazine curator +Jarek Klimek's recent 'Top-11 Google+ Photos' of the day included some stunning images, and I'm very happy that my work has been displayed, too! Congrats to my fellow photographers +Andreas Levi +Matthias Haeussler +Andy Gray +Scotty Graham +Swee Oh +Athena Carey +Francesco Gola +QT Luong +Hidetaka Onoyama +Alan Shapiro
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Cheers +Victor Marz :)
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Victor Marz

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if you're looking for some fresh photography blood for your circles - add and share :) Thanks for +Charles Lupica for maintaining this circle :)


 Hidden Treasure: 264 talented photographers to discover

     a select group of photographers with
        5000 to 7500 followers 

264 photographers plus myself.

This circle is only people with 5000 to 7500 followers.  I made this choice because people like to see smaller circles.

No one has asked to be in this circle and no one has been required to share the circle.  The choices here are my own based on my own likes and dislikes.

The photographers that I have added to this circle are all photographers that I would like to have in my stream.  The styles vary but the quality is there.  The work varies from above average to outstanding.

No strings attached
• I ask, but do not require, that everyone in this circle plus the post, comment on the post, and most importantly, share the circle.  My experience tells me that circles that don't require sharing are generally of a higher quality since there is no obligation to include anyone.  Please share. 

Validation process
•  I have personally checked all of the profiles in the circle.  This is a circle of people whose work I like. No one has asked for inclusion and the choice of inclusion was solely my own decision. 
• Photographers that are inactive were not chosen
• Photographers with animated gifs were not chosen
• Only photographers sharing a nice selection of their own images were included
• Lots of external links = not included
• I had to like what I saw; my circle = my choice.
• I'm in the circle. My circle, I get to be in it.

For anyone sharing this circle, I recommend that you add a few fresh images to your stream to keep your content balanced.

In this Circle:
Add people
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Victor Marz

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Using my Canon 5D Mark III and the 17-40mm lens I took a single 30s exposure at ISO800, f/8 and 19mm focal length about 50min after sunset catching the last light in the sky. At this stage the reflections of the lights were getting quite annoying behind the glass and I used my sweater to block most of the reflecting light from the inside of the cafe. the Outside light sources and their reflections needed to be manually cleaned up in post processing. This only took me 2hrs time and was a magnified pixel-by-pixel job. Glad I don't have 36 Megapixels in situations like this ;).

Also big thanks for +Naomi Locardi  to provide me with a super cool new Logo! 

Oh - almost forgot - This photo was taken from the 77th Floor of the Q1 Skyfloor at almost 300m height in the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia.
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Thank, +Sascha Wenninger :) it was great fun shooting it....
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Victor Marz

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Melbourne's on Fire!

For the second consecutive year, and few more times in the past decade Melbourne has been voted not only as Australia's most livable city but the World's!

The Economist Intelligence Unit publishes a ranking each year comparing living standards across 140 cities in the world. The determining dimensions for the analysis include: Stability, Healthcare, Culture and environment, Education, and Infrastructure.

Congratulations to my favorite city in the World

Technical Stuff:
- Canon 5D Mark III
- Canon 17-40mm f/4L USM
- 7x exposures developed with DXO Optics 7.5
- 6x tonemapped exposures in Photomatix 4.2
- 1x exposure 5s to capture the fire
- manual blending, color correction in Photoshop
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Thanks :)

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Victor Marz

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Sidney Myer Concert Series 2013

Melbourne's Summers are truly amazing and one of my personal favorite activities is to enjoy the Sidney Myer concert series. It's a wonderful event to watch and listen to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra performing all the classics. Picnicking in front of one of the best set amphitheaters I've ever been to, overlooking the Melbourne city skyline next to the Botanical Garden, and listening to on of the best symphony orchestra's in the world is truly amazing, every time, every year.

Photo Geek Processing Info:
For the post-processing I used DxO Optics' 7 Elite, Nik Software's Snapseed for Desktop, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, and Photomatix. I firstly processed all RAW files into TIFFs, followed by the High Dynamic Range (HDR) composition using Tone Mapping in (this was due to the extreme bright stage compared to dark foreground and background. I adjusted color levels, contrast, saturation in Bridge and Snapseed to get the actual look of the scene during twilight. I then used some manual digital blending techniques in Photoshop to correct for 'guessing' errors of the Photomatix software Finally, I added a tilt-shift effect in Snapseed to focus on the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Exposure Blah Blah:
- 6 bracketed shots (-3ev - +2ev)
- 1s, 2s, 4s, 8s, 16s, 32s
- f/10 at 28mm
- ISO500

- Canon Australia's 5D Mark III
- Canon EF 17-40mm f/4 USM
- Joby's GorillaPod
- one Yellow Recycle Bin (as tripod extension)
- one bottle of white wine (hence the blur!)
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Victor Marz

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Amongst the so many awesome shots +Elia Locardi has produced over the years this is one that makes my top 5 favorites lists.
The Future Is Now || Meydan Bridge - Dubai

Even though I didn’t get out much to shooting Dubai a couple weeks ago, I made sure to get out to The Meydan Bridge. A big thanks goes to +Daniel Cheong not only for driving me out there, but also for the great conversation and company. I always love connecting with fellow photographers and Daniel and I share a lot of the same philosophies on post-processing. In my opinion, he has some of the most beautiful photos of Dubai in existence - really stunning stuff. I recommend visiting his Flickr Page to see some of the photos I’m talking about.

The Meydan Bridge is a VIP entrance to the Meydan Racecourse, a mega structure that is able to accommodate over 60,000 spectators in a 1 mile long grandstand. When not used for races it serves as a business and conference integrated facility. The thing is, like many other things in Dubai, it’s only used once (or so) a year. The rest of the time it’s mostly abandoned and this beautiful bridge is blocked from access. It was a strange feeling actually - to be standing on this opulent mega structure, in the middle of the desert, miles away from the city, and with nobody around. Half the lights were busted too. I guess after Tom Cruise was finished driving over it in Mission Impossible 3, they really didn’t have a need to maintain it anymore.
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It's very sci fi. In fact looking at it I feel as though it's kind of what you expect some of the highways you see throughout the Halo series of xbox games might of looked like before they were destroyed. 
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Victor Marz

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Riding a speedboat off Nusa Penida in Indonesia towards one of the most beautiful scuba diving locations I got mesmerized by the stunning colors of the sky and the sea. When I noticed the water splashing around our boat, lifting large masses of water into the air the angle of the sun coming in produced this amazing miniature rainbow.

Capturing this image I had to play around with my camera gear trying to equilibrise high shutterspeed, higher ISO, and Aperture. I handheld my flash unit (set to full manual) in one hand and my camera in the other hand. The nervousness of the crew and other guests was rising to pretty intense levels while I was trying to balance myself in order not to fall off the very bumpy boat riding the waves at high speed.

Technical Blah Blah:
- handheld Canon 5D Mark III with Canon EF 17-40mm L USM
- handheld Canon Speedlite 580EX II
- ISO 800
- Aperture @ f/4
- Focal length @ 17mm
- Shuttespeed @ 1/5000s
- Picture mode: Burst
- Flash set to manual at full strength and manually fired using testing mode 
- Boat speed: about 45kph
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Thank you +jany viala :)
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Victor Marz

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Twilight at the Gold Coast

this is my second most favorite shot from my trip up to the Gold Coast last weekend. The weather was amazing and shooting from the Q1 Tower (on of the Southern Hemisphere's tallest residential buildings) was really fun. Located on the the 77th floor or approximately 230m/ 754feet above sea level Sky Point Observation Deck offers spectacular 360 degree views over Surfer's Paradise, Mainbeach and Broadbeach as well as the Hinterland.

Like with the previous upload I needed to perform some major photo manipulation surgery in Photoshop to eliminate reflections caused by the street illumination, interior Sky Point Illumination, and flashes from other 'photographers' bouncing off the glass. 

To take this photo I used my 5D Mark III, 17-40mm lens, inbuilt HDR mode, focal length of 17mm, 2-8-30s exposures at f/10 and ISO100. My camera was mounted on my most beloved Yoby Gorillapod which performed some serious stretching throughout the shoot. 

Have a great Saturday!!!
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como te decia admiro tus fotografias y me gustaria que me enseñes las tecnicas al respecto ya que en mi pais tenemos mucha diversidad de paisajes mi correo es atoccha365arroba hotmailpuntocom
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Victor Marz

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An Australian baby seal hanging out on one of  Kangaroo Island's magnificent beaches. The little one had a blast that day and was quite intrigued by my camera, I think. A total natural the way it behaved in front of the zoom lens.

Yes, this is not my standard mega large stitched panorama shot - I decided to start uploading some of my other work and see if you still like it ;) Let me know what you think about the change of direction, please.

Have a great morning, day, or evening wherever you are :)
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thank you all :)
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Contact Information
Panorama Fine Art Photographer addicted to Exploring the World
So my name is Vic and I love to hunt for great photo opportunities that make for an even better wall decoration.

Since working full-time on improving the world allows me to pursue photography only as a hobby, I donate all proceeds from my picture sales to our community and various charities like the Red Cross, Oxfam International, RedKite etc. - that means every dollar that gets collected is going for some good cause. So If you're wanting some really awesome Wall Decoration and also want to do the right thing, let me know and I help you out!

As a lover of both the 'Big Picture' and the incredible 'Detail' in high resolution print photography, Panoramic Photography comes natural to me. I love it when I print out my work, put it on the wall and have friends and family drop their jaws, grasping for air, while approaching the wall art, and then commenting on how sharp the two meters wide print is (that's +6 feet for my US friends). I admit to feel like a five years old boy on his birthday when the picture framer with 30 years experience tells me he's never seen so much detail in a photo print. 

Having said that all the above, I do all sorts of photography and I love to play with new approaches and tools both while taking the shot(s) and during post processing. 

I hope I can be inspired by your work and inspire you, too!
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