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Is it just me? Or has Google + become the social network where people just share links. . .
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It seems to be a very content-driven platform. I'm guilty of link-sharing. I already upload my photos to Facebook and share random thoughts on Twitter. I don't know why I compartmentalize my networks.
What I find most humorous is that I originally loved it for the ability to share different things with subsets of friends/colleagues/family. But I don't see it used like that at all.
Great observation. It's like an empty room opened up and everyone ran into it yelling at no one in particular.
Reorganize your circles and use them.
Karen. It's not how I organize my circles, is when I look at each individual stream, all I see is people sharing content, even friends, family and colleagues. Does that make sense?
I understand. I don't post that much but I comment quite a bit. I love to get into a good discussion.
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