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I just published "Tracking app update sizes" with the updated APK patch size estimator on Medium. #androidDev

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Have you ever used the APK analyzer? Try it in Android Studio 2.2!

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tl;dr: Please add support for Commit Content API to your apps (where it makes sense). Can't wait to send those GIFs using my keyboard! :)

And it's not just for Nougat in case you were wondering if it's worth it, thanks to the support library of course.
Commit Content APIs? GIF Keyboards you mean
+Rich Hyndman does a great job explaining how to add Image Keyboard Support via the Commit Content API to your app or to your keyboard (IME). Your app tells the keyboard what mime types it supports (such as images, GIFs, and more) and the keyboard delivers.

If you're looking for the code from the video, check out the documentation:

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CMake and ndk-build are now supported in Android Studio 2.2 alongside the experimental Gradle plugin. Kathryn Shih, Android Product Manager, shares how this change will impact native developers, and what the future holds for native builds.

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PSA: no action required, unless...! #androidDev
Understanding APK packaging in Android Studio 2.2

Think you’ve seen all Android Studio 2.2 features? We have even more surprises under the hood! The new packager and signer now supports Android APK v2 signatures, produces smaller APK files and makes development faster. If you’re doing any APK post-processing (such as recompression), you should read the blog to understand what the new packaging changes for you and how to make sure you don’t invalidate the new signature.

Read more:

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What's new in Android Studio 2.2? A looooot! Check out the new features at a glance in the video #AndroidDev

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Wondering about shared element transitions when using Fragments? Check out the OurStreets sample, which focuses on exactly that.
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Great talk from +Wojtek Kaliciński on Advanced Espresso at #io16! I wrote down the tips with time points, so you can jump into the relevant part of the video easily.

#Android #GDE #BlogPost

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