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Discourse on the Sun as a (or the) God:

The Sun represented the chief Shamanic virtue, compassion & illumination.

Through time it became a representation of the primary Goddess (Sekhmet) of the Matriarchal pantheon back in the Golden Age.

After the fall of mankind & rise of the broken patriarchy (5,000BC), the Sun began as a representation of the Sun God (Atum, Ra, Osiris, Horus).

In 200BC Ptolemy (Greek Pharaoh of Hellenistic Egypt) made a decree of the banishment of polytheism/pantheism...

...& the establishment of monotheism with the Sun God as the one & only God.

The Sun Was embodied by many prophets until Jesus (aka Yeshua) supposedly fulfilled the prophecy to completion.

The supposed “birthday” of December 25th (the day when the Sun resurrects from winter having gone West, and first begins to come East again) marks those chosen to embody the virtue of enlightenment under the prophecy of the savior.

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Is Intoxication Even Good?

* Meditation is the real mind expansion that will intoxicate and enhance us.
* Meditation is found to cultivate our ability to transfer grey matter (brain cells) from the amygdala (primitive reptilian brain - fight or flight responses) to the hippocampus (higher functioning brain - functional harmonic responses).
* Through deep meditation astral projection can be achieved.
* It is a process in which the third eye (inner eye or pineal gland) is opened during a waking state and DMT is released to induce astral projection (spirit body time travel & shamanic visions).
* It is said that man has forgotten to listen to the inner voice (God) in the deep silence (ie astral projection)...
* I would argue that mankind's third eye closed during our waking state when we abandoned our habitat (water), and now it will stay closed during our waking state until we develop successful terrestrial instincts...

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Doctors are learning that one of the best ways to fight disease and illness is by avoiding the very foods that cause chronic inflammation. While this isn’t a new concept for those with a more holistic view of the body, it is for the modern medical system, which focuses on treating symptoms instead of addressing the root cause of an issue

#inflammation #chronic #pain #food

Does Technology Help Us?

What are we escaping from?

* Humans have weak bodies & strong minds.
* We need to strengthen our bodies & evolve to have physical prowess again, like our ancestors.
* Yet we use technology as a crutch to cope with terrestrial adaptation & it weakens us as a result.
* There is no question that technology is the only thing that allowed us to survive up until now.
* However, we could potentially use technology to strengthen ourselves and enhance our integration with Nature.
* At this point we mostly weaken ourselves and destroy natural resources.
* Our technology poisons us, our air, our land, our water & our cohabitants of the Earth.
* However, it could be corrected to nurture the latter instead of hinder.
* If technology were to be used to strengthen, we would begin to use it to break out of our weakening 'comfort zones' and begin to condition ourselves through confronting the challenges of Nature with confidence and wherewithal!
* 'Safe and easy' endeavors lead to 'scared, lazy and weak'.
* 'Hard and challenging' endeavors lead to 'empowered, efficacious & thriving strong'!

- Allan Whittick: (What are we escaping from?) Everything pretty much. We live in a world where the things we love and want to watch/look at are destroyed. We take vacations to places where there is less destruction to remind ourselves of what everything should look like. The world is becoming a concrete waste land. With nothing to see except sales slogans and disease.

~ How can we accept "what is"?

* We need to accept what is (humans are the weakest, unadapted, ill-balanced and most dysfunction creature on the face of the Earth).

* Hence we it would behoove us to wake up from our denial and self-glorification (a direct result of our inability to accept our lot as half-retarded animals.

* We had a mitochondrial Adam & a mitochondrial Eve in our ancestry, meaning we were inbred twice as half syblings seeded our species twice over.

* Also we hybridized with Neanderthals & Denisovans, which may explain why we have over 40,000 genetic disorders, compared to most species that might have a dozen or so...

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Random Quotes:

"Contentment is a battle we march. Joy is for the meantime parts."
~ Unknown

"Don't look towards the sky, (because) there's no heaven above. Don't look down beneath your feet, (for) there's no hell below. Heaven & hell exist within. Hell is what you go through & heaven is what you make it."
~ Ghostface Killah

"I do (believe in aliens) but I also look at every person on the street you know nothing about as one also. There has to be life on other planets, but who's to say we all just don't live on our own planet?"
~ Unknown

‘Starve & Feed’

“What you feed grows, and what you starve dies.
Starving builds drive.
Abundance can be taken for granted.
Feed the starving and be loved.
Starve the overfed and find balance.”
~ Indy Sage

‘Painting Translation’

“She starts by gaining self awareness in her soul SPACE.
Then let the tears RAIN down of her self realization...
...before entering the FIRES of purification through self mastery.
Then she was lifted to divinity within in the CLOUDS of self love...
before awakening into the blossoming LOTUS of self actualization.”
~ Indy Sage

Tao Te Ching - Chapter 78

“Nothing in the world
is as soft and yielding as water.
Yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible,
nothing can surpass it.

The soft overcomes the hard;
the gentle overcomes the rigid.
Everyone knows this is true,
but few can put it into practice.

Therefore the Master remains
serene in the midst of sorrow.
Evil cannot enter his heart.
Because he has given up helping,
he is people's greatest help.

True words seem paradoxical.”
~ Lao Tzu

“Behind every door,
Behind every face,
In the eyes and windows of every soul,
You play hide and seek,
It is you that I yearn to be near,
And in sweet surrender,
I stand alone with eyes closed,
You are the words of worlds left dreaming,
From the dust of distant stars,
And there is one sure way to find you,
To completely lose who we think we are.”
~ Heather Reynolds

“The eternal dance of yin and yang brings harmony amidst the chaos of ten thousand things gone awry settling the muddy waters amongst the myriad of things in this garden of life while yielding effortless insusceptibility through transcending limitations, finding one’s tribe and reciprocating the benevolence of Nature as seen through uimaginable resonance with the wild beasts & birds, exploring an ocean of possibilities as the mysterious source energy sings a hymn of the ineffable, ascending us to a higher plane by forgetting illusory separation and remembering that we are all one blood, one source, one mind, one love!”

~Sage King of the Indigo Children

“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”

~Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C.

‘Astrological Correspondance’

“Material greed & social power are not my idea of success!

I am a liberator.

A spirit sentinel from the wilderness.

Here to help the lost water monkeys awaken.

Mankind is a confused bunch of tantrum having struggling floppy hairless aquatic apes who have lost their home and are inclined to self glorify as an escape from their realization of ill suited adaptation to our terrestrial environment.

The prolonged use of technology (a crutch we use to subsist at the expense of our otherwise adaptation) will ensure mankind's abomination as a mis-transitioned lost kind bound for self sabotage and annihilation.

The awakening has begun. Don't be scared to walk away from your cage. Don't feel lost to stand vehemently against the decimation of our bodies and cohabitors as well as our habitats and resources!

Wake up from your slumber. Walk away from the bread and circus propaganda brainwash and open your inner eye. Exit your somnambulist escapades and listen your voice within in the deep silence. Mankind is on the precipice of another trial. Those of us aligned with wild nature will be granted passage, but not those clinging to button pushing self-induced euthanasia and wheeling away from physical prowess & holistic healing with the powers of ancient mystical herbalism and self mastery + transformation...

Keep chasing dollar signs, but don't be surprised when you hit all the pitfalls like dominos!”
~ Indy Sage

‘Synchronistic Astral Journey’

“I just casted a beautiful circle with all my stones around me and candles and incense and I meditated for a full hr experienced an incredible out of body like experience where I teleported through this blue door into this blue room with blue particles and the light around me was rainbow like and specs of sparkles it sounds sooo (girly) but it was super transformational.

And I did a lot of unconditional love manifesting. 😉

Even practicing simple gratitude rituals alone can transform ones life! And feel immensely powerful. You probably already know this but the majority of people who dont and take most things for granted cannot perceive this.

The light was literally flowing in and out of my body I could feel it and see it outside of my body like watching myself experience this rainbow auric field of radiating light extending from my crown and beyond as well out of the roof of my house it was craaazies.”
~ Unknown

‘The Conscousness Revolution’

“It's those deep-thought induced conversations that bring forth realizations
As to what we're about. and why we're here.
There can be clarity for some, while many have yet to see it clear-ly.
What's charity for some, in others may produce fear.
If you can hear me, you may know that I've been embedded in a web of silk thread.
We all are, just labeled differently, accustomed to the various personalities under which we're bred.
Don't let it mess with your head, but we've been mislead, about what is the vital pulse of this existence.
You can realize what's toxic, and what's pure in the matter of an instance.

Before you spew out your sentence,
Make sure you thought it through, and drew out a map of where you intend it to lead.
No one single person walks into a fight expecting to bleed.
They've been deceived by a culture based on immediate reaction,
Forming a faction of those who never grow to fully develop their souls to gain full control,
Over their lives.
Simple words, some that should be left unheard, can hurt worse than knives.
Thoughtlessly responding to actions is just like ingesting an unknown, and jagged little pill.
You know nothing of the repercussions, but as the grains of sand pile up, you soon will.
Believe it or not you can get to your mental destination faster once you learn to sit still.
So, respond by applying conscious thought to your will,
Ultimately creating a new canvas in which your creativity can spill.

Perfection is an eyedea,
And forever happened yesterday.
We're the perceived seeds of Gaia,
Equal composers of this magnificent screenplay.

This plane gives us no manual, and no time to rehearse.
I spent a long time in the lions den, only to find that I must tame me first.
When I would sting everything, it poisoned my own insides.
Held on too tight with my claws when I should've just paused, to gain some insight.
Instinctively we have adopted the means of fight or flight.
Just make sure actions taken will be those that lead away from spite.

In your beating organ, the tempo will eventually cease.
Listen to it's wisdom in order to unwind, release,
Be at peace and defeat the foolish person that sometimes controls your mind.
It's in this moment that we take off the shades that have kept us blind.
When your days grow into night, you alone can be the light that shines,
And reminds the world that there are things far more important.
Even measuring the probability of being alive leaves us more than fortunate.

Warming yourself radiates across what can be known as a cold planet.
Every single moment I believe, happens for a reason,
Even though it may not be as you planned it.
A person's karma is what you're presented with, while yours is your response.
Slowly we're intertwining and aligning; now let's raise a new-age renaissance!
It's up to us to detox ourselves of all of the mind's pollution.
Close your eyes and ascend to the skies for the Consciousness Revolution."
~ Unknown

Paradigm Discourse:

Subjectivity is real.

Objectivity is an extension of Religion rooted in blind faith of the absolute truth of God.

Without blind faith in God, the only assertion that could be made by the inventor of the scientific method (Rene Descartes) was that this might be a dream (from an evil deceiver).

People who hold common beliefs can cooperate more effortlessly.

But is this group mentality of the Western Mechanized World helping or hindering?

1.) What has the broken “modern scientific model” led us to believe (ie herd mentality)?

A.) Humans are like bio-chemical machines.

B.) Animals are dumb and weak.

C.) Women are dumb and weak.

D.) Humans are the center of the Universe.

E.) Technology is the answer to well being.

2.) How has it led us to cope with our Natural environment?

A.) Rapid depletion of natural resources.

B.) Toxification of our us & all else around.

C.) Fighting the forces of Nature.

D.) Wanting to escape to another planet.

E.) Technology over physical prowess.

“Now, reality as you know it, is defined only by yourself. The best allegory to describe this is the highway: every individual is driving its own car, and their personal tailored reality is defined by what is inside the car. They can look outside of it, and they can see others, but they will only pay close attention to what is inside their own car, or at the traffic signs. You could be living in a completly different universe from the person passing you by.”

2.) What has the new paradigm of science (quantum energetic model) helped us realize?

A.) Mind is primary, physical reality 2ndary.

B.) Conscious mind is being reprogrammed.

C.) Subconscious beliefs change reality.

D.) Animals & women are divine.

E.) Using the forces of Nature strengthens.

As the Golden age of the Matriarchy rises again, it seems that all of our “progress” as a species may have been a digression.

Trying to play God and dissect things to understand how they work, plus fiddling with genetic material (making sterile poisonous food), has led us backwards into seeing ourselves as objects.

As the awakening quickens mankind will finally be restored to an awareness of our divinity within and actuating ourselves as agents of global change to unify with Nature and finally begin to reciprocate the magnanimous benevolence of Gaia once again.

This dark age is coming to a close!

The new Renaissance has begun! 😊

Building Zion from the ashes of Babylon’s ruins, there is finally hope for a new system as the old system fails once again, like it has time & time again.

Perhaps it is time to learn from our mistakes?

Discourse on Alien Confusion:

All of our cells are likely to have developed from initial bacteria that rained down to Earth from alien world(s).

Bacterial spores most probably came here from an extraterrestrial world or multiple worlds (or star systems) amongst the stars and propagated to become all of the the bio-diverse living beings of Earth.

They may be connected by a hive-mind consciousness, not only with one another as the building blocks of Earth life, but perhaps they are also connected to their roots of origin in the stars.

~ RH blood type is from the mer-Giants of Atlantis.

Many people assume these are alien breeds, but in fact the Atlantians navigated by the stars and described themselves to terrestrial peoples as having come from the directions of various star systems.

This confusion persists even until today.

The Ancient Egyptians & Dogons have legends of giant amphibious peoples with long skulls, pot bellies, long webbed phalanges, technologically advanced and profound extra-sensory capabilities.

Many of their people remained in Atlantis for some time until relocating to Nova Scotia before settling in the British isles in prehistoric times.

They brought reed boats & pyramids to the America’s & brought pyramids and cymatic antigravitical powers to Asia.

There are part of the Mazur Grail Holders from the Canary Islands (which is a remnant of Atlantis). These people were nomadic and dominated Ancient Egypt + Mesopotamia, then later became the 12 Kings of Israel.

There were three breeds.

Sirian (Amphibious people who were friends with the dolphins & carried marijuana seeds from coast to coast. Technologically advanced).

Pleiadean (Artistic and creative, plus intuitive and compassionate. Also androgynous. Sensitive to terrestrial foods. Lower body temperature).

Orionean (Mentally polarized, rational and thrive on knowledge, intellectual, need solitude, can have a good sense of humor).

If the Sirian people were said to have brought marijuana & dolphins here from Sirius C, why are cannabis & dolphins also related to Earth creatures?

It’s because they came from the direction of Sirius and may have astrally projected to view the alleged third moon of Sirius.

If there are humanoid or spirit beings in the stars, maybe aquatic humans were able to access their minds, but their bodies would not be likely to survive the dramatic shift in atmospheric pressure if they were to come to Earth.

Many people have gotten carried away with the alien propaganda put forth by the government to disempower people and take away their credibility as spiritual healers.

Don’t believe in something just because many naive people have been duped by disempowering lies.

The Establishment made up “Hell” to control people through fear.

Now they are making up non-denominational myths about the “Heavens” to control people through false hope that the aliens will save us if we just sit and wait without having to do anything to bring the power back to the people.

This is the perfect type of propaganda to weaken powerful leaders and make gullible people helpless to confront the serious needs of the global village to take the power back from greedy tyrants.

Wake up! Aliens aren’t going to save you. Save yourself and help your community!

~ Humans have forgotten our lost ancestral trauma.

We are getting closer to uncovering the truth about why we are different than other animals.

Right now people are confused about our missing link and many assume that space aliens came here to genetically engineer humans from apes, giving us greater intelligence and mind powers.

In fact this is close to the truth but there is a monkey wrench in the gears, so to speak.

Humans have ancestry from aquatic apes (most commonly known as Lemurians & Atlantians).

There were at least three or four breeds of these mer-giants, ones who came are associated with Sirius, Pleiades, Orion & Andromeda.

There are known as the Mazur Grail Holders who went on to influence the advanced technologies of ancient India, Mesopotamia & Al Khem (Ancient Egypt).

~ The ideas of L. Ron Hubbard, which started on a bar napkin before he wrote; “Dianetics” is one of the many confused speculatory attempts to understand the truth about why humans are different from other animals.

Hubbard assumes that we must be alien spirits caught in ape bodies.

This the idea of alien spirits became merged with the idea of angels being from alien worlds where other humanoids live.

Initially Hubbard didn’t speculate as to what these aliens looked like back on their home planet, but the propaganda has developed to lump in various types of supposed humanoid aliens.

Once people can begin to realize that we are Earthlings in transition from an Aquatic habitat (hence no coat of fur and only “terrestrial” mammals born fat and able to swim but not walk or climb like every other true terrestrial mammal) back to a Terrestrial habitat.

In fact we have more in common with aquatic mammals (ie seals or dolphins) than we do with terrestrial mammals (who have a coat of fur - besides remaining pachyderms who survived the drastic heat waves before and after the ice ages).

As a prophetic medium, it frustrates me that people are so close to the truth, but just around the corner to truly awakening to our past and current conditions as lost mer-people like fish out of water.

~ If you feel like you are missing something huge, our lost ancestral trauma might be it.

This propaganda about aliens is a mere distraction.

Aliens are the new fear propaganda to replace demons by a struggling tyrannous populace who is losing their grip on a society who has become divided between atheism & monotheism.

Many of the wisest visionaries have always been Pantheists and in England Panpsychism (the idea that Nature has a mind) is where the paradigm is shifting, but America is being trolled with fear propaganda and distractions to divide and weaken us.

The American Military Industrial Complex has figured out how to keep people confused and disempowered.

Be a courageous leader in helping others in the America’s awaken to our lost ancestry and role of responsibility to transition towards effortlessly thriving in Nature, or join the ranks of propagandists who are obliviously preventing mankind from awakening to the truth of who we are and where we come from.

I am not here to tell anyone what they should believe and I know it make take 500+ yrs for humanity to awaken and reciprocate the benevolence of Gaia, but in the meantime, be prepared to witness mankind remain at war with Nature, claiming otherworldly origins (as if we are going to leave Earth to find our home somewhere in the badlands of outer-space or something).

~ Humans are like aliens to wild animals, because we are lost from our home at sea.

We invade, poison, toxify & destroy Nature, massacring, capturing, caging, torturing wild animals.

If we have been exposed to the nightmare of an invading torturous alien race from outerspace, it may be because we are those very demons to animals who are confused about how we even got here, much like us...

~ The same exact DNA as extra-terrestrial aliens from a different ancestry?

I’m sure, if they were actually real, they could potentially alter it (their own DNA) or shape shift to appear to have similar DNA, but the idea that aliens are also related to apes, seems a bit absurd.

Why are humans so confused about our missing link?

Ever since men took over society in this past 7,000yrs of dark ages since the Golden Matriarchal Age, the previous cosmogony that the Goddess gave birth to all things has shifted to the idea that God is a man who makes toys or machines (ie people) out of clay (much like men are capable of making machines but not life), or aliens genetically engineered us (much like men are capable of, even though they can’t create actual life like women can).

As the Sacred Feminine rises up again, I certainly hope that mankind will finally reawaken to the divine cosmogeny of being Earth creatures in transition from our previous aquatic or semi-aquatic habitat at sea (ie Lemuria & then Atlantis) back to the terrestrial environment.

As far as aliens go, we are like horrifying serpentine demons who invade, poison, abduct, cage & torture wild animals; and so it makes sense that we have this fear of ourselves from the eyes of innocent wild animals in effortless thriving balance with their natural environments.

~ All Earth life most likely came from the propagation of one cell from outer space!

Humans have Earthling DNA & are suited to the pressure of Earth...

Any creature that could survive in the same atmosphere as humans without a pressurized suit is likely to be either a human from the future or fiction...

Men who can make figurines from clay or genetically engineer a females offspring, never had the power to create life.

Man can only make toys & machines.

Woman can make the miracle of life...

After the fall of the Golden Age of the Matriarchy our cosmogony went from a Goddess giving birth to all in the universe, a man in the clouds who made man out of clay and then later aliens who genetically engineered us.

Man, not only has a very poor imagination (as compared to women), but also has a very selfish (anthropocentric & anthropomorphic) view of the divine and assumes that women are dirty beasts, but men are divine machines.

In fact men are dirty beasts in denial & women are divine beings, much more capable than some weak machine that is intensively programmed & maintained thoroughly.

Life is divine. We are much more than a machine or some genetic cocktail of chemicals.

Since our GMO’s are sterile, obviously God’s GMO’s are fertile. lol

~ History of the Atlantian Mer-Giants (which have governed mankind for 10,000yrs+):

Prayer to Kuan Yin:

~ Kuan Yin Spell To Invoke Her Blessings -

Here is a simple ritual to invoke her blessings:

Set up your altar with a picture of Kwan Yin and either a stick or a cone of lotus incense.Bow 3 times to Kwan YinOffer one or more glasses of water which Kwan Yin will bless.

Invite Kwan Yin to come to you and appear. Bring the palms of your hands together as if in prayer. Recite the following:

May the Peace of Kwan Yin be upon this household!
May the Light of Kwan Yin be in my soul!
May the Wisdom of Kwan Yin be in my mind!
May the Virtue and Purity of Kwan Yin be in my feelings!
May the Strength and Vitality of Kwan Yin be among the members of my household!
May the Health and Well-Being of Kwan Yin be manifest through out my body, and radiate through the garments I wear!
May the Grace of Kwan Yin be in my worship!
May the Talents and Genius of Kwan Yin be manifest through my senses!
May the Peace of Kwan Yin be upon me”

Recite the following short mantra 10 times:

Na Mo Kwan Yin Boddhisattva.

Finally, drink the water blessed by Kwan Yin. This water now has healing powers.

Dedicate this practice of the Kwan Yin Great compassion Mantra to the benefit and enlightenment of all beings.
Close your shrine in whatever way feels appropriate.
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