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Joyful Miles
Inspiring others to enjoy life one mile at a time!
Inspiring others to enjoy life one mile at a time!

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All of our #PrincessHalf #blog #YouTube and #JamminOnTheRun recaps are finished, whew! #runDisney #werunsocial #sweatpink #princesshalfmarathon

Whew, all of my Joyful Miles’s blog recaps, video recaps, and Jammin’ On The Run chat sessions for the 2017 Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend are now finished! They take a long time to do, but wow, I love being able to look back and remember fun…

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Ever feel like doing a fun #running tag? Here's one for you! #werunsocial #blogger #runningtag

If you’re a longtime blogger, then there’s a chance you might be familiar with the social network, LiveJournal. Wasn’t it awesome? I had so much fun blogging there, thanks to the deep sense of community and how easy it was to keep up with other blogs. But…

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My Partial Plantar Plate Tear: The Full Scoop #RecoverRunRejoice #injuredrunner #plantarplatetear #werunsocial

I haven’t been able to run in eight months. Eight. Long. Frustrating. Months. Another thing I haven’t done during this time is a good job blogging about my partial plantar plate tear injury. I’ve given Coping with Injury tips, talked about Walking a Race…

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#runDisneyShorts and what will (hopefully) be my 50th #runDisney Medal! #werunsocial #runchat

Registration is now open for this summer’s runDisney Virtual Shorts series! Last year, I did not register for their inaugural series due to issues I had with wording on their website regarding how the Leukemia society would benefit. I had lost a dear…

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Kathrine Switzer: #BostonMarathon Bold #tuesdaysontheRun #bloglinkup #werunsocial

I once wore a purple Sparkle Athletic skirt at a local 5k years ago, which felt odd when I had first arrived. At a runDisney race? My sparkle would have blended right in and if anything, I’d be under-dressed. But there, I stuck out like a sparkly thumb.…

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My very long, very photo-heavy #PrincessHalf blog recap! #werunsocial #rundisney #disneyworld #glassslipperchallenge

Today, I’m finally chatting about the grand finale of Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend. The half marathon, 13.1 magical miles through Disney World and day two of runDisney’s Glass Slipper Challenge! Picking up with my Princess Enchanted 10k recap,…

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Accountability Quest: Second Quarter Goals

Time for another round of quarterly goals! As I mentioned in my First Quarter Goals post, I’m trying something new. Rather than make a huge, (and intimidating,) list of goals at the beginning of the year, I’m making quarterly ones instead, limiting each…

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#WeRunSocial #PrincessHalf Meetup ... why I'm so glad I didn't bail! #runDisney #runchat

Today, folks, is a lesson on confidence and how when someone hands you a plate full of opportunity … you take the darn plate, rather than hiding your stinky self in bed. Yes, I’m talking about the 2017 #WeRunSocial Princess Half Marathon Meetup at…

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My 1st Quarter #Fitness & #Running #Haul @HOKAONEONE @MomentumJewelry @TheRooSport @SparkleAthletic

I must admit to being a fan of haul videos and blog posts. I’m not a big shopper so being able to discover products or merchandise others love can be a huge time saver. So with the end of March almost here, I thought it’d share my own fitness and running…

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#BeautyandTheBeast Movie Review ... in short, simply divine!

I finally got to see Beauty & the Beast movie on Tuesday night! We had initially bought tickets for Thursday when it premiered, but my eldest son hurt his foot while home for spring break, (and now, ironically, has a walking boot on the same foot as me.)…
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