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Sherie Christensen
I love my family, friends, music, puppets, good books and a good laugh.
I love my family, friends, music, puppets, good books and a good laugh.

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Desk Project
Our old desk was rather old and ugly and I really wanted a new one.  On a seemingly unrelated note, we have a lot of left over laminate flooring that I don't know what to do with.  So, one day when I was looking online, I found an idea to use the left over ...

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Tia's Birthday
Tia decided to go on an adventure for her birthday, and so after work on her birthday she took Kayli, and drove to Cedar City to Trisa and Travis' house so she could spend time with her sisters.  They didn't get to do all of the things Tia was hoping to, bu...

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Spring Break
At the beginning of April we had a whole week of Spring Break.  Since I try to be fun every now and then, I took Jake and Dan to the Bean Museum at BYU.  It was a very beautiful day and so we walked around afterwards and had a picnic.  Then we walked some m...

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Jake's Birthday
Jake's birthday was in February, but I haven't been blogging and so you never heard a thing about it.  Here are some pictures to prove we celebrated Jake turning 15! Spicy Cheetos that didn't last very long! Snoopy and a good Jake look. I think Jake's desse...

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Little Things are Big
sparrows google images I feel like I've had way too many of "those days" lately.  The days where the alarm goes off and I want to groan, and hide under the covers.  I often wake up with headaches, or just so exhausted that once I sit down it's a major produ...

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Being a Mentor for Christ
*This is another blog I wrote a few years ago and never posted -- though I edited some of it out to make it shorter. This is obviously an old picture, but I love it! This is before I got glasses and when Dan was still little.  Maybe 9 years ago! While I dro...

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Being Invisible
**I wrote this almost exactly 3 years ago.  I just found it in my drafts on Blogger and decided it was worth publishing. One day when I was in the kitchen I said something to Derek, who was watching television.  He didn't hear me.  Immediately the words  "D...

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Never a Bad Hair Day
Exciting hair in St. George In our family we enjoy quoting movies.  The movie Megamind  has several quotes we like, but I have really put to use the idea that when your hair is a mess "your hair is exciting!"  Since then I haven't had a "bad hair day" only ...

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Real Assumptions
Picture from Google Images I read recently that our brains can't tell the difference between an assumption and a fact.  I know that I react to assumptions as if they are real -- maybe because I assume something so quickly that I believe it without questioni...

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A Gift From Heaven
This picture was a gift from Trisa -- sent to us because we always try to notice the beautiful sunsets. Saturday was not a bad day.  Actually, I don't really remember most of Saturday.  I just know that by evening I was frustrated.  I've been so tired, and ...
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