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David Thai
Awesome programmer / software engineer coming soon...
Awesome programmer / software engineer coming soon...

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Would love a Robocop vs. Adam Jensen rap battle. ATM, I'm getting some hours in DX3-Director's Cut before DX4 comes out

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This animation was made with Visual C# Express. I'm curious whether all this was generated on-the-fly and it was entirely implemented in code - the element symbols, everything - or if the symbols were pre-generated and the code just displays them the images. Referring to (Tom Lehrer's "The Elements" animated)

In the aftermath of #GE2015, I am developing an urge to move to Scotland.

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TTIP is a "red line" for me. Of the parties I can vote for, only the Green Party fully opposes it

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Hmm. My #GE2015 options: vote Green and for what I believe in, or vote tactically out of fear of a Tory government

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Ambiguity abounds! Easy to vote for more Tory cuts if you don't think they'll affect you. - Are we in it together?

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I have solved 20 levels of none*

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First "Do Not Believe His Lies" and now none*. Unsure if I'll finish them but it'll be fun to try.

When it comes to write-once, post-everywhere, maybe I've gone about this the wrong way. Trying G+ ➙ Twitter ➙ Facebook, via ManageFlitter

How can I set up Twitter to post to my Google+ profile? I can currently post to Facebook with Twitter. Wish I could do the same with Google+
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