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Shea Bianconera
Love Life! Love Guns! Love ♡ #pinky Miaoooooooo!
Love Life! Love Guns! Love ♡ #pinky Miaoooooooo!

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#pinky Miaoooooooo! #pinkymylove

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Magnifico Sun! Immagini da togliere il fiato!

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Wow, interessante! 
Smoke Trails from Payson Meteor over Arizona | View 2
Mike: "4:55am Phoenix, Arizona, USA, June 2, 2016. About to go to work. Amazed at what I saw in the sky. Thought it was a rocket exhaust trail. Took pics. Found out after work that it was a meteor smoke trail."

Credit: Mike Lerch
Location: Front yard of home...Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Date: June 2, 2016

#Astronomy #Space #Science #Earth #Atmosphere #Asteroid #Payson #Meteor #Bolide #Fireball #Explosion #Arizona #USA #UnitedStates #SolarSystem

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Mars and The Milky Way over Mt. Rundle, Alberta Canada
Alan: "Mars, the bright object at right, with Saturn to the left and Antares below Saturn, in Scorpius, all above Mt. Rundle, with the Milky Way at left. The area of the galactic centre in Sagittarius is just above the horizon."

"Note the glitter path on the water from Mars! It was then just past closest approach and so near its maximum brightness."

This is from the shore of Two Jack Lake in Banff, Alberta. Lights from Banff and Canmore light the mountain and clouds. I shot this June 3, 2016, so the sky was not completely dark, with the northern still lit by perpetual twilight. Light cloud fuzzed the images of the planets and stars near the southern horizon, enlarging their images.

Mount Rundle is a mountain in Canada's Banff National Park overlooking the towns of Banff and Canmore, Alberta.

Banff National Park

Credit: Alan Dyer
Alan's Website:
Location: Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada
Release Date: June 4, 2016

Technical details:
This is a stack of 4 x 20-second exposures (mean combined to smooth noise) for the ground and a single 20-second exposure, untracked, for the sky. All with the 24mm Sigma Art lens at f/2 and Nikon D750 at ISO 3200.

+Alan Dyer 
+TELUS Spark 
+TELUS Spark, the new Science Centre 
+TELUS World of Science Edmonton 
+Commission for Dark Skies 
+National Science Teachers Association 

#Astronomy #Space #Science #Stars #MilkyWay #Galaxy #Mars #Saturn #Planets #Astrophotography #Art #Panorama #SolarSystem #Cosmos #Universe #Earth #Canada #Banff #NationalPark #Alberta #STEM #Education

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You! Come lo dice lui, mai nessuno! 

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Memorie! ♡♡♡♡
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