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Connor Turland
To craft a workable & thriving culture within & without myself
To craft a workable & thriving culture within & without myself

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there are rocks still unturned, and things new under the sun

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Examining through poetry how parts of my body reflect aspects of my experience

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just a absolute must see , must listen to:

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What time is it in the world?

This post comes out of personal experience, that the first response to what's going in the world and in my life is to try ridiculously hard. The second response is active surrender.

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Since I attended 'The Next Edge Festival' in Montreal I have mostly been thinking about these dynamics of how can distributed networks or even in person organizations create the conditions for Peer-2-Peer collective action. What systems does the 'whole' need to have in place, and what practices do the parts need to engage in. In this post, I outline a way of thinking about the personal practices, as well as some first thoughts on unconventional ways of presenting large amounts of realtime data for the participants to make meaning from.

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Merry Sunday (in NA)!

 There's a significant collection of bug fixes for today. The highlights are
- Embedded links are displaying as they should once again
- Firefox compatibility issues resolved
- And the introduction of limiting deletion of topics and synapses to just the person that created them

But check out the full list if you're curious whether something you've experienced has been fixed.

As always, if you've got bugs that we haven't, use the feedback tab to send them in so that they get dealt with, OR, if you're feeling code-y get into github and submit a pull request with a fix! We'd like the development of metamaps to be a community effort.

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Matching outer complexity with inner clarity.

"The challenge, then, is to turn our attention inwards, sift through all our questions, ideas, instincts, and intuitions, and get clearer within ourselves about what matters most."

For me, lately, I've really been enjoying using metamaps as a tool for helping me work on that inner clarity.

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I like this definition of sensemaking pulled from a blog post by Dave Snowden back in 2008

"a motivated, continuous effort to understand connections (which can be among people, places, and events) in order to anticipate their trajectories and act effectively"

There's not a ton more there to read than what I've pasted in, but I have a feeling more interesting resources might be laying around in the 'cognitive edge network' website.

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Guh, sometimes I feel like this. 

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In London, the ever-mindful and generative +George Pór and company are organizing some meetups that I'm glad to see happening. This one is called Shared Mindfulness and the Commons. Even if you're not in London, take a look, because I hope that in North America this kind of meetup is also the next steps for those involved in Occupy and other social change movements here. As usual, Europe is ahead of the curve.
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