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Your one-stop on-line store for cosplay needs!
Your one-stop on-line store for cosplay needs!
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Here's an interesting article discussing #crossplay and the varying degrees of accuracy #cosplayers go to portray their favorite characters. Some want to look gender neutral and others crossplay for shock value and giggles, but at the end of the day it's all about getting dressed up and having fun with other otaku!

Nearly all of our costumes at Cosplay House can be made for any gender and body type! Some of our staffers also love to crossplay, so if you have any questions let us know and we can all help each other out!

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Is there an #awesome #cosplay you want to do but can't find anywhere else? Fill out a #commission #request and see if our team can help you out! Now's the #best #time to start planning for #complex   #halloween   #costumes that may require a little extra time and care.

Reach out to us here!

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So there's been #cosplay babies, cosplay pets, cosplay cars.... but a cosplaying train?!

#Japan 's  #bullettrain   from JR West is planning to give one of their trains a cosplay #makeover to look like a #mecha from #Evangelion !

Look at this amazing Howl's Moving Castle #Cosplay ! Helps to see the step by step process of #prop #costume   building and an idea of how long it can take.

We at Cosplay House try to do our best to make props as quickly and accurately as we can, but sometimes it does require trail and error and time to gather materials, so please plan accordingly when ordering props! :)

First Anime Expo and now San Diego Comic Con! Please share with us your favorite cosplays and news about any new hits you'd like for us to create for you!

Anime Expo is here! Our team won't be able to make it out this year, so we'd love it if you shared your photos and cosplay experiences with us!

#CosplayTip for #wigs : It sometimes gets difficult to brush out #tangles   in a wig after wearing it a couple times (especially for the long #HatsuneMiku wig!). What you can do is add some fabric softener to a bowl of warm water and place the tangled ends into the mixture to soak. Then rinse and pat dry. Your wig should be nice and soft!

Be sure to check out our HUGE selection of wigs. If there's a wig you need, but don't see on our site, you can always send us a #CommissionRequest !  Happy Cosplaying!

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#AnimeExpo2015   is sneaking up soon! Now your last chance to get #wigs and #shoes   by the end of the month! Be sure to put your desired #deliverydate in the "CUSTOMER NOTES" box!

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How far are you willing to go for #epic #cosplay #photos ? Though we all have different limits, dedicating time, money, and getting together dedicated friends can really make your dreams come true!

Let us help you make YOUR cosplay dreams come true. You can fill out a commission request or pick from one of our list of thousands of costumes!
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