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Jen M (Restore and Style)
Hello there! I'm Jen. Welcome to my little home on the internet. Follow me as we restore and refresh a 1925 Chicago Bungalow.
Hello there! I'm Jen. Welcome to my little home on the internet. Follow me as we restore and refresh a 1925 Chicago Bungalow.


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Kitchen Nightmares
No I am not talking about the TV show with the angry, British chef.  I am talking about my kitchen.  It's BAD and it's on my radar for our next major project in the house.  Before I can get some serious quotes for cabinets and countertops, I need to nail do...

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Workin' on the Entryway
We have a small entryway off of the front porch entrance.  Its nothing grand, but it's a nice space to welcome guests with a rather generous coat closet.  For some reason, I failed to take a true before photo, so blogger fail on that...  Anyway, it had the ...

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Contrasting Ceiling Color
I am having a serious crush on ceilings that are painted a bold or contrasting color. I think it's a great and inexpensive way to add some drama and color. I think that this design choice works better in a smaller room, such as a bathroom or a laundry room....

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The Farmhouse And Other Misc. Stuff...
During our mini-vacation in Michigan, we had a chance to look at the farmhouse I blogged about last week.  After mulling it over all weekend, it is with mix feelings that we decided we had to pass.  The house was built in the late 1800's with an addition th...

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I'm Considering Doing Something Stupid
Sooo... long term, we always planned to have a country house to get out of the city and relax on weekends and in the summer. While I love Chicago, I grew up in a more rural area and sometimes I just crave the open space, fresh air and nature.  This hypothet...

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More Dining Room Updates...
So I am not done with the dining room yet.  This is because I decided to devote 3 days of my life to skim coating the dining room walls.  Man, am I soooo glad I did. What a difference it made! Admittedly, I did a horrible job documenting the skim coating, b...

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Dining Room Progress
Progress is being made on the dining room!  I am please to say that I have finished the drywall and plaster repair in the dining room.  While I have done more plaster repair than I care to remember, this was my first stab at finishing drywall.  I have to sa...

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Staircase Progress & Picking a Stain Color
I am pleased to say that I am finally getting around to the finish work on the staircase.  It's amazing how with just a coat of primer, everything can start to come together!  I opted to install faux board and batten on two of the stair walls.   I was surpr...

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The Dollar Sink & World Market Finds
I try to make a point to hit up my local salvage yards at least every other month.  I am currently on the hunt for a few radiator covers because I am too cheap to have new ones custom made.  Of course, you rarely exactly what you are looking forward when yo...

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Hallway Reveal
It's done, it's finally done!  And I absolutely love it.  Not sure why this project took so long as it's one of the smallest "rooms" in the house, but it did.  It probably had something to do with the fact that I skim coated all of the walls, and then had t...
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