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Changes Are A Coming!
Hello everyone! I just wanted to pop in for a quick second and let you all know that some changes will be coming to my blog very soon!  I know this is still a fairly new blog but, as I have mentioned before, it's not my first time blogging. I think it's tim...

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Trying to figure out my paternal side is proving interesting. My cousin has my great-grandmother as a Miller but she was raised by her aunt and uncle so she is also known as Weeks. Found a 1900 U. S. Census for her living with the Weeks and she is listed as their daughter. Marriage license also says Weeks. I haven't found any proof of the Miller name but I'm still searching.:-)

I hope folks don't mind me asking questions here! :-)
I have a question about an adopted family member. In my cousin's research she lists her as a child of my grandparents, like a naturally born child but not as adopted. My grandparents names are also mentioned on her death certificate as her parents. 
My question is this, should I list her the same? I'm not wanting to cause confusion down the road. My opinion is that the right thing to do is to list her as adopted but I don't know her birth parents names. 
What would the "genealogical standard" be on something like this? 

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Is anyone here good with reading old handwriting on death certificates? I have one I can't figure out. (Actually I have many but one I want to figure out now!) Here is a picture if anyone wants to take a stab.

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Got an interesting question, although I'm sure someone has heard this before. Since I've started my blog back up and started having my posts sent to Facebook, it seems that there are more comments on the Facebook post than on my actual blog! 
My question is, should I copy and paste those comments into my blog (if there's a way to do this) or should I just learn to live with it?
Could the underlying reason be that it's just too hard to comment on my blog? 
It's just interesting the way this is working out! Any comments on this would be appreciated! 
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