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Writing Sample - Facebook for Marketing - Freelance Piece
Facebook is an engaged community of over one billion
people; one of the most influential social media platforms to gain followers
and market businesses. Due to the social nature of Facebook, brands can easily
interact and communicate valuable information to...

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Runner Nutrition - Best Quick Snacks for Runners
To date, my biggest issue on this road to fitness has
been nutrition. Photo By Frank Febbraro I’ve been keeping up with the motivation and finding my
drive to get out there and hit the snow-covered pavement every day. Eating
enough calories has been the tou...

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When You Can't Push Through - Stay Active While Hibernating
Original photo by Diego Torres Silvestre I’ve been boasting about my (new found) ability to push
through the cold and just keep running. It’s been tough but I’ve been managing.
I honestly thought nothing would hold me back but then the temperature dropped,

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C25k - An App to Get You Started
Most of us want to be active. We make our resolutions,
sign up for gym memberships and hit the workout goals hard. I’ve done it
several times over. Sooner or later the overwhelming drive to not go takes
over. It doesn’t for everyone. There’s an entire group...

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Running To It
Over at With Two in Tow I created a bucket list for
myself. That list of 30 things I want to accomplish before I hit 30 catapulted
me on the road to fitness. Healthy living and an active lifestyle were always
things I wanted; I just wasn’t willing to get of...

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The Gift of Running Shoes
The shoes that started it all Five years into this parenting thing I decided to give
something to myself. That gift came in the form of a pair of running shoes. With
the help of those shoes and the couch to 5K app, my once slight interest in
running became ...

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