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If you haven't subscribed to Coffee With Karine, I hope this post inspires you to join or follow the conversations she's having at the table of learning about parenting, education and heart matters.

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Webinar :: Move Your Invoicing + Accounting To The Cloud with Sage One

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Lit up + soulful. A poem about awakening and personal evolution...

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The Smart Way to Use Other People’s Audiences to Build Your Own

In the beginning, there was no audience.

Yet the overlords demanded that one be created.

The wizard came forth and cast great spells and the audience was conjured out of thin air, and the content marketing campaign was begun.

If only that was all there was to it!

Unfortunately, we have no wizard to conjure an audience for you, the kind of audience that can give you an unfair business advantage. So you must build one for yourself.

How do you do that?

That’s also simple in concept, as +Eric Enge explains in today's post.

Publish fantastic content in front of Other People’s Audiences (“OPA”).

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