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R.A.G. - Rider Activity Guide
Rider Activity Guide for Motorcycle Enthusiasts and motorcycle tourism.
Rider Activity Guide for Motorcycle Enthusiasts and motorcycle tourism.


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Always good reviews from SF Moto
What happens when you wear the RIGHT gear at the RIGHT time?

Check out our latest blog post and +Tony Bartholomew will tell you from experience!

(And don't worry, this post is SFW because Tony wears the RIGHT gear when he rides.) 

#gaerne   #motorcyclegear   #ridesafe  

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!!!!!!!!!!NEW YORK RIDERS !!!!!!!!

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New Events posted daily to Rider Activity Guide Google Calendars!  Subscribe to our site of Share our calendars to yours!!

Ride Safe, Hard and Smart! 

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Post your Motorcycle Runs and Events with us

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We are always looking at the riding gear... What do you think of Riding Shoes?   Do you prefer boots or shoes?  Tell us why!
Gear Review: AXO 5to9 Riding Shoes

If you're looking for comfortable, practical, and well-made riding shoes, you have to try out the AXO 5to9's. 

#motorcycles   #ridingshoes   #AXO  

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Social media will play a bigger role for all of us in 2014 so we are looking for valued partnerships selected in our renewed efforts to provide quality information to the riding community and stand out from the clutter.  State and Local Tourism departments offering motorcycling resources will be a focus of ours for the roads and destination opportunities to the motorcycle community.  And our new Open Road Travel division is partnering with Motorcycle Touring companies throughout North America and will be hosting and organizing trips and motorcycle tours to featured areas.

We welcome the commentary and perspective of seasoned riders and riding professionals throughout North America in 2014.  And although it has been quiet during these cold winter months we looking forward to upcoming articles and encourage our partners to share in the submission of quality information.  Please keep us in mind if there is a story to tell or a message to share.  

I would like to invite you to share the details of your public motorcycle events with us for FREE inclusion on our Calendar(s).   You can use this address  or follow the link on the Runs & Events page to post the details of these event(s).  I will personally see they are included on our Regional calendar(s) which will be available on our web site and on the Mobile App.

Stormin and I wish you all survived these cold winter months and we look forward to the 2014 riding season.

- Jen  ( Irish )

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Our first of many Rider Bio's

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A new article has been added titled: 'I Didn't Expect U To Do That!' discussing a rider's preparation for unexpected events or unexpected actions of other road users.

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The 2013 season has been a soggy one here in the Midwest but we will be on the road before long. We have offered an FREE print copy information guide for five (5) years and now are exclusively online and focus on resources and Motorcycle Touring. Please check out our site and follow us on Google+ and we will follow back or add you to our circles.

Ride Safe, Hard and Smart-

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