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Ann Symes
Quilter, wife, mom, grandma
Quilter, wife, mom, grandma

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Adding A Giraffe to a Baby Quilt
Sometimes when discussing a custom quilt with a customer, an extraordinary idea comes through. This was a repeat customer who had already received one of my chevron quilts for her grandchild. When she found out she was expecting another grandbaby, she came ...

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Jean Quilt with Homespuns
I am a blue jean girl. My fav outfit is a comfortable T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. But eventually, those jeans wear out, but a lot of the fabric is still usable and durable. I've been saving ideas for things to make from them when I'm done wearing them...

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Early Creative Influences
Growing up I was surrounded by people who created. My mom sewed clothing and crocheted doilies, especially with fine thread. My sister and I both learned to sew, knit, crochet and embroider. My grandmother did tatting. My aunt had stacks of magazines that I...

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Embroidered Tea Cozies
Embroidered Tea Cozy These have been in the creative works for a while. How that works for me is first I'm inspired by something. For these tea cozies, it was a photo on Flickr from Patchwork Pottery  of a red and white tea cozy with an embroidered saying a...

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Row by Row House Quilt
One of the quilt guilds I am a part of is in the midst of an Unfinished Object (UFO) challenge with a neighbouring quilt guild. The way this challenge works is every UFO that gets finished is given some points, depending on how long it's been since it was s...

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Leftover fabric plus stash fabric equals stunning quilt!
Do you remember this quilt top from last year? It's back from being quilted by Marie at Blueberry Hill Quilts . And I love how it looks! The quilting always adds the extra little bit of texture. Country ...

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Wool applique Chickadee Circlee
I am always game to try something new and wool applique is something I've been wanting to try for a long time. This little wool project was a kit & pattern I bought on Etsy in 2012 from a shop called Honey and Cloves .  I love watching the birds outside my ...

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Spring Quilted Wall Hanging
I'm not always a fan of panels. They are often hard to square up because of the way they've been printed or rolled on the bolt, but I like the whimsical designs of Nancy Halverson ( Art to Heart ).  I don't remember when I bought this panel and the coordina...

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Winding up the old year
Let's see how I did with my Unfinished Object (UFO) list from 2016! House Row by Row - still unfinished (sent out for machine quilting) Spring Wall Hanging - still unfinished (sent out for machine quilting) Fisherman Wall Hanging - still unfinished, ready f...

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Sudoku Mini Quilt Tutorial
Here's a quick and easy project when you have an hour or two and want to finish in one sewing session. I'm assuming you have basic knowledge of sewing and piecing a quilt top. Pressing as you do each step is expected but not mentioned! Have fun! Sudoku Mini...
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