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Emily Kiernan
Expressing the ache of modernism since 1984!
Expressing the ache of modernism since 1984!


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It's publication day, everyone! Today your pre-orders turn into regular orders, and your copies of Great Divide: A Novel will be winging their way towards you soon.Thank you all for the support you have shown me and my work. If you are looking to help even more, here's how:

Buy a copy!:

If you like the book, review it:
Seriously, friends, a quick review on Amazon makes a big, big difference, and fully replaces any birthday/Christmas/book-release/quinceanera present you were ever going to buy me. If you would like to review the book for a journal or magazine, let me know!

Come to a show:
I'll be reading around the East Coast in a few weeks (posting schedule in the comments), and will be making West Coast plans shortly thereafter. I'd love to see your faces.

Signal Boost: 
You are popular people. Everyone seems to love you. Please post about this book to your friends and followers, or talk it up at your many exclusive salons. 

You are, collectively and individually, the greatest. Thanks again for being part of this with me.

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Today I received the galley for my novel, Great Divide. I think it is beautiful, and I am carrying it around like a newborn kitten.  

Pre-orders are open at:

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Great Divide is now available for pre-order! If you got a copy, I would be just so pleased.

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With the last round of major edits behind me, I'm excited to finally, in front of Facebook and everyone, announce that my novel, Great Divide, will be published by Unsolicited Press in April, 2014. Many of you have read pieces or versions of this book over the years, and the feedback, support, and camaraderie has meant everything to me. Thanks, everyone. I'm sure I will write another novel's worth of updates once the book is in print and for sale, so watch out. And now for some links:

Great Divide on FB:
Great Divide on my website:
The Unsolicited Press website:

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I was interviewed about The Synchronia Project on HTMLGiant. Read the interview, then send your stories.

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Seven different magazines calling themselves Birkensnake 6 appeared on the internet today. There are many Birkensnakes like it, but this Birkensnake is mine:

If, however, you prefer to catch them all, you can do so here:

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My story, The Grand Tour, is up at the White Whale Review today. This is a really lovely journal which I've been reading for a long time, and getting a piece here has been almost like a goal that has kind of pushed me forward, or something that I've thought about and hoped for but never been able to achieve ...and you know, I'm just having a hard time thinking of a metaphor here.

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New story up at JMWW. Grab some jellybeans and read it, whydontchya?

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Birkensnake 6, the fecund and tendrilous publishing experiment that I am a proud part of, now has a kickstarter. Help us make some book things!

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I have a story in the new issue of Redivider! Best order now. I'll be checking bookshelves next month.
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