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Great Genealogy Research Groups on Facebook
Genealogy groups
on Facebook Getting started a KHGN getting started group on Genealogy The Cemetery group of Kentucky Bowling, Bolling and All Spellings (** M...

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John Jay Dickey Diary 1897
Dickey Diary     DICKEY DIARY   Pg 1929 Nov. 6, 1897 An amusing incident occurred at Mr. Roack's, a
mill man near town this afternoon.   He was drinking and had a smothering spell.   I was standing near the house talking to Mr. Lee Callahan, a
carpenter and...

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Story of Tristram De Bolling
Son of Robert Bolling and Isabel
Thornton; m. 1446 Beatrice Claverly and was father of Rosamund who married
Richard Tempest ; m. Ellen and was father of Edward. He fought with his father
in the lost cause at Towton in 1461. Survived the aftermath by living ...

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John Rolfe, Pocahontas, and their son Thomas
  Pocahontas and Family Our understanding of the Powhatan and surrounding
Native-American peoples is derived primarily from archaeology and the writings
of early European explorers and settlers. By about 1300 AD, the tribes of the
Coastal Plain lived in sem...

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John Jay Dickey Diaries. “Ghosts of Kentucky, Volume 1 Supplement.”
The Following are Abstracts taken from the John Jay
Dickey Diaries. “Ghosts of Kentucky,
Volume 1 Supplement.” Baker,
Rev of the M.E. Church Roll
3 Pg 1602 1 Jan 1896   Baker,
Mr. A.C. A
young lawyer from Covington.   On YMCA
Committee. Roll
1 Pg 150,265,42...

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Rulers of Jerusalem- Boulogne Family (Bolling Family).
I cannot recall the original source of this information, but I have attached all that I had in hopes that interested parties can research further on this subject matter. The Bolling/ Bowling and various spellings have thought to have had their surname chang...

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Bolling Family From England
There are many sources that this information came from, written by Alexander Bolling and the Bolling Family Association. BOLLING Variations in spelling include Bowlin, Bollen, and Bollin. From The Bolling Family, by Alexander R. Bolling, Jr.. 1990,
we learn...

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Captain Bill Strong
Breathitt County Genealogical Society Website Captain Bill Strong (1825-1897) --
Old picture shows Captian Bill Strong near the end of the Civil War just as the
many family feuds were about to begin in the mo...

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Breathitt County Feud 1903 (One of Many).
Feud In Breathitt County - 1903 (Thought to have been written by the
president of the S.P. Lees College Institute in Jackson at the time of the
feuds.) For several months the gaze of the
public press had been turned almost daily upon the little mountain...

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Elijah "Lige" Bowling Notes
  Elijah 'Lige' Bowling
was born on 22 Jan 1801 in Lee Co, VA, died on 20 Oct 1883 at age 82, and was
buried in Bowling Cemetery, Green mount, Laurel County, KY. General Notes: As per Harley Bowling's “Bowling's of Eastern
Kentucky” Elijah Bowling was born ...
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