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Short introductory video highlighting some of the features of the on-line human resources service from Fern Leaf Consulting.

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Tour of our site for those that may be interested.

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I have just read some research that has been released from Vodaphone and it has reminded me that we are often very focused on our clients, our costs, our bottom line these days that we often forget about the staff. Managers will know there’s been a lot of talk about talent wars, a shortage of skilled workers and the effect retiring baby boomers are having on staffing quality employees. It also seems to me that it is getting harder to recognise younger talent that may come through and replace the losses we encounter. Smaller companies especially feel the pressure to keep their best employees while competing for talent with larger competitors.
Here are 7 Ways You Can Build a Better Risk Employee Retention Strategy:

1. Develop your Managers

The most important relationship in the workplace is the one between an employee and his or her immediate supervisor. Are your line managers good people managers? Teach them to identify high-performers and help them grow. Make it a habit to recognize employees’ good work. Do turnover figures signal any problems in particular departments or with certain managers? Address them with urgency; allowing ineffective managers to slide affects employee morale.
2. Build Trust in Leadership

While line managers and supervisors are vital links in company operations, employees don’t stay in organizations if they don’t feel that senior leaders are credible and doing a good job of driving company success. Have you assessed workers’ feelings about your upper-level leadership? Make sure senior leaders are visible throughout the organization. Offer executive lunches with cross department employees to listen and share strategy and decision making thought process.
3. Compete with Compensation

Although research shows that compensation isn’t the top factor that keeps employees on the job, it is an important part of the overall employment satisfaction nonetheless. Hint, it’s not always monetary! Benefits, flexibility, even an internal mentor or training can attract the kind of job applicants you want.
4. Create a Culture of Transparency

Organizational culture can be a hard thing to define, but employees know a toxic workplace when they see one. Does your culture promote openness and honesty? Do employees have the resources and the autonomy they need to do their best work? Ask them and make it safe for employees to try new things, even if they don’t succeed. Document and communicate your company’s values and how they fit it and live up to it!
5. Acknowledge Stars

Rewards and recognition programs have taken a serious hit over the past decade, thanks to economic considerations. While it’s hard to find the budget, especially in small companies, there are many ways to recognize employees for their hard work. Do employees really feel rewarded by the recognition you provide? Often public recognition can out weigh a private monetary bonus and validate a job well done.
6. Invest in Success

A big factor in retaining talent is the perception by employees that the organization cares about them, believes in them, and has a place for them in the future. Does your company invest in training? Do you help workers build new skill sets in anticipation of future organizational needs? Encourage ongoing education by providing tuition assistance or paying for seminars, or if you are on a tight budget simply provide internal experts a forum to share skills in a conference room. Help your employees see career paths for themselves in the organization.
7. Start an Employee Referral Program

One of the best sources for quality candidates is from your current staff. Referral programs have an added value, not just to your recruiting efforts but also your retention efforts. Employees only recommend friends when they are happy within their job. Your culture will thrive when employees have colleagues they’ve chosen, they trust, and they personally like to be around. Hopefully these secrets lead you to develop a plan for your company to build an engaging workforce. It’s important to think outside the box, employee recognition, reward, and development doesn’t have to be costly. Creating an environment where employees see their contribution to success and they feel their time and energy being valued is simply smart business.

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Dominic Grieve QC, the Attorney General is to write a letter to Kenneth Clarke, the Justice Minister raising concerns over the government’s proposals to cut legal aid. In particular Mr Grieve will raise the issue of litigants representing themselves and the possible delays this could cause.

The letter follows a meeting Mr Grieve held with family lawyers as part of his role as head of the bar. During that meeting it was made clear to the Attorney General that the legal aid cuts would result in a significant increase in litigants in person which would clog up the courts and cause delays.

Although Mr Grieve understood some of the concerns and has agreed to raise them in his letter he also warned that ultimately it was not his decision and in the current economic climate the government is in a difficult position. Commenting on his meeting he told the Times newspaper: “I told them that I am not in charge of this policy; and also that the Government is not going to change its policy because it is between a rock and a hard place when it comes to funding and what is a widespread perception that there should be cuts to legal aid,”

There has already been considerable criticism from the judiciary in relation to the cuts. In February this year Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge said that they would have serious implications for the quality of justice and for the administration of the justice system”.
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