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David Palmer
When I leave, may people say, "Thank God he stopped by!"
When I leave, may people say, "Thank God he stopped by!"


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ANNOUNCING THE RELEASE OF OUR SECOND EDITION OF inSIGHT JOURNAL, the Voice of the Twin Communities of Canvas to My Soul Public Site and Canvas of My Soul, Private Site. You are invited to open your own free copy right here. It is posted through the link below. Happy reading.

April inSIGHT Journal Link

April's issue - Insight april journal

October 2016 Journal Link

+Annabel Gelogo October 2016 issue, our first --

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“The fork in the road: decision time with long-lasting implications.”

(c) 2017 david w palmer, taken on my iPad, Saturday, 18-November, Roegner Park, Auburn, Washington

Share your beauty with us, my friends.


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#Black-and-White-Fantasy, Day 5/5

This has been a fantastic series and I am grateful for how it has caught on in our community. I took this picture today in Roegner Park, along the White River, Auburn, Washington. Photo Credit: (c) 2017 david w palmer, taken on my iPad.

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+Gargi Pal — I am sorry that G+ will not tag you. Once you reply, the site will recognize the connection and tag you. We are glad you have come to share your original, copyrighted photos with us.

Come meet our leadership team, +Saskia Jonker +maricris cabrera +David Palmer (me)

You do not have to wait to be invited to a photo challenge, just plunge right in

Photo: (c) 2017 david w palmer, taken on my iPad, Roegner Park, Auburn, Washington 18-November, 2017. “One Stubborn Broadleaf Who will not succomb to the ruska of Fall”

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#weekly-photo-challenge #natural-beauty 2/6

One more from my Walk Along the White River in Auburn, Washington. It gets its name from it normal grayish appearance due to the volume of clay it carries off Mount Rainier about 100km Away. The White River is born from the Emmons Glacier on the Mountain’s northeast flank. Today, the water appears much bluer because the sky was clear and bright, and the river is reflecting back the color of the sky. This is but a side channel carved out by the last high water surge. A river is a living thing and constantly changing. That is why the Greek philosopher, Heraclytis observed, “You can never step into the same river twice.”

(C) 2017 david w palmer taken on my iPad

I wish to invite +maricris cabrera +Saroja BS +Duane Philips +Sean Runyon +Christopher Roper +Nasreen Malik +Toni TW +David Mac Eachern

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My granddaughter, Arianna, age 10, made her acting debut this weekend in the CYT (Christian Youth Theater) production of Annie, Jr., a version of Little Orphan Annie for younger actors. She played Kate, one of the orphans. Do you think, Papa is proud of his little thespian? She performed at Auburn-Riverside High School’s Theater, Auburn, Washington . Reminds me of her mother, Bekah (my daughter, center picture) who never met a play challenge she would pass on. She was a scene stealer every time, and Ari is well on her way following Mama’s footsteps.
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#PhotoPrompt-for-inSIGHT-76. #Home

Invited by +Gel Poetry Garden

Home (Sonnet #589)

Is home a lakeside cottage bungalow
Of blue and white, sweet shutters by the panes?
Or, penthouse on the East Side where the strains
Of Mozart and Vivaldi drift below?
If fill’d with pretty things but nothing more
No more than testament to broken dreams
It be, a prison now guarded by schemes,
Things which cannot love you nor e’er adore.
Love cannot be a place, but a person
In he or she, your soul has found its rest
Where’er you wander, put this to the test
She be your scenery, your sweet portion.
If this is the future you dream to be
Please come and build this paradise with me.

© 2017 david w palmer

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+Dennis Gatheright welcome to Canvas to My Soul Public Site we are so glad to welcome you here to our family of Poets, Musicians, Artists And lovers of the Arts in general

You know most of us

Owners +Robert Gillette +Marilyn Ward +maricris cabrera And me, +David Palmer +Gel Poetry Garden

Moderators: +Kimberly Leuthner +Nasreen Malik +Duane Phillips +Phil R. +Thunder Cloud Jern +Richard M Knittle Jr. +Sib Borjigin +Sean Runyon +Roopam Bis +gutter punk

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#Structured-Poetry-Class #Tetractys

Back to Italy via Poetry. Pythagoras was not only a mathematician, he built an entire religious cultus around numbers. Believing that “10” was the perfect number, and noting that the first four numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 added up to ten, he called anything using this sequence a tetractys. In the illustration for this class, today, notice the sequence of 1,2,3,4, added together forms the Equilateral Triangle. The poet, Ray Stebbing formalized rules for its presentation poetically

A simple tetractys stanza is a quintain containing 20 syllables
First line, one syllable; Second, two; Third, three, Fourth, four; Fifth, ten.

Multiple stanzas are encouraged, but for each stanza, invert the order. Thus, in my example, my stanzas are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 10. 10, 4, 3, 2, 1 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 10

Andalusia (Triple Tetractys)

My darling,
Through the beauty
These water gardens offer your senses.

Wisteria in fragrance to seduce,
Arcing waters
To delight
Eyes and

Do complete
The Alhambra’s
Magical allure, my Moorish Princess.

© 2017 david w palmer

All are invited. I am having trouble with my network today so I cannot view my roster of community members while tagging. I will add tags as I resolve this problem.

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#weekly-photo-challenge. 1/6

Along the White River, in Auburn, Washington is this public trail that runs 10 kilometers. It is beautiful year round, but it’s beauty is remarkable in the Autumn. Posting tomorrow’s picture now because I have to work on Sunday.

Photo Credit: 2017 david w palmer, taken on my iPad 8-November, 2017 Color enhanced with a filter

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