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Suburban Legends
Rockin' Your Faces Off 24/7!
Rockin' Your Faces Off 24/7!
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Remember, SL Hangout at 7:45! Only 9 people can join!!!!!!

Ladies and Gents! Tonight you are invited to our first Google+ Hangout! Tonight you can hangout with Vince, Brian R, and Aaron from Suburban Legends! It starts at 7:45pm pacific coast.

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FYI, +Ashton Holiday is a Power Ranger.

+stephen gade is looking for a job... anyone want to hire him?

Ok, favorite album, that your listening to, right now? Go!

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right about now...
the funk soul brother...
check it out now...
the funk soul brother...

its about to go down...
here we go...

Suburban Legends Google+ Hangout in the works. Who would participate?

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Here is a classic video.
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