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Nexcare Acne Patches Review
Acne. Acne are just so irritating!!! People who has acne problems, you'll know how I feel. I had so many friends with acne problems, but I bet I'd the most serious acne problem among them.  In my case, my pimples are like big ones. First, I'll have a big re...

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Updates :D
Hi guys, sorry for abandoning this space for so long, had been really busy these days, rushing for assignments, preparing for internship and stuffs. I had just done blogging. Finally updated my blog on the review of Magic Any Cushion. I'd drafted it ages ag...

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Nice outfit! Nice blog!

Just followed you :D Mind checking out mind too and also follow me on bloglovin and GFC?

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Immediately drop by to blog right after I finish my assignments. These few days had been like so terrible for me. So damn hectic. Within 5 days, I got 2 assignments due. So I rushed all the way. There's basically 2 types of assignment. 1 using a lot of brai...

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Facts being a girl + Carousell
Girls are just born to be a shopaholic. Used to shop so much for clothes. Luckily I managed to control myself more now, by just staying at home or avoid going Bugis, or just psycho myself or whatever to prevent myself from buying shit stuffs. I just got thi...
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