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Kashyap Joshi
A.K.A. KashyapWeboo | The Web Addicted.
A.K.A. KashyapWeboo | The Web Addicted.

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"Pokémon Go" Game In India.

#PokémonGo #India #Pokemon

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30 मजेदार इंडियन युटयुब चेनल्स - वेब समय
#वेबसमय   #WebSamay‬   ‪ #YouTube   #India  

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SPOILER ALERT! Please do not confuse real life crime and consequences with the 'artistic' liberties taken in the movies/TV. What is commonly portrayed as being a criminal investigation or a prosecution in the entertainment industry, has almost no relation to the actual science that goes into an investigation; or, to the Rules of Evidence or the Rules of Court that govern what evidence is actually admissible in Court. As technology progresses, so to does the ability of the police to build a case that establishes your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, sufficient to convict you. Enjoy your shows, but remember that what is depicted as part of your entertainment has little resemblance to the actual likelihood of you committing a crime and getting away with it. And, a word about lawyers...should you commit a crime - make certain your criminal defense lawyer is much more proficient at the law than what is depicted on 'Perry Mason' and 'Law and Order' - or enjoy a much longer prison sentence than you had to...

Howard W. Bailey, Esq.
550 Broad Street, Suite 601
Newark, NJ 07102

#criminaldefense   #crime   #consequences  

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New Harry Potter Series Movie :
"Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them"

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लाल बाग चा राजा के Live Online Darshan - WebSamay

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।। जय गणेश ।।
।। ॐ गं गणपतये नमः ।।
।। गणपति बाप्पा मोरया ।।
Siddhivinayak - Weboo.Directory
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