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When I interviewed former Monsanto scientists for my book on biotech crops, one of them called it the company’s “Manhattan Project.”

Considering how hard it had been to create those crops, “the thinking was, it would be really difficult for weeds to become tolerant” to Roundup, says Rick Cole, who is now responsible for Monsanto’s efforts to deal with the problem of resistant weeds.
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This is another instance of getting paid not to see the obvious. If it was so difficult for humans to genetically engineer herbicide crops, yet is was simple weeds - perhaps we are not ready for genetic engineering. Especially since we have thousands of years of experience of combining the Natural Selection with human selection.
+John Barr Craig Wenter's team just barely began showing some mastery in this field two years ago with their first self-replicating, synthetic bacterial cell. It seems that most others are still playing sorcerer's apprentices.
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