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After a 3 month battle and over a year since my client was arrested, .33 DUI was finally ordered dismissed by the Appellate Division and dismissed in Court for failing to honor her right to a speedy trial and really putting her through the ringer.  A very happy client!

.19 BREATH/.19 BLOOD DUI DISMISSED AFTER MOTION TO SUPPRESS GRANTED BASED ON UNLAWFUL STOP!  An Officer stopped my client because he thought my client blew entering a checkpoint...Fortunately the Fourth Amendment to our Constitution protects us from unlawful seizures.  A seizure by law enforcement based on a hunch, which is essentially what happened in this case is not good enough!  Another Court gets it right and protects a citizen's constitutional rights...

.11 BAC DUI DISMISSED AFTER MOTION TO BAR FURTHER PROSECUTION GRANTED! The police stopped my client for running two stop signs. The Officer that stopped my client suspected he might be DUI and called another Officer to conduct the DUI investigation. That Officer arrested my client for DUI and the Officer that stopped my client wrote him a ticket for both stop sign infractions with a separate court date. He plead guilty to the stop sign infractions. Thankfully, our legislature enacted Penal Code Section 654 (all offenses...which arise out of the same...course of conduct must be prosecuted in a single proceeding). This was done to prevent needless harassment of citizen's accused of crimes and to prevent wasting valuable judicial resources, time and money. This Judge got it right by dismissing the DUI Offenses, thus leaving my client with the stop sign conviction.

Another Jury delivers justice and says NO to the government who accused my client of DUI with a .278% BAC. What took over 5 months for my client to carry the label of Defendant in our system before she could get her case in front of a jury of her peers, took a jury of 12 less than 20 minutes to acquit her after a 4 day trial. What was so clear to 12 people who did not have a stake in the case shocked the Prosecutor, Judge and Court staff. It is utterly amazing how biased everyone is when it comes to the word "DUI". Then you throw in a high BAC and follow it up with the state's "expert" who says the BAC was even higher at the time of driving and one thinks of anything but Innocence. What makes this dose of justice even sweeter is that the Judge told me I would lose this case and that when my client was convicted he was putting her in jail. He would not even shake my hand prior to trial, but instead asked me "What the hell do you think you are doing bring a case with this BAC to this courtroom?! You chose the wrong judge for this case!" He then told my client she could do up to 6 months in jail if she went to trial and lost in an attempt to strong arm her to plead Guilty! The Judge further told her he guaranteed no jail if she plead prior to calling up a Jury Panel. Fortunately, she was willing to put it all on the line to prove her innocence and had the backbone to continue despite facing real jail time and the loss of job! At the end of the case not so much as an apology....only this: "I am not surprised very often, but this comes as a very big surprise." On to the next....

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