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Initial experience: the eye doctor was wonderful. quick, efficient, and pragmatic. the service otherwise? I went in on 12/28 for the eye exam basically to just update my prescription and to reorder my contact lenses. I knew what brand and what kind I needed. I wanted one box for the left, one box for the right. because thats what makes sense. The woman who helped me said she'd call in about two weeks. Two weeks later, I called and it took more than 10 minutes on hold before anyone told me anything, which was, there was a delay in the order, ill get a call when it comes in. in about a week or so later, i walked into the store because I hadnt received a call. It took them quite some time to find my information to tell me it wasnt in yet and it might be in soon and theyd call me. I was going to get glasses but i was then ignored for other customers. I walked out. i called again in about a week or so because i hadnt received a call. again, nothing. finally on 2/9, my contacts came in. I went to pick it up... and they only had ONE box.. for one eye... missing the other, and they looked at me confused and very curtly told me that she had to get her kid so i had 2 minutes to decide if i wanted to order another box. now, lets not even consider how one box was half the price on 1800 contacts and other sites. Or that i never received a call, or that I had them check for my contacts order several times over the course of over 6 weeks and no one thought to ask why i only had one box coming in for my right eye prescription but not my left. im never going here again. they get two stars because i liked the optometrist and the exam was great, and the lady behind the counter while mostly unhelpful and very curt wasnt really outright rude (but she was borderline). So assuming that the incredibly long delay was not their fault, they were terrible at keeping me updated, missed an opportunity to get more business from me, and then of course, assuming there was a miscommunication about the order, they werent very good about ensuring that I the customer received the appropriate services. the dismal customer service and the lack of attention to simple detail .. and there is no yelp page probably because of how terrible this store is. my advice -- DONT GO HERE.
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