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... feeling kinda tired of all the angry & hurting
& debating & brokenness in the world?
Right there with you & you aren't alone
& there's a whole lot of us right there with you:
We have options:
in an angry, debating, broken world, we could join hands in a revolution of kindness: the best GIFT List -->
An act of kindness, giving it forward, can be more powerful than a sword in starting needed revolutions.
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Jk F
I know this sounds foolish but whenever I read posts by other people and your name is in the post it's in bold black. When I post your name it's not in bold. Does that mean we're not friends and the other people are? I wish I was able to meet you talk to you. I'm sure the whole world wants the same thing. Just a prayer of mine. God bless you Ann Voskamp!!
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