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Social Media for Small Business - A Professional Learning Community
Social Media for Small Business - A Professional Learning Community

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How to Reduce Your Legal Risk Using Pinterest

One of the factors that has made Pinterest so popular is how effortless it makes sharing great images. Install a browser button, and with one click you can "pin" virtually any image you run across on the web. But many users, and businesses especially, have become alarmed by the possible liabilities that could result from moving the content of others to another site.

This article covers the concerns and tells you how you can protect yourself and use Pinterest worry free.

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Social Media Boost for Small Business

The team at +Eli | Rose Social Media, LLC gets a thumbs up here. Always good ideas growing ...

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Joint Venture eBooks

Think about how your business might be able to collaborate with other businesses to create some killer content and offer it to shared customers.

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Facebook Timeline: This Changes Things

+Jon Loomer does a great (and understandable) job previewing the Facebook Timeline changes and some of the things a business can do to prepare their Timelines.

Here's the series page:

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Metrics for Small Business Series

The final piece in our series is an important one. Conversion Rates

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Mini-Lesson Workshops

Great opportunity for time-crunched food lovers: A half hour, quick demo, requirements listed on the post below.

Can you do this for your customers / fans / audience? Dancing Lessons? Tai Chi? Baseball? Even web-related (sharing a screen)

Limited seating. Good stuff +Jake Croston Love the setup.
Micro Classes - A Little Time, A Big Help

Only $5 bucks!

My micro classes are designed for people who don’t have an hour to invest, or want to spend $20 dollars on a class, but want to learn something real and valuable in a short amount of time.
I will spend a half hour, doing quick, effective demos, for just $5-$7 dollars per person, per class.
These classes will concentrate on simple, but powerful techniques to use in your kitchen everyday.

First Micro Class is tomorrow!! Join up to learn something cool in a quick amount of time!

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Earn Your Customer's Business

+Chris Brogan in a quick, concise video on how business can earn the right to "sell" on social media platforms

on +Entrepreneur

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Do You Love Your Local Small Business?

We're giving three full-access annual memberships away this week. Nominate your favorite small business today. You could nominate:
- a local diner
- your barber or hair stylist
- your landscaping company
- your cousin who does remodeling work
- your pastor or church
- your ... self

A great opportunity to give someone you love a better foothold on their social media path

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Google+ Tips for Your Restaurant

+Two Top Marketing offers some good tips, especially the "Hangout" tip.

An additional thought might be to do quick prep videos or menu choice videos with the Record-n-Publish feature on G+

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Are You Measuring Your Small Business Goals?

Start of a new series talking about the What, How, and Why of which metrics to pay attention to for the social media strategy of your business
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