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Leighton House Museum - Exhibition
The Craft of Drawing and Painting - Celebrating tradition today 1st September - 4th October Last week I attended the launch of this new exhibition showcasing the work of the community of artists trained at Lavender Hill Studios.  Set in the beautiful home o...

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Simon Lee Workshop - Week 4,5 & 6
I found after doing the 2" skull that the much smaller head on my character was easier and I am getting a better feel for handling the clay.  After roughing in the head I then went back to adjusting the pose and also thinking of the overall composition plac...

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Simon Lee Workshop - Week 3
The homework for Week 3 was to sculpt a very small humanoid head. I found this very challenging which is why it ended up taking me a few days to do. At first I kept squashing areas I had already sculpted but I found that if I let the clay get quite hard it ...

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Simon Lee Workshop - Week 2
This week I have been working on posing.  Although I am using a much thicker wire I have still tried to think about the natural balance of the pose so that my sculpt would be balanced in real life.  It is challenging with the hardness of the clay but this s...

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Simon Lee Workshop - Week 1
I am currently doing an online workshop with artist Simon Lee.  Simon is a concept designer and sculptor working on films like Pacific Rim. He is self taught and it wasn't until his forties that he found himself being approached by Guillermo del Toro to wor...

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Sculpture 2014 - Term 2
Coming back after the summer holidays we started Term 2 with a 2 day lying pose.  No measuring on this one and we got to choose what scale we did. I decided to try and block in the whole pose and learning from my previous experience mad sure I built up this...

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Sculpture 2014 - Term 1
I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to do a full days sculpting at Lavender Hill studios last year. Ever since my first attempt at sculpting I have been keen to do more so this has been really exciting for me. Term 1- My first challenge was to copy t...

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Happy New Year
I have a tradition of starting the New Year with a self portrait. So I spent a couple of hours looking at myself in the mirror and having some good fun trying to get a likeness with a raised eyebrow and a slight smile.  I am looking forward to a year of mor...

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Lavender Hill - Term 7, Week 10
Before I new it the term was over. This was my last Saturday morning class and I really enjoyed myself doing this portrait. 2 hours

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Lavender Hill - Term 7, Week 9 & 10
Monday evening - 5 hours Yet again I was very challenged early on with the initial blocking in of this pose due to the diagonal.  My teacher put me back on the right track.  Quite pleased with how it was going although I do feel now that the head looks a li...
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