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The new feature of the Old Parchment Treasure map is an interesting idea - but it's rather frustrating in practice. 1) The distance away has been 10-15 minutes each time, which isn't a big deal except you have to wait until the troops are there before using a second one. There is no way to have two units moving to two separate treasure locations at the same time. And, if there is a monster or resource there, you have to use/kill it before you can send troops out -- all told anywhere from 10 minutes to 4 hours before you can actually search for treasure. 2) The searching takes too long as well, when added to the travel time. 3) All that for a small amount of food or wood plus , maybe, some mithril?

I have over 25 maps, I have used over 5 so far but the time required for such a small prize doesn't really mesh for me. It would be better if you were guaranteed some forging material and steel on top of the resources, or something. If I could get 2-4 +1materials I would be more likely to consider the effort worth it -- and more likely to call it treasure.

I would like to see the donate rankings sortable. We use alliance honor as a way to track the donations, but the system lists according to research amount (I think, sometimes it doesn't seem that way). It would be nice to click on the top of the list and have it sorted based on the way the alliance needs.

Many people have asked for a way to trade items. (The only way to do this right now is the sealed letter - which lets you send ONE item, but you can only get the letter in some paid packages.) Unlimited trading might disrupt the balance between pay and play, but here are two suggestions that work in tandem.

1. Make the sealed letter available in store and alliance store. The price shouldn't be unattainable, but still somewhat prohibitive. I would suggest making it the same as an 8 hour peace shield.

2. Have an alliance feature that allows r4 and r5s  (or just r5s) to each send any item to an alliance member whose rank is below the sender. The limit here could also be once per day, once per week, or similar. This can be useful as a motivating tool, as well. (For instance, an alliance could have smaller, alliance only, daily events like who increases most power, etc).

It would be nice to have a group mail option that isn't "all." Tactics planning is hard to do through chat when members are on at different times. To be able to have mail conversations with more than one person at a time would help greately.

Back to reality after GenCon....but it was a fantastic four days away!

#gencon DeathNote Mafia @ westin @ 9pm is CANCELLED.

GenCon goers : 20 E Georgia. Free food and 1/2 priced drinks for first 100 people at Howl at the Moon....use the name Loni Walden at door for no cover.

Party @ Howl on the Moon (georgia, near convention center) 5-8pm Friday. First 100 to use my name gets: no cover, 1/2 priced drinks and FREE BUFFETT! After 100 people, cover is (I think) $5. Calling all gamers! Dueling piano bar and FOOD!

Damsels of Dorkington starts in 20 minutes - Marriott Blrm E. Fun to be had! #GenCon

I'm waiting to "learn to play" a game I played all summer. Bought the ticket in May, and didn't feel like waiting at customer service to exchange it.
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