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World Tuberculosis Day

Tuberculosis continues to cause more than 1.5 million deaths worldwide each year. In honor of #WorldTBDay, we’ve gathered some of our most exciting research and features on TB. Read our open access research here: 

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The mammalian limb paradox

How are the same genes involved in the development of a diverse range of limbs in mammals? 

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The latest research into Traumatic Brain Injury

Is rest the best option? How can people get going again following brain injury? Reviewing the latest research for Brain Awareness Week:

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A quiz for Brain Awareness Week 2017

Fancy a challenge? Take this tricky quiz on neuroanatomy & the brain: 

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Sequencing the genomes of all the >1,300 bat species

Introducing the BAT1K project, which aims to work out the secret to the success of bats, who inhabit every continent but Antarctica, and in some cases can live for 40 years: 

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International Women's Day

Why is the theme this year #BeBoldForChange? The editor of BMC Pregnancy & Childbirth and BMC Women's Health writes in this blog:

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Antibiotic resistance

'Vaccine development has been less promising than hoped. New antibiotic development remains underfunded and unproductive' - what can be done about this growing threat?

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Open Data Day 2017

Saturday 4th March is Open Data Day, so we've collected some neat open data blogs and videos for you to look at, including figshare, open trials and more: 

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Safety of mitochondrial replacement therapy

The findings of a BMC Genomics study suggest that nuclear-mitochondrial mismatches are not likely to jeopardize the or safety of mitochondrial replacement therapy:

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Can you get 9/9 in our Rare Disease Day quiz?

Test your knowledge with this quiz, specially made for #RareDiseaseDay:
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