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Our business is knowing what makes yours tick!
Our business is knowing what makes yours tick!

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We have been hibernating through the summer... we are now getting back in action. With a new website scheduled to launch, our newsletter redesigned and going back into circulation the fall is looking good. What are you doing to plan your marketing when things go back in full swing this September?

Some of the topics and articles we will be putting up, Is your email just a junk list, PR is the old SEO, Social Media overload, Which half of your budget is being wasted... Talking about everything from social media to email marketing and website re-development. What topics would you like to learn more about?

If the world was a company and had hired the news to do their marketing and PR, we are pretty sure they would be fired for creating a bad brand.

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Sooo is it time for us to start using this yet? Think it's about time we give Google a shot, since we will be recommending Google+ now over any other social network, for businesses at least.

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