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                          Heaven’s Gate
Heaven’s Gate Mountain :Zhangjiajie City, China
You’ll climb 999 grueling steps to an opening in the mountains considered to be the door to heaven. A cliff collapsed years ago, leaving this more-than-400-foot-tall hole.
YouTube : Heaven's gate china
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This is amazing...
What a piece of art our GOD has made.
what specific place in china is that? stunning!
Another excuse to go back to China - missed that on the last trip!
Alan Alm
999 steps? Screw it, I'm going hell
door to heaven.....wooooow..
On topic: That's a pretty amazing rock formation.

Off Topic: +Alexander Lai I don't see you proclaiming the artistry of millions of children dying of malaria, billions of species going extinct, millions of planets being destroyed, millions of children dying of starvation.

It's uncanny how you god-nuts want to claim everything you perceive as good as being "your" god's doing. Give it a rest, no one cares about your superstitious fantasy. Also, learn to spell.
" considered to be the door to heaven". No. It's just a pretty looking rock formation.
+Jason Grima maybe you should have read it as being called heavens gate reference to God maybe. Atheists have to be the most inconsiderate and disrespectful people I have ever met if you don't believe fine I am not forcing my religion on you but what makes you feel the need to try and discredit the majority of the worlds beliefs. 
Amazing! A beautiful sight and thought. Thank you very much. 
Wow that's really cool !
Wat happens if u fall off the edge :o looks like heaven is on the other side. Pretty pic :)
Heavens gate?? No it's called tianmens hole first time I've heard it called heavens gate. Are the chrstians claiming this now to? Your false god has no power in China christians. And jeb corliss flew his wingsuit trough it a while ago
Beautiful how the cross symbolizes Jesus dying for us so we can be free of our mistakes and gain access to heaven....and here we see the cross at the foot of "Heavens Gate" :D
Amazing, it will takes me a week to climb that, hehehe... LOL =P
I need to go here
Climbing that stairs, it would be worth it. you will see the beauty of the paradise and so what called HEAVEN.
Looks amazing. Wish religion could be left out of it.
Woo fantastic. Never seen this before. 
Must go there soon...Saving Money Mode: On
Lol, I am not religious, nor am I atheist. I find it beautiful, because it is tangible...
Very cool picture... would love to go there
Jay Vy
woww..never heard of it!! China awesome!!
like the abjad...D...
A bit heaven for early morning comments :-)

Kind Regards ,Rory

Euro Build Mallorca S.L .
Cool looking place. I guess the translation is 'heaven's gate' which begs the question 'which god would you meet through the gate?'
Hmm... This is created by local public only,
So, don't be wonder/soaked...!
Looks Real .... no Photoshop ;-)
Grueling to walk... maybe. But somebody had to build 'em. Now imagine what grueling really is.

In any case, this is truly inspiring.
the view, the lord him self and all the planet's ainedare the other side powers that i have obtain
As long as we don't get another Cult leader with poison punch to ruin this.
interesting, beautiiful and is there any truth to the whole heavens gate?
"is there any truth to the whole heavens gate?" I guess you'll have to walk up there and see if you can knock on heavens door.
is it really heavens gate,but i want to see hell'gate
heaven gate !!! i wonder wot is there on the other side..... ANGEL CITY !! LOL :P
fantastic.. i want to be there someday.
It looks amazing, but not for me, I hate stairs
beautiful . how long does it take to the top
too great ,no words
its a bit like the elevator to nowhere in the Simpsons
Its realy superb........!
Has anyone checked to see if heaven's there? it would answer a lot of questions.... ;-)
what an amazing piece of natural artwork on the world.
+Manuel Armijo maybe you should check the numbers again, cause no way is christianity the majority belief in the world. No single religion is the dominant belief in the world.

It's a pretty rock formation, created by the erosion of rock, caused by wind and water flow, not some mystical art made by a deity.

You can believe what you like, just don't go ruining a perfectly good photo as an opportunity to espoused your superstitious fantasy. And don't you DARE for a second suggest that +Alexander Lai has the right to claim it, but I don't have the right to rebuttal.
I wouldn't mind walking all those steps for a great view
"Tiaemens" is in mandarin, which means "heaven gate" if translate to english,my friend.
Heaven’s Gate Mountain :Zhangjiajie City, China
thats just human creativity am not shre of this place
Yah it was only human creativity.
love that place. wow! wonderful creativity
Awesome. I really hope there is a giant slide on the other side...
After you get to the top..In other side just another way to get down :D
Very Awesome anyway, wish can go there someday.
Looks amazing - would be some experience going there
Yes...there is no impossoble!! What a view!!"""
No, it isn't. That's only man's imagination. 
O my gosh,,,,,,,, only 1 word - incredible.......♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥
thats not the end....... we reach there , we will see further......
I want to go there
I will to see this wonder of the world. I love it.
Amazing rock formation... God's designed it... See how great He is?!...
God exists, even if you do not beleive.  ​On our last day everyone shall see
shut up alfred init. manz is an atheist dunkno god is bullshit fam
+Jason Grima Take it easy, maybe i should not describe in the way, might be sensitive to some. My apologise.
Maybe i should say its a wonderful natural art. that real????....
awsome place but to many steps to climb up
are you supposed to leap over the edge to get in heaven or are you to be beamed up.
Look at those steps... exhausted just contemplating it. Does look breathtaking though.
I need to visit this place, is amazing! Added to the bucket list! :o)
i would like too be in heaven.
Jeb Corilss, the infamous wingsuit pilot flew through this like it was nothing! check it out!
Amazing pic simply incredible and beautiful -
WOW! I have never seen this before, or at least I can't ever remember seeing it - what an amazing sight!
A thing of beauty, but spoilt by 999 concrete steps up the side of the mountain...
i guess that door to heaven is closed for now.....too bad, was really looking foward to going
buat olahraga enak tuh... :P
btw how many time to up in this place?? 
What's the rock climbing like?
Anusha - 9597797118

Hi All guys, iam waiting for u. For fun :))
very nice, reminds me of God's window
What an amazing site! Door way to heaven?lt sounds good,will go there sometime in future.
Looks like a comet blasted through several millions of years ago. Amazing!
9952201851 - iam Preethi looking for fun .. Guys ;)
Woah! Is it real? If it is, its one of the places you must go before you die.

No pun intended.
what a beautiful sight to behold
Shawn C
aha, I've been there more than a decade ago.
wow is it really heaven or is China more messed up than I thought
woww it's wonderfull.)))))))) :D fantastic placee :))))<3
Great and amazing... pic. I like your collection
waaaah...its soooooooo awesome...where is this place...hope have a chance to go there...huuuu
Who cares, it's only a hole leading to heaven.
love watching the men in the squirrel suits fly through there, simply amazing
Yeah, Not only that but all tings done by GOD. 
Nature is a magical way of filling the life with wonders
OMFG i went there


it was FUN!
+Manuel Armijo they will find out soon that all dressed up with no where to go isn't no where !!!!
Aesha Drashy Mene Kabhi Nahi Dekha. So beautiful..
Like Poe would say "Aaah my old enemy ... Stairs" :P 
looks awe-some/.!! typical wonder of the world
Love to give it a try...providing there are EMT's located every 100 steps with an oxygen bottle and shot of Glenfiddich (neat of course)
Rob Trippel
seems like i am afraid to go there. 
its the path of out this world
best place aver seen
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