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Futurama has talked about these, too.
i thought that they are living there inside due to abject poverty but now i wonder they've got too many stuff with them selves as well...strange..!!
...And countless people still seeking the american dream.
Isn't that kind of... You know.... Illegal?
Well it's not secret anymore even if it is true
How do I meet someone that lives down there?
I don't have the time to hit every sewer lol any general idea on a special sewer spot? 
it can't be that bad down there if people livin there.
Looks pretty sweet down there
+grant duncan There are a few places that you can find out, check the internet, or just ask around on the streets, maybe you'll have to conduct it in a logical manor, i presume you'd get some strange looks asking 'Where do the sewer people live?' 

But the people that live down there actually live kind of normal lives (apart from they live in the sewers), they may have ran away from home at a young age and just set up camp.... They usually have jobs... those people who hold the signs and hand out leaflets...

And its really not such a bad idea,  there are people who live in ALOT worse conditions in foreign countries, and even in the states.... The idea of sewer makes everybody thinks of toxic waste and piss and shit.... They dont love in the actual sewer like where the water flows..... just part of the sewer...

Think about it, its quite fascinating....
That couple looks warmly and happily. Right?
I hope they're using protection
How did they get all that crap in there?
Is that the sewers. Eeeye, yak
+Matt Chaney hey thanx for the link,know there is always someone going tru sum challenge in life,at some part of the world,but it still gets to me
+Densil Grant I was looking for the interview that was on TV not to long ago.. and the people who live in what we consider 'unbareable' conditions, wouldnt have it any other way... its drama free, i remember one of the women saying something like "It sounds dirty, living in the sewer, but ive got a job, i could live a normal life, but this is my home"  It was remarkable how passionate she was about it all.
i think that sewer could be better home than most slums in Africa. I don't mind to get a two bed room there...
I have to hand it to them for surviving, despite the current economic climate. I wish that I had the guts to do as much.
I don't know how they find out such things, but I'm glad they do.
Ah, same here. This is all interesting stuff. ^.^
This google site has so many things to look at. I've found some real nice photos, and stories.
It's more scary when they don't have a sewer to live in.
You had better think carefully about that. It's not only nice people that go down there. Some times people go down there, that do things that I wount talk about on this site.   
Good luck if you try and find it.
You don't get out much, do you Amit?
how do they manage it must be realy smelly out there
They are doing what they can to stay alive, but when the heavy rains come, there done.
What would you have the government do? Maybe kick them out into the  100+ degree heat? Don't word, the torrential rains will wash them out for the spring. Kind of a spring cleaning.
Well actually, I saw a film that showed people doing dental work on the edge of a gutter India. It was the low budget dentist. 

+Parminder Ghai , it wasn't a movie movie, it was a home style documentary from u-tube. It showed real people doing low budget dental work. Actually what they showed was the guy pulling teeth. It was brutal. I'm sorry but I don't recall the title of the peace. It was sent to my email inbox by an Aunt. The "dentist" talked throw an interpreter about the need for people like him. Without them, the poor would have no one.
+Koh Seong We have many outcasts, but the ones in the photo have found a way to overcome some of the obstacles in there way.
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