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                      The Longest Bony Fish
This is an oarfish - one of a group of long bony fish found in tropical and temperate waters throughout the world. One species (Regalecus glesne) is capable of reaching 17m (56ft) in length.
Lengths of up to 36ft are common, and oarfish are thought to be responsible for many sea serpent legends. They are rarely seen alive and little is known about their behavior.
YouTube : Longest bony oarfish
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First comment LOL! Wow enormous!!
i want to put an "i" in the middle of you last name, i think it is lol
?? I'm Asian. Let's not start a fight here. You're not, right??
im Asian lol im not looking to start a fight i just think it would be hella funny tho
lol +Richard White  I don't get it. Please explain because I have a feeling this is LOL moment. I'm asian too but above and beyond that. Humor is universal.
As in my last name... Chinese last names... Well, never mind. Okay, I guess if you think it's funny, I don't want to change what you think.. :)
well if its hardly funny then i guess someone needs to buy another personality, they have em at wal-mart half off lol.
and why a person finds the word nigga, Nig, nigger (and all the rest associated with it) so damn funny no matter if it is in a last name or just tagged on a wall :0 ... fucking humans .. gahhh puke 
Wow.. A lot on my side :P Well, i'm just a tween. Middle school.
This one is dead Awww poor thing!
XD i dont care for all the damn things , i just happend across some ... who had a great deal problem with it... 
Sandi D
wooow reminds of that the Lochness monster but it's baby !!
I still don't fucking get it. But will every racist sensitive idiot stop being so? If it's funny, it's funny regardless of political correctness. All you sensitive asian's are perpetuating the stereotype. Can we please rise above it and laugh at whats funny? I'm a paki. If a worthwhile joke is made re: Paki's, then I will laugh openly. I am an evolved Paki. Dumbasses!
Wait he's not... Misunderstood him.
Omg... Size of that, how on earth did they catch it...?
I thought he was being racist... but he's not. 
thank you +Ashley Ng . i have no problem with anyone here okey just saying lol
+Mia Farouk Do you know +Richard White personally? If not, how do you know he is racist? Have any of his previous comments marked him out to be so? Am I against the tide here?
+Mia Farouk it was i who got into the whole racist thingy coz my enturpitation of his comment was so .. but i guess i had wrong and he just found Nig funny even tho i still not quite can see how :P 
+Usman Ahmed do u have to be concerned about this? I'm just speaking up for my friend. k? happy?
Weirdly, I actually found it funny too. After a few think- agains... :P I'm weird
you want me to get racist +Usman Ahmed cause this easy. like i said im not racist but if you want to ask people to think that maybe i am ill start asking people "do you think mr paki there likes to blow up schools and shit?" so how about you stop with the racist shit before it turns out to be a racist fight cause we dont want this...
+Mia Farouk You're on my screen, are you not? I have to suffer your ignorance.
come on ppl back on topic .. it was i who started it all and i am sorry for the missunderstand-ment :P or how ever you bend that word to fit in context :D
Dudes, chill and just post whatcha think about that bony fish....
now she is ignorant??? WTF are you high?! I dont want to have a battle of wits, i dont like to challenge the handicapped lol   
+Usman Ahmed now you are just stupid .. he kinda does matter completly ..coz it was his words i stuck with that got this shit all started .. so plz just shut the fuu up and go back under your stone 
man am being bombarded by notifications..................   ~mutes~
+Ashley Ng I apologize. I was just trying to be intelligent. As for the fish pic, it's a re-post.
LMFAO!!!!! OMG!!! hella funny!!!
who the hell is fighting against who.... mute is not working....
That is a-hell-of a fish!!!
This fish is awesome i want
hell the fish... everyone can now start talkin about the fish
Its amazing how people ( Richard White ) love to make themselves look like Morons on the Internet. +Richard White have a bowl of smarten up and try again.
P.S. Don't forget to breath while you read this.
ey +Dustin Everett you are allowed to have your opinion but you don't have to be an ass only coz you can .. how about if i would sit my fat ass all over you and take a shit huh? .. stop that now and focus on the freakin fish in this post plz 
yes yes yes .. i am jumpin on everything and everybody .. no one will be spared from the wrath of this polish futha mucka 
Lol! This is the best highjack I ever saw on G+ yet! I'm so spreading this around!
Could this fish be good for eating? Big is not always
 better. Or is it?
god creates and man destroys it
its sooo big i think this will take so much time to complete my meal
Anybody for some fish and chips?
+James Ayuk - When Jesus fed the multitudes with two fishes it must have been two of these.
O che
Hanya bisa bilang wooooowwwwwwww
You bet. You know we neva had that detail. But hey, the story would have been more about the fish then. Don't u think?
+Eric Håkansson shitting on my face...kind of like the Germans did to Poland. But im sure the Polish are very proud. Of what im not exactly sure . And +Richard White repeating the same insult you attempted previously...well I would expect nothing less from you. Richard and Eric have brains like a hamster wheel, still spinning but the hamster died a long time ago. But dont worry guys there's an app for that.
Lord of god he is the one to make it! 
It will go well with a few french fries and salt and vinegar.
oh my god i like this pic but whats that
+Richard White all you have to do is re-read your post and it becomes clear what kind of sperm impregnated your mom. Asking how it's possible that I have kids, and then wishing my first born to die on its cord...if I already have kids I assume that means I have already had my first born. Genius. I would ask you to think first before you type a reply but we know Richard White + Thinking = Impossible. Your what I like to call can get your shoes on the right feet but it stops shortly after that. It's also funny how my dick seems to be on your mind. Your closet door is open.
Can feed 20 people at once
oooh so big, i see 1st time like that
This time the comments was different from the last post n not abt tht pic!!!
Why not leave it in the ocean? No need for killing it.
sure will make me run if I see that fish at night
that never be the same again but let say mmmmmmmmmmmwaqaaaaaaaaaa nice and goooooood work
Now that would make a great fish story . Look at the size of that bad boy!!!
+Richard White I stop when im ahead you should have done the same when you were a head just starting to come out of your moms womb. You have made this way to easy and won't get another post from me after this, it's just not fair to you and as a Canadian I show mercy to the needy. 
Why can't we just let it live in the sea. There is no need to kill it guys. 
I need the parts middle man holding 
let's have it for lunch,very one is wellcome
+mulenga boyd - Yes why don't we just eat everything that moves that way we can soon live in a mono culture desert wasteland. Hey we are 80% there so not far to go now.
kk ,.. take at home fry .....
@ almi,i think it can be taste.wat do u think?
Maybe thts the fish jesus had to feed the 5000
wow,!! what kind of fish is that,! if i seen it personally, i grab a picture of it,:))
+shrilakshmi sivanandam, I think it washed upon the shoreline dead. I'm pretty sure these fish live too deep to actually fish for otherwise we'd know more about them.
like edited photo....hahaha
They should just put it back in the water an let the dam thing live instead of killing it just so they can get their rocks off on holding it.
What a waist of a beautiful creature... is amazing
they should throw it back and more oarfish be there and we willenjoy
Many more of mysteries in the wordl that not break yet
The lock ness monster called it wants its little brother back
Ewww I am glad they are not in Lake St. Clair.
thats a month of dinner in my home
Thats not a fish thats a Monster!!!!
One does not simply want to taste the meat of the giant bony fish..
One does not simply want to taste the meat of the giant bony fish..
One does not simply want to taste the meat of the giant bony fish..
Happy republican day.............. 
jai hind jai bharat.......
whatsssssssss dat..................??
Thats just creepy...................
+Richard White when people are still called the "N" here in the south on a daily basis you would think it was so funny.. You laugh at other people pain...
Wow I hope they thru it back in the water since its a rare fish
That is just a baby if they grow upto 17mt in length!!
this whole thing s all about a fish, so wht a jerk now, funny, funny funny???
dekho mana v kiya tha ki ye machi mene dali hai samundar me fir v sale ne nahi mani akhir pakd hi liya mera mchi+
chalo koi baat nahi ab pakd ke kya khade ho salo mast tel me fri kar ke kha lo
cho oo
oh!wonderful a fish
That's not a fish... that's a living breathing eating machine:o
wouldnt mind seeing that in my local lake
Nig get real?/ absolutely no class you'd never say it to a blackman's face it's not humor its moronic!
Never knew about these sea critters. WOW! I wouldn't sant to run into one. This is the reason I only swim where you can see the bottom (swimming pool) and there is nothing but the human variety of swimmers. Sad but true.
+Ashley Ng , stick to your guns, and hold your head up. P.S I hope they threw that fish back...
Is it an anaconda fish? Its indeed scary!
This can't be real if i've never seen one on tv before 
Enormous fish. Looks like a monster naga in Thailand.
Seems like thats not heavy huh. lets go to the reality plz.
Did You See this in What's Hot before?  
Did You See this several times in What's Hot before? 
Sweet fish. I wonder what it weighs????
its a bloody shame taking that out of the ocean, humans are assholes
Wow at the picture, and a lol for +Ashley Ng and +Richard White for creating a racist moment without even actually meaning too, and btw I am an Asian too, and I don't actually get the "Nig" joke but hahaha just in case.
nice fish it must hard to catch ????????
Poor fish. Is it dead
Nature is full of funny surprises 
Aye! That'll be one of those sea serpents you'd hear from the pirates lore
dammmnnnnnn... wht a big and beautiful fish... i never knew about these sea critters.. 
We Japanese believes if it launch on coast there could be big earthquake strike our homeland
Tyler P
I'v never even heard of that kind of fish.
Real or aa... photoshop hmmm i guesssss reall
That's a big fish what type of fish is it
is that one of God's creature?
could be real, the ocean still has some secrets and mysteries
That is a big fish, is God not wonderful? He is. 
wow is that real? who am i kidding of course it is! wOw
Good for the catcher!
but sad for the fish=>(we miss you mom).
LMAO This post went in a whole different direction! Over a misunderstanding! 
how cn u love a girl tht u did nt love
Arguing on the internet is like taking part in the special Education sports day. Even if you win your still a tard
+Richard White , I suggest you delete your Google plus account and stick with Facebook. You seem to like the thrill of 'trying' to insult people. I took a screen shot of that long comment about killing that mans wife because I am so baffled at the little to no intelligence you suffice. You are a little child and have no right to be on the internet. Please go back to school and learn how to spell out common words. I was expecting to comment about the fish but could not ignore the idiot. And I apologize to everyone. Had, yes had, to be said. And Richard, don't waste your time on replying. I won't even read your nonsense. 
hope thz people put thz beauty into his place. 
This is really big fish. I've didn't know that there are this kind of fishes in the world's oceans 
Sowerby com my name is the seas
Looks like they're having a hard time holding it.
Should go nice with big plate of chips:-) 
I wonder how much this fish weighed?! And what they did with it after the pic was taken?!
That would make for an awesome fish fry!!

I think that I would need a bigger frying pan to cook that one up.
In a hundred years these people will be viewed with disgust. We have almost completely destroyed a population of fish, whales and other edible species in all of the oceans and seas on Earth.
awwwwhh omg... cant believe it.. :/
that is really big
was that really taken
What a fascinating creature! When you look at something like this, it becomes clear that it was just happenstance and sheer luck that we humans have evolved to being the dominant creatures on this planet. The perfect combination of circumstance and opportunity, and we crawled up from our shadowy origins to take our "rightful" place on top.
Now, we stand on a brink, waffling to make a decision on whether or not we're going to be the last "kings" of this Earth...
It'd be nice to get the chance to learn more about these elusive fish; before they're gone. 
@bitchard white ....she's a lil girl stay in your place pet -lii lol i hate bullies!
Sailors would think this is a sea monster.
Does that mean I should get a 100 gallon tank instead of a 50.
People that make fun of other people show how insecure the r that they have to hurt other people to make them feel better bout themselves ! How bout this Richard! U look like a dirty-fuckn spick-a wetback. How do you feel NOW! If you want to get anywhere in life grow up. Look at yourself in a mirror do you want to be someone that every one hates - a bully- or do u want people to like u.think about it. U r heading for a miserable life with no one in it. No one wants to have a friend -like U. So u decide what path u wanna take. Your future depends on it. Your young . Choose but choose wisely. Think about it. Really.
Richard white is a pedophile trying 2strong Arm a lil girl !
Why too many asians on top? Is it because its about a fish?
Imagine taking a dip in the ocean and having that thing swim by your legs. AHHHH!
Ugly but I have this thing for fish. Just can't keep ma hands of unsmelly fish.

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Holy shit does anybody have a life commenting about her last name...richard white that would be hilarious!
they dead for the people
@Susanne folk... Im hispanic ..i know your upset at richard but being a racist doesnt make You any better! It puts you in another hate crime! Racism went out with the KKK lol 
One of the reasons I don't let me young tween get online to places like this because they get exposed to other people's crap for posting a simple picture. Instead of comments about the picture, we got fighting, threats, racist slurs and profanity - WOW!
utin oo
ohh  very longer
What kind of fish is this? (tried looking through the hundreds of comment without success)
That was by the way I want this in my lunch
its really nice and big fish .can you give me some parts of that fish?
Joy Woo
NO WAY- is this real?! 
Tastes like chicken.
Oops, right in the description "Oarfish - a long bony fish"
I throw small ones back to grow up or out
Wow! that fish is big and beautiful, GOD is great.
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