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                      How big would the sun look on other planets
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So you are gonna need a torch to see things even in daytime in Neptune?
u go to neptune,if u feel bad about it........
I am sad that humanity does not focus more on space research and technologies. There is so much to see, so much to understand and so much to invent. I hope that men will be on Mars soon. It wld be great! Nice illustrations by the way :) it could be nice to put also temperatures interval also :)
no not for u,vrushali really :-)
Thx Patrick, I hope it will be really done ... With all crisis and economical pb that the world is facing... Sorry to bring bad feelings here ;)

cop con
Amazing. I cannot find others word to describe it
look at the alien saucers.......
alhamdllah thats a bless from god (the perfect distance on earth)
on mercury it the sun is very big
wt abt pluto...?? i guess sun doesn't appear there at all..
It makes me think though, the color of each planet differentiates because of the sun or just the atmosphere?
@ Atoshi Khadatkar

Pluto isn't a planet anymore.
+Patrick Delcroix ( hum ... do you think they will really do it? it sound like Bioshpere's project ... a lot of goodwill but ...honestly, they say that guys will stay forever on Mars ... I wld love to see sun from Mars, but stay there forever ... let me think again ... :-)
Is it just me, or does the sun look a little big for Earth?
If pluto not a planet any more, what is it? And did u guy knw about the meteor that fell in chile last nite?
wow, that's cool. maybe the sun for earth does look a little big:)
pluto we cant c it,it will be too dark over ter.....
Pluto isn't a planet just an fyi.
wer do aliens live.....
+Anna Lucia Pluto is no longer classed as a planet. It really screwed my mnemonic! :(
pluto we all miss you ... we grew up listening that u are one part of our solar system :/ but the scientist now said that you were adopted :s
i wouldn't want to live on neptune or pluto.......
+Bert Lohmann lol => maybe because like its little sister on earth (with a shorter name) there is not so much occasion to get sunlights? :D
Nous le voyons sous 0.5° (pareil que la Lune) : notre belle planète bleue est heureusement dans la zone habitable de cette petite étoile.
But it's a dwarf and do we have to be so picky
How's it go men are from venus women are from mars, lay on your back and watch the stars
I've never heard of that In my life
Sobhana llah the creater of this worl... !!!
Nerobte si. Starosti. z related.malých veci ,aj. tak dôjdete na krizovatku najneoçakanejsìch krajsìch ciest zivota a vyberiete si tù svojù najkrajsiu
Shut up its god who created the world not hdcghvvh Allah
ma chun
well, now I know how things look in uranus :)
Ale podmienka je ze tomu. musite verit
It's kinda awesome . . . as recording to this I figure out the power of the creator ! isn't it ?
thats cool, its pretty much a diagram.
Je trouve que c'est trop beau ajoute moi en amies
Pluto was removed as a planet like 4 years ago...
Wow...I wouldn't mind being on planet earth.,.cause I'm staying there 
you shut up Owen Walsh God means Allah in urdu language ok
wow this is interesting, I would like to know more
just as small people are still people, small planets are still planets!!!!!
Pham My
And by the way The letter "G" of God should always be in CAPITAL ok
I guess I never thought it would look like that 
Just as Ceres was removed from the list of planets in the 1800's after the asteroid belt was defined, Pluto has been removed because at least a dozen similar objects have been found near it. Pluto is still special because it is the first of the "Kuiper belt objects". Oh, and NASA has a robotic spacecraft flying past Pluto in 2015: New Horizons!
Didn't Pluto get reinstated?
why does mercury look like the moon? and how about pluto? or planet   X
Planet X? Even if it does exist and we knew its location we still wouldn't have a picture of the sun, satalites just don't travel that fast.
WOW!!!! Interesting!!!!
Not sure! If Sun is that far from Neptune then how is Gravitational force working.
I think +Abbey Fraser that by the time you were on Pluto that the sun would be just another start in the sky indistinguishable from any other.  Pluto in its aphelion phase of orbit (farthest distance)  4,583,189,130 miles and it's perihelion phase of orbit (closest distance) 2,756,915,000 miles.  That's a pretty long ways.  I say the sun would be a dot, a really small dot!
Pretty cool. Hey, does anyone remember that phrase used back in the day to remember the order of the planets? Something like "My Very ... Mother..."
+Eric GUERIN If I'm right, It's a one way only and it's the point of this project. They said the return facility are very expensive and make this kind of mission impossible ( because money). They will get the needed money from the mission tv show  ... I found this idea funy because they use this stupid kinf of show for the evolution of mankind
lol.... a pic of how it is on other planets and lots of people shouting about god?? O_O
So there is accually some who still believe is that stuff.... amazed
Amazing. Flying Spaghetti Monster has willed it.
nakakatakot ung ibang paneta
Thankful I don't live on Neptune. Without much sun they are probably a very depressed species.
I love on Mercury. It's so dark with that one big light. Brightens everything up. Truly beautiful. 
Great idea and nice artwork. It would be interesting to add the average temperate on each of these planets
I made up Mary Very Easily Made Jam, but then ran into structural problems and just added SUN Power.  I eventually reached a point where I recited the planet names to remember the mnemonic [just kidding].
well down here in the south it feels like we live on mercury!!!!!!
if u recognize there is two intresting hapoenings here. first the abnormal light change from earth to mars(look at the ufo s), which i think its because of the atmospher's density.
the other thing is the un expected change of the sun's size, mars to jupiter. i think the reason is the asteroid belt.
am i right?
What about Pluto?  Oh yeah right. Sorry Pluto.
Pluto is still a planet to me dammit !!!!
+Moein Mohammadi If you mean there is a gap of distance because of the space of the asteroid belt, then yes, partially.  The 4 inner planets have a small gap of difference between each, but when you jump out to the outer planets, starting with Jupiter, they each have a huge gap of distance between them.
Keep fighting the man +Kelly Crossman! Pluto will have its day. (Well I don't actually know if Pluto has a day or even how long that day might last, my guess is it about 5 years long and really not that light even then. Kind of like Seattle)
I really love that because I love outer space
Pluto issss still a planet. just not a regular one... a dwarf planet.
Closer the Sun is to a planet, seems no life on that planet. The furthest the Sun is from a planet, seems no life on that planet. Planet Earth has the perfect distance from the Sun and is the only planet that has life in this Solar system.
What about the heat and light from the sun ? Will they also be more from different planets ? :P
For everyone asking about the view from Pluto, it should be about the same as Neptune's since the orbits of the two planets overlap (i.e., Pluto is sometimes closer to the sun then Neptune).
This is cool!  Good to gain some perspective...
Poor Neptune, what about Pluto? I know it not a planet.
That is cool to know.
i would be even awsomer if there was another planet next to earth(but not too close)
If there were owls on Neptune, would they be diurnal?
nice post .thanks for that . to add more my knowledge 
This is new to me.... It's awesome!
Where's the photo of Pluto and it's relationship to the Sun?
As you may notice, there is a big mistake on this illustration. The light is so bright for the first planet (mercury) that you could be easy blind where are the alien's sun glass ??? ;-)
He should be careful, moreover he has only one eye! :D
Reza H
Oh that is very wonderfull. I don't know it befor.
+Mark Couvillion  ~ remember, one day they just decided that "Pluto was not really a 'Planet'"  I miss it!
Reza H
Oh that is very wonderfull. I don't know it befor.
Reza H
Oh that is very wonderfull. I don't know it befor.
no matter what anyone says...pluto is a planet!!!
It's a dwarf planet for god sakes!
there all in tune . check it out dude
Poor Pluto. It's better this way, though. If we accept Pluto, we are accepting every dwarf planet Pluto's ever been with.
@Lola, Pluto is now considered a dwarf planet, and it's actually a double planet, as Charon is nearly the same mass as Pluto, and they revolve around each other.
cool, it really empisizes how far from another they really are for humans to travel.
and pluto is a dwarf planet you dummy!
If you think we're going to "reach for the stars" any time soon, think again.  Our Solar System is 110 AU in radius, there's room enough for US to grow.  So let's get on with it!
+Iman Baity I'm putting you down for 40 acres and a robotic mule, now go farm that Pluto!
سبحان الله. Subhan Allah
سبحان الله. Subhan Allah
what would it look like from pluto?
wow!!keep it up..
excellent collection
In my day pluto was a planet!!!!!
In my day pluto was a planet!!!!!
In my day pluto was a planet!!!!!
Yea man tell me about it jus fell off the solar system
Technically there is no 9th planet anymore.....
No matter on which planet... but thanks God we still have the sun, it's mean there's still alive sign for human life
that was something!!!
"our sun is ours to be seen but shall not be seen as seen today"
i love earth because it have mountain and more ..
Nice picture with a good fact.
9 star
Wow god
What is the hot star
Amazing!!! Different perspectives. For neptune sun just a shiy star. 
yeh nice pics n dont knw answer 4 question
Do u know how big the sum would look standing on it?
the further away they are the smaller the sun appears.
Wow! Quite an interesting fact! :]
venus's sun looks cool on the background
You have to respect distances involved between those planets. 
im not understanding that picture at all
Very insightful.  I wonder what it would look like from Alpha Centari (5.2 million lightyears away)
They left out Pluto.  No, I don't accept it's new status as a dwarf planet.
wow! I´ve been searching for a graph like this for a long time, amazing!
Razr Thash >~ Mate, why on earth someone wants to go Neptune..? Defnetly not to have a look at sun from there, or may be to check there torch light...LOL
wow that's something!!!!! its just the right size for earth
how big would the sun look on me? ^_^
wow it's very cool and if i lived on pluton. 
Its amazing how God created the universe.
And yes I mean Jesus!
god didnt make the universe HE IS ... FAAAKKKKKKEEEEEE
AMEN to that!  And just think of all the planets, stars, suns and everything out there that HE created!
God is real... he just goes by the name Higgs Boson or Science.
+Niall Rees who are you to say that? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however Christians and other members of religion would find that rude and disrespectful.
... Though we die, the universe continues. That doesn't console us if we're other than the universe. But if the universe is in our soul as another body, our death ceases to have more importance for us than one of an unknown. Similarly our suffering. Restrict its pure love & spread it throughout the universe, it's the same thing.
Whoa! I'd hate to be on Neptune if I wanted a tan!
A mistery i cant explain how beautiful,made by our creator in heaven the GOD....
Like this comment if you agree... Thats pretty amazing! and we feel bad for pluto :(
How big can become small as frame of reference changes and life is like this only
+Zane Aveton Yeah, I miss Pluto.  Seems kinda hypocritical for "them" to just decide something is no longer what it is because they decide to change its definition.  Pluto didn't change.  Their definition changed.  Seems rather un-scientific to me.
+Mark Couvillion on the contrary, that's the whole point of science. Science is always changing to allow for new research. Newton was the accepted science for gravity, and then Einstein came along, so it was changed. And now the Higgs Boson means we may need to change it again. Science is ALWAYS changing, that's what makes it science and not religion.
Interesting to see from other perspectives.
thats so cool... BTW nice touch with the spaceship! :-p
That's cool. I'd never really thought about that before, and now I realize how lucky Earth is to be like, the perfect distance from the Sun.
Interesting. The same object looks different when seen from different distances, angles and lights etc. 
Interesting. The same object looks different when seen from different distances, angles and lights etc. 
The sun just looks like a normal star on neptune.  Poor Neptune!
Really? so sun looks like a distant star to Jupiter onwards. That's something new.
Still have a hard time nit being able to scroll over past Neptune......looking for good ol Pluto, but Nooooio.
Man, I didn't think sunlight reached as far as Uranus... Learn something new every day.
Fia Pan
500th comment!! whoop whoop!! and btw, coooll!!
500th comment!! whoop whoop~~ and btw cool!!!
The sun looks soooo big on mercury yet it looks like a speck on neptune
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