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This is BS.  Birds don't eat old gum.  In particular, the swallows you have in that picture catch their food in flight.
The language in the post is so illiterate I would not believe anything it says.
ahahahaha stupid birds, who thinks this is a real problem, I mean I couldnt give a fuck for birds
tsk, tsk, tsk ~  Birds are beautiful creatures.
Though I have heard this before I don't really know how accurate it is. Birds are pretty picky before eating something off the ground.
They aren't that picky. You should see all the birds eating and roosting around the eateries down here in Texas. They hang out in the shopping center parking lots by the hundreds.
Oh really?... guess the birds in Boca are snobby too!  LOL
Bird throw gum sticky mouth explosion die banana?
is there something we can feed the mosquitoes to kill them all?
haha.... I hate mosquitos with a passion too.  I usually get blisters. I wonder if destroying all mosquitoes would greatly affect the ecosystem? Some say it wouldn't, I think it would, starting with our plants.    
I also don't trust anything in Comic Sans... :-x
Don't think 'skeetas polinate plants, but small fish and insects would suffer slightly. Small sacrifice for better BBQ's.
C. J
Bacillus Thurengiensis, commonly referred to as bT, has many uses in the garden and is also used by gardeners to kill mosquito larvae in the standing water that can collect in saucers underneath container plants.  Readily available at reputable garden centers or online.  Can also be found in an easy-to-use donut form called Mosquito Dunks.
Mosquitoes are massive pollinators & it's only the females that bite, the males live of nectar...
@ Cory.....your funny.   I happen to like Comic Sans...LOL
thats so sad.......... ;(
Marve D
thats terrible
Okay, this picture is actually part of a series of pictures, which are also tragic, but not at all related to gum. The bird that is alive is the male, and the dead bird is his mate. She was hit by a car. The male ran around her to "defend" her, squawked, and prodded her trying to revive her.

Had nothing to do with gum. Just a grief-stricken male at the loss of his mate, ready to take on the traffic.
+Ana Blecher It's my least favorite font of all time; I'd rather have a Wing Dings decoder ring! >:-(
It may not be true but it sure would be nice if people who did this thought it was so they'd use a trash can instead. Just sayin.
+Scott Molloy, it can be a problem if people then think chewing gum is special compare to other stuff, i.e. a person do trash chewing gum properly but still leave plastic bottles around, and feel he/she already do a good thing. IMHO in this case, this wrong information is not that useful anyway.
also is no one else picking up on how badly written this is? seriously just read the first sentence through
All I can say is, stop Facebooking my GooglePlus!
I don't like gum, now I am happy that I don't like it
At first sight i was thinking the bird behind was feeling guilty for being too .....ok passing on to the next >_>
Saba L
now i hate gum
Durga B
i wont do it again.
I think they're smarter than that. At least if they peck at it, they'd try to get rid of it - given that it sticks to them.
its so sad that u guys don't even get the point... Do not throw your gum wherever unintended... Thanx for the info :-)
What is going on?
I cant even understand what's happening with that grammar.
is that insult to me or agreeing with me?
But i see that dead bird and it makes me so sad
Even sadder that i don't know what's going on in the picture
Poor birds they did not deserve that
then we shouldn't throw gums anymore on the road yaa...sorry
Real or not the lesson here is don't litter : )
getting people to throw things in the garbage is difficult, lots of them throw things out of the cars when passing how?
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