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        The famous Maltese underwater statue of Jesus Christ

 statue of Jesus Christ, purposely placed in the ocean as an attraction for scuba divers.

The sculpture was created by Guido Galletti after an idea of Italian diver Duilio Marcante. The statue was placed near the spot where Dario Gonzatti died in 1947. He was the first Italian to use SCUBA gear. It depicts Christ in a pose offering a blessing of peace.
YouTube : Did You Know :Maltese underwater statue of Jesus Christ
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Cool, that would be amazing to see while diving
That's amazing I would love. 2 see that :);):D
Imagine if the scuba diver didn't know the statue was placed there on purpose. Would probably die of a heart attack.
amazing .........
Do they know when it made.
Looks interesting though.
The size wow . .........
If I could I wanna steal that ....for my back yard.
ah..vivin..i am sory that imposible
I saw this some years ago from a glass-bottomed boat trip.  Expect it is much better seen from up close by the divers
It would freak me out if I never knew it was there & I saw it!
worshipping statue is punishable.............may god guide you?
"The Angels are coming for you, but listen. Don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and you're dead. They're fast, faster than you can believe. Don't turn your back, don't look away, and don't.... blink.
Good luck."

Anyone? No?
its awezing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
e zimz
Another depiction of a European christ....grrrrreat :-/
wow n i hope that ws in frnt of my
Raj Red
wow, super, nice,wonderful,morvelous,,............................
i've never knew bout this. Urg. i hate myself. but hey. It is soooooo Great. it is so Wonderful. really amazing!!!!
Absolute waste for mankind that money could be use for productive things......divers r a small species when the whole humen beings r concerned ......hihi
very Awesome and somehow scary if it ur first time going under the water 
wow that's nice i was not aware of this statue...
yea....thats amazing art......unique....
yea....thats amazing art......unique....
I dove that site in 1979, was amazing then.
What are you doing with your God?
I never heard of it?  How is it famous exactly?
Agreed Frank Walve, it is SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!! -.-
Nit a good will be there only for sea creature :p
2000 years from now it will be forgotten and someone will find it and think it was a lost city under water or aliens put it there lol.
I think i just found my next dive trip.
he is God only...not sculpture 
statue? Under water? This's crazy. Hm and this's scary, vary scary thing
I have seen people use images of that to try to prove god exists, by saying that this was a natural phenomenon.
Jesus! Its Jesus! ...i think this is how vengeful spirits are created...
No pigeons can drop on this one. 
I think it was being like year
i dont believe it, that is not under the sea
Jay Lee
whats so great about it? just man made
to me look like wen jesus is comeing to we
May god always be with us during these troubled times for our great nation.
Ma Loy
Looks creepy to me
not happy about this perhaps it should be your status past there ... Not christ 
I'm not sure why so many Christians feel so compelled to erect statues of their deity in as many places as possible. Most other major religions don't seem to have so much an compulsion to memorialize. At least not in modern times. Apparently that 2nd Commandment prohibition on graven images is conditional... 
OMG! They drowned jesus! Wasn't nailing him to a cross enough?
How to convince senior tourists to dive into water for similar experience with Jesus Christ as in Rio?  
Thats the most beautiful thing ive seen. im not a religious but its really cool for scuba diver to know jesus is with them even in the water
Cu Lu
wow .. really something amazing while diving !!
That would freak me the hell out if I saw that whilst diving.
Ryan W
If the statue is really as huge as it looks on that pic, it'd be kinda scary to encounter it in the depth of the sea
Sooooo God Lives Underwater? (shameless music reference) 
Must learn scuba diving to visit the spot! 
If only we could take all the religious icons and place them all at the bottom of the ocean, maybe then, people would be allowed to finally live.
Jesus said if you have seen Me then you have seen the Father. Jesus is the one and only perfect sacrifice for man's sin. Without repentance toward God and faith in Jesus Christ alone there is no hope for eternal life in heaven but instead eternity of suffering in hell.
+Rodney ludin Just saying something doesn't make it true.
Oh, and he isn't the messiah, he's a very naughty boy - having a bad hair day judging by the photo.
i would be dead scared if i saw something like that on ocean floor...
can you all prove it that Jesus is really God? Give ur reason.
Am I the only one who thinks 'photoshop' when looking at this picture?
My God and Father, please heal my family, my friends, and myself from all illnesses . Lord give us another chance to do Your Will and not ours Lord, I love you, I trust you, and I believe in you. Amen
Apparently no one has preyed for a seaweed and barnacle removal service. :-/
Nw i think its time to put on mars also
Prophet Esa (peace be upon him) and yes he was a real man, only closer to Allah
what is the starfish doing on His hand? it's kinda large
thats the most amazing thing ever seen and tarig jalal you are talking true 
that is the fist real sculpture I see in my life WOW :)))
I never knew about this ..amazing
I guess that guy just failed to walk on water this time
muhammad would kick jesus' ass in a new york minute.
Cool!! some more have a star fish on it hand ...
sounds really cool i have never seen the satue and when i knew that it was underwater water i so want to go see it!!!! where about is it??
Not to poop on anyone's beliefs, but, seriously?..........
Do you honestly think that....
-You know what never mind, its pointless to try and unbrainwash people.
its really amazing
You can even see it outside of the water when the weather is just right.
Is it true? The diver seem small. But cool.
It is amazing. I feel sorry for Isaiah. Its ok Isaiah, God still loves you
tight he!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-p
He is indeed Lord in heaven,on earth and under earth forever amen
Thank you God that your arms are open.
Looks like Davy Jones. Welcome to the locker pose
I love the way it puts us in perspective
When I started reading i fancied the statue belonged to an old sunken city or ship perhaps. Turns out it was placed there...that takes away some of its attraction.
I have been diving on this reef in Key Largo many years ago. It was a Awesome experience to see. DON'T touch it for it was covered in fire coral.
I have been diving on this reef in Key Largo many years ago. It was a Awesome experience to see. DON'T touch it for it was covered in fire coral.
I have been diving on this reef in Key Largo many years ago. It was a Awesome experience to see. DON'T touch it for it was covered in fire coral.
I have been diving on this reef in Key Largo many years ago. It was a Awesome experience to see. DON'T touch it for it was covered in fire coral.
How is it famous when most people heard about it for the 1st time from this post? 
wow my heart goes out to all. love the star fish!
It makes you think what's underneath the statue of jesus
It makes you think what's underneath the statue of jesus
It makes you think what's underneath the statue of jesus
If I saw that when I was diving I would be scared untill I figure out what the statue is, which is Jesus
I appreciate the arts work there, but the statue has no spiritual rational.
I really enjoy the underwater statues. Pretty much everything under the water...  They are very majestic and would be great to see while scuba diving.  This is on my "bucket list".
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