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        Morning Glory Rainbow Pool, Yellowstone National Park, USA

YouTube Clip  : Did You Know : Morning Glory Rainbow Pool
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Until the super volcano explodes 
Lol wtf? O_o that's kinda awkward having "u know what" and volcano explodes and it's down -_-
ဟုိး  မုိက္တယ္ေနာ္
Really want to photograph that..with a rainbow tshirt
niceeeee pic,,,,,,,,,,
wonderful place in this world :)
Someone melted a whole bunch of skittles!!! Lol
beautiful pool...i like it....
a rare view for any eyes............
Yellowstone is amazing - that is a good photo
I did not know such beautiful colors existed in the Yellowstone landscape. Very beautiful photo!
I guess they figured out where the end of the rainbow is located...
Awesome what nature can display...
"looks up compasity in the dictionary"
So I'm guessing that Morning Glory doesn't have the same meaning in the US as it does in the UK then?
dats beutiful i got ta see it
unbelievable. so great. hope to visit there once.
That is amazing neverseen that or been Yellowstone Park
there are many things like this at yellowstone! It's awesome. chances are it smells like shit tho!
the term yellowstone is a shocking one........................
NICE.......? 22 -DEC IS NEAR ???????????
if i jump in will i turn in to Fluttershy
How deep is it? does it go right down to the core of earth?
Wow! This is lovely. I like the sight of this.
hunny r
Subhan allah v nice

not only subhan allah....its masah alla,subhan allah...dam awesome....
Still not sure I would want to swim in it, despite how colourful it is. 
That's where they keep the gold.
Not the kinda morning glory I'm used to!
its so beautiful wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Impressively gorgeous! Thanks for sharing
dude thats is soooo sick i wanna go there ive seen it but it looks super fake
Looks like the glass in my folks art gallery.
woah swwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttt
I wonder if anyone's ever dove it. Certainly not drinking water!
Awesome picture thats cool as fuck center of the earths down the hole lol

Did you know... that the pamphlet they give out when you visit this pool at Yellowstone says that it used to be even more beautiful/impressive before it was cordoned off because visitors used to routinely throw trash into it?  That's right.  Mouth-breathing fucktards used to see one of nature's miracles and think the right thing to do was to throw their Coors Light can right into it.  That pretty much tells you everything that you have to know about humanity.  The More You Know... after all.
So many sights/sites at Yellowstone are truly spectacular.
And still many people ("Scientists") think this was not created but it all happened randomly by accident. 
Sig ggy
is that real.. if it is HOW because WOW
me   too  we  can go there together
to see a rainbow or not to see a rainbow every day that is the question
i believe in pure beauty but this, this is pure magical.
Could someone please taste the rainbow!!!
Wow! Amazing and very very beautiful.
Its really absolutely amazing...
wow, seem like photoshop work, but GOD'S works actually!!
Sig ggy
Cu Lu
wow is that for real ??
oh... what's at the bottom of it?
Just got back from a week in Yellowstone Park. I forget how beautiful that place is.
that is amazing but yeah how deep would that be and what kind of animals would be living in there!!! 
Cause this place ..we can pray for a good will.

Just awesome wish ican see all the beauties !
can someone see my youtube channel
its callled felix abrahams
ohhhhhh wataaaaaaaaa pic yrrrrrr
Yellowstone is a volcano,a huge super volcano,that looks really beautifull-but deadly to me!
What is the stuff accumulated around the color substance?  Look closely.
I want to don my scuba gear and enter the abyss...
woah, ok trippy! lol
The greatest artist.........nature
This is nice.. would love to see this for real... :)
it looks like a small atomic bomb has been blasted 1000 miles below ans the water burst out of that tunnel :-)
Have seen it. Its beautiful
The eye of the earth.
OMG that is so kool i cant say any words to discribe it not even phonomanal its beter than that
wow really nice........
Wooow .. Its amazing !!
Did You Know that the vivid colors in the spring are the result of pigmented bacteria in the microbial mats that grow around the edges of the mineral-rich water. 
Man, Thtz awesome, simply awesome........................!!!!!!!!!!!!
where did u get that? =D=D=D=D=D
whoa! whoa!, is this really real. O.o
Really Very Nice ! what a great Protect Area in The World.
Wow it's really cool I don't know what I say but it's really beautiful 
I have seen this.. it is amazing..
ju elle
amazing one!!
This is amazing..!! even if it isn't real..!!!
when it explores u will see how nature it will be .must be extremely one
I have been there, it's just as beautiful as the picture.
Dont tell me its a real spot, if it is, it muct be the most amazing picture that I had ever seen in my life.
amazin pure work of God,reflection of heavenly art.Wow Wow
OMG that is so awesome I have always wanted to go to yellowstone
one of the weirdest thing ever! 
cd yaw
wow! amazing!!
Hope she don't blow when I'm around! :-D
So amazingly can't be real...can it?
500t comment !!! btw ! it's cool..
Earth is an amazing place. What a shame we are destroying her.....
i wish we could live the same way as the first americans
Suki K
Suki K
thats amazing :) Last comment
woah thats cool oh yah 500!
500th Comment!
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