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                     Super Customized Yacht

This is a high performance, streamlined, 38 meter, open, super yacht has a total of over 14,000 horsepower and can break speeds over 50 knots. It consists of four spacious bedrooms, a grand stateroom, heads, reception, salon, and generous crew cabins.Eduard Gray’s high-performance 38m yacht concept with twin-turbo V12 launching it to a top speed of 230mph and even a garage !!
YouTube : amazing Concept Yacht
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Doesn't need to. You can already go to land and water. If it was a truck rather than an exotic you could go anywhere.
Who made it and then who would buy it?
I bet you'll make a reservation.
Damn! Where can I get one? Oh yeah, I'm married with kids...
Looks nice, but there is no topside deck to enjoy a warm moonlit night from. You'd be stuck indoors the entire trip.
Monty K
Can I borrow it?
The video makes it look like it's just a concept... 
What's the purpose of putting it on Youtube if it's not a video? Smh...
I love it that's something to live for
General View: While reading about such hi-tech inventions, readers in general wish to know about the price more over the technical specifications...! BTW, what is it tagged upto?
SWEET!  of course I would wish for world peace and everyone on the planet to have one wish (that only pertained to them personally) nah , screw that! put a retractable helocopter pad on that bitch and the hell with the rest of you scruffs...I'm outta here!
amazing yaaaar......
superbbbb mind vlowing.....
>.> its missing the caption that says "designed by Tony Stark" just sayin
dock's too short...should have reverse parked it...
Wow some people can really afford to make dreams come true! Its really quite amazing!

But... Instead on can buy lamborghinis.landrovers. audis and BMWs :p
That is the sickest thing ever... How do I get one..
if you find one, what can you do?
cool. but I think it's one of The Decepticons :p
Jay Cie
You know. I honestly would rather have my 2m sailing raft.
That's freak'n filthy! I mean awesome who owns one?
so much for goin green an lookin after the planet,id rather have a canoe an a push bike an care for our future.
Good for ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ , honestly....
+Michael Brown good luck in ya canoe you hippy, id rather have a kick ass yacht as climate change is proven to be a  load of bollox, hahahahah fuckin canoe what a nob
i have a few of these.. in concept.. :|
Bond baddie's are creaming already
I'll feed +david jones the troll...can you show us your evidence of that?  
Wow amazing,human Quest for luxury will never end,let's think of invention and innovation that will quench thirst and hunger and third world countries.
Wow!! It for the 1% people. 

Occupy Wall Street. We are the 99%
That would be a great car design to. Who never made that boat sure make a drag racing car the same design .
evidence...sure just look at global temp variations for the last 4000 years.....
Wow amazing,human Quest for luxury will never end,let's think of invention and innovation that will quench thirst and hunger and third world countries.
Uh oh,getting serious.Did some miss the word 'concept'? :-) 
If this is what $$ can buy you then i want more $$$ ..i like i like
Ah, cool boat and great for the environment! I love thos tailpipes. Not.
He sure make a matching surf board .perfect two color tone. Simple lines but perfect .I love this boat simple designs.that would look perfect in any two color tone
I would like to have my scooter valet parked please. 
SUCKS wheres the deck? this would work better as a first class fast track on ocean like a private jet... a Yacht has got to have open deck space for it to have good quality experience on the ocean. this is a sardine can that travels on water... may as well make a sub that can do that.. at least subs have decks
Obscene. No individual should be able to afford things like this. How many hundreds of millions of dollars does it cost?! I have a theory that 99% of all the money "The West" has printed over the past 10 years has gone straight into the pockets of the 1000's of billionaires that have recently started to appear.  None of them have actually earned that amount of money, and they certainly don't need it.  The open market is broken and sadly there is no way to fix it.
I will take the invisible one next to it. 
"This is a high performance, streamlined, 38 meter, open, super yacht" - No it isn't. It's a computer model of a yacht. It doesn't actually exist.
wonderful, the  world has really developed with tech
Toto Mc
state of the art. great designed
'Concept' being the key word!
Que beleza!... mas deve Custar uma fortuna de igual ao Orçamento de algumas Nações... parabéns aos que poderem adquirir.
that is ................?????

....... MY BOAT
Things are not with living for. Once you have u desire another. But its
really cool.
for real?? that is one kickass yacht!
Non traditional progressive work in progress redefining the concept of total package
i like to buy it it's so, nice
Now that is one SUPER-COOL yacht!!!!!
to the waters and beyoooond...
I like it, I see no reason anymore to purchase a house.
I don't have room in my boathouse for it!
The Creative power of the mind of "Goodness" at work at its highest potential.
it's so hot, very and comfirtable, woooohhhhh
14,000 horsepower, so how much fuel in one day, just for fun, god!
How can all the features be pointed out when it's clearly still a concept?
Mark S
How you fish from that thing?!
where do you stow the servants
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It's all like a dream

amazing ship and car wwwoooww :)
Wow !!! It's so cool !!! I don't know that a boat or everything (whatever) _
So I'm following this channel thinking it's "did you know this and this happened/exists?" Little did i know it's more like "did you know someone imagined and drew something that probably will never make into production nor will anyone ever own one?" Lol. ;)
really i also didnt know this, there are amazing things in the world
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Owned by Tony Stark?
so amazing & so beautifull..............
it a wonder of machine
This Is really impressive I wanna ride one
plz don't take any anther photo to my bat and my car
Another high tech to wow about. Not bad at all.
itsssssss really nice.........
really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Put the owner under sick flag! Tasteless...
lobulu laizer-very attractive waoooh!
Possibly the silly car can do 230mph, but the silly boat has no chance.
And anyway, we all know rendering when we see it, surely?
For the overly-rich person who still can't handle being anything other than obnoxiously droll. You know the type... they're the first people to have all the really cool toys, often several  months before WE even learn of their availability. If ya can afford the cost of entry, then "KUDO's". Just make sure your flood insurance will cover your car while you have it aboard your boat, and take them both out to sea!!  LOL
but still a model
it`s very very .................. like a dream
Wow^ amazing, but no need- coz i didn't know how to use is it. Jeje
+Matthew Newkirk Yes, but only if you spot him the first  1200 feet in the quarter-mile... NOTE: Must also be in possession of one "Big-Assed Whooping Stick"  LOL ... BTW, what's your ride? newer toy or vintage tin?
Just my luck, there's a waiting list!!
I've naver seen somthing like it that a good life
So how much does this low end model go for ... Lol
I'm gunna get me one of them awesome
And for the low price of $500 per second aboard the ship!!!!!
usually yachts and ships of this kind 'park' in reverse for easier access...
It's only a lot of money when you haven't got it. So buy two . Why two you may ask . That should Pisa off your ex 
And all I need is a couple billion dollars . . . hmm, lawn mowing anybody??
it looks like the smaller version of the ships seen in "2012" movie...
Amit Kumar
i'll love to have it.........
The large size is enough to put many on shaking legs.
When I think of the cost of maintenance, Sorry.I dont want it!
boat car and room and what i like SPEED if i could get it i would (but could u fish)
WOW what else is being built that we do not know about.  o-0
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