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                      Samsung Flexible Display

Samsung demonstrated their new OLED Flexible Display technology in a CES keynote last week.  The new plastic OLED screens can be bent backwards or forwards without ever losing HD image quality. Samsung is using this technology in their new Youm Smartphone and tablet line.
YouTube: Samsung Flexible Display
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Wait until your child bends it completely and brakes it
Roy Rosales
I don't really see it as a useful phone technology. I see it being popular in other things like helmets or cars or clothes. 
+Roy Rosales this would be great as a phone. It will conform to the shape off your butt cheek when placed in your back pocket. 
+Matthew Duran hah, well you have a point there. As a rule of thumb, I don't put any device in my back pocket. I don't really see that going good even if it had a bendable screen, it would just pop out, or you'd break the internal components? 
Until they make bendy batteries, and other components, I don't see this being used in a phone.
Blacc Man
Just another "bright"idea to add an extra 50-150$ on the price. We as consumers will definitely fall in the trap...!
New technology is just around the corner. 
I can't wait to get one!
+Nolly Meets you get that one then a new and better one will be out in 3 months or so... 
Y'all remember beepers lmao 7.99 a month lol
Don't get me wrong i'm a huge Samsung fan
+Blacc Man Will it be out 3 months later?
Really? Are you sure?
It's earlier than I expected. I thought it would come out in a year at least. That's grate, I have to save money.
Yeah!! Can you do that with crapple???
I heard that new galaxy s4 will have wireless battery charging. Samsung is just wow
Why would I want to bend my cellphone's screen?? Lol
Jay Cie
Why I've been waiting for this is durability. Simply put. If it bends it doesn't break. Drop this from a height where you're IPhone would have some nice spider webbing and nothing'll be wrong. 
I like it.Very good inovation for human being.
Advertising on helmets for motorsports just like on the boards or screens at sporting events
This is unbelievable ,cool stuff.
Jono M
That...that just is not right, WOW!!!
This is lovely! But why the rush? Technology is going too speedy. "New one today, old stuff tomorrow. 
Next phone might be a "Scroll".  Wearable phone on wrist. I can think of lots of cool tech to come.
I totally ADORE Samsung:)
Youm is the name of the display not a line of devices. I don't think they confirmed anything about devices yet. They showcased the display in a "fake" smartphone at CES.
My next phone will be a Bender Phone :D 32 degrees, 10 degrees, 92 degrees, it'll bend to all sorts of angles! But seriously, I want a bendy wrist mountable phone that transforms into a tablet :D 
Video shows Android and Windows 8 Mobile. No iOS
+Chester omorodion , couldnt agree with you more. There isnt enough time to enjoy whats already out there because there is always something bigger and better on the market. 
Amen to that...these guys rock they should now mek weapons Conor Davis yo jealous.
samsung is really innvovating .... take that Apple
Then you look back at old technology flip phones desktop computers Now we got androids bendy phones tablets all this better and fine technology
Wow!! Many years ago it was a fiction! But now it's real. 
cool if they released touch screen wrap around screens on your wrist combined with google glass would be an awesome combo
Samsung?...meh. Sony already did that couple of years ago
So Samsung is now "thinking different" sorry Apple! 
apple who this is way better u just gotta luv it
This isn't a useful piece of technology, it's just a cool thing to show off about. 
i have been waiting for this...oh yeah...cheers
Too cool. I can already see a Samsung Galaxy FLEX phone in the future
is this usable for phone culture..........
wow!!! Samsung rocks!!!
 no need to put in to pocket, now I can wear it as a wrist band ..
awesome! and genius idea!
Don't worry Apple fans, I'm sure you'll get a slightly different sized version of the iPad/iPhone to keep you satisfied.
Wow when will it be released? ???!!!!!! 
Dan W
What the ?? Thats cool and yet weird at the same time. 
wow!.... thats creativity the world needs!....
big up  to developers!
Dan W
I wonder how long it took to make that?

+Jonah Cockshaw Right now, you're essentially right. However, this has infinite applications. If people had the same opinion as you about all technology, there would be no drive for innovation.
+Blacc Man You're insane. It's called innovation, and it's what leads to advancements in technology, which lead to advancements in society.
Dan W
It's still cool. Don't have to worry about the screen breaking like the phones today.
Unfuckinbelievable i cant wait untill i steal oñe
thanks samsung you keep on amazing youre coustemerz daily
well, let's presume that they are using this on phone, so how is the circuit board? battery? Can them be bent too? 
I think it's hilarious how everyone's worried about the practicality of this rather than the complications. You people forget that no one has made a flexible TOUCHSCREEN still and that circuitboards and CPUs and memory aren't yet flexible. Although apparently a couple different people have invented flexible Li-ion batteries.

BTW, please stop saying this is useless. It's people like you who downplay innovation and make it seem like no one needs to come up with any new ideas whatsoever.
wow!!! Can you kindly get me the Samsung Galaxy II phone?
The technology is awesome, but I just watched the CES keynote again, man what a horribly bad presentation is that. My school play from 15 years ago even looked more natural! That's no way of bringing that kind of technology to the public. On a technical level Samsung has surpassed Apple quite some time ago, but presentation...ughh. Even the Microsoft guy Sinofski was better presenting the Surface and that was pretty bad.
Give it to a child for the ultimate endurance test!! If it can handle that it will be a global sellers with Mums and Dads with curious kids!!
its just perfect wao,someone hook me with one
I can see wrap-able displays on telephone poles and whatnot but why do I need this in a smartphone?

What I mean is how am I honestly going to benefit from bending a screen?
unbelievable, but believable because it has been created. wow to samsung-and i would like to meet the team behind this magnificent creation-
Yuriy K
Seems like it doesn't have a good view angle, but it's amazing technology anyway that's going to be improved over time. Good job, Apple! Just kidding.. Samsung, of course! ;-)
what use it a bendy screen? humour me please. its good but why? valid answers on post card please and send them to :
this a stupid idea!
it'll never happen,
because it serves no purpose,
innovative but pointless idea. 
Wat is the use..I don't get the flexible.device concept
Its amazing that it can do that. But what is so good that will make ppl want one, other than the fact it would be an amazing party piece
let jsut be caerful with all this rapid advancement in technology, we dont really know where it leads to ........
not exactly Samsung Star 3 duos  does not have facilities to connect to PC to access internet i.e you cannot use it as modem where as the samsung guy @ renowned shop @ Kolkata sold me the piece claiming it to be so!! I lost my money
agreed with above me, whats the point of having screen like that? but other way I love samsung inovation of developing new tech
Samsung is more gimmick!! less of some serious usable feature
why are you watching ice age if your an adult
When is it coming out to the market? 
Samsung start3 duos is waste of money 
well if you were in ice age then u should use samsung I guess!!
A new innovation that doesnot have any value!!
good but, what the benefit of that flexibility in the smartphone?
Until I make a use of it with my very own eyes, then I'll have my command about it
I knew this would be coming... Good Job...Samsung... Expecting more !!
really@GM it seems to be of no use a simple gimmicK!
Yuriy K
Some people don't get the idea of using flexible displays. Well, imaging your new 40" flexible monitor on your desk that goes from left to right. Now imaging your favorite game on it or video editing or a movie. The billboard that goes behind the corner. A dashboard in your car. 360 degrees screen in public places or at the conference, on the round table. I can go on.. :))
even then does it make any sense !
it make only non sense
apple had the first bendable phone, The iphone5 can bend a bit without breaking
Take it or leave it, it's amazing
For those of you that thinks the idea is ridiculous, imagine them using the technology in movie theaters eliminating projectors and providing HD quality panoramic viewing. It can be used for flight simulators. I can also picture a gamer surrounding himself a full 360 degrees with a turret chair in the center and playing a game based off of "The Last Starfighter". It helps to think outside the box and these type of innovations, as ridiculous as it may seem, open the possibilities.
+Yuriy Kolerov 
Right, and not to forget, that a flexible display won't break that easy when falling to the ground. 
Point is, the flexibility isn't important as the other components needed to drive the display won't be. It's the fact it can conform to rounded sufaces etc which opens up new design possibilities. 
Hmmm...... Maybe These will lead us to develop virtual phones
It sure will make big impact if we can see it on upcoming galaxy S4:-)

woooowwww what a technology.... more money is needed.....waaaaa
cool ...just wondering for what you want to bend your phone though??????
Awesome! Imagine, these screens can be used for skinning real-life 3d models! 
That's just way too awesome!!!!!!!
Imagine if my room wall made from this. amazing
Thou Shalt Not put No Other God Before Me! 
wow! techs getting better by the second
The possibilities for this technology are amazing, life is good!
Imagine if there were airplanes and ships covered in this!!   
Beware of he that is slight of hand. Fore he may jerk a donkey out of his ass
Saul C
Doesn't mean shit on a phone, because the battery wont be flexible and neither all the innards so there will be no point because u cant bend the screen if the rest is not flexible. Would be a great shatter proof screen though
Wow.. Wish they make a smartphone with that screen
now we can build a cloaking device.
awesome,,,howd does it work?'
yea thats good, cell possibilirties  technology amzing. 
I don't like it... I personally have not had to deal with any broken screens... I think I would like it more if the whole thing were flexible, not just the screen. Obviously I see the complications with that, but this thing looks stupid in my opinion.
I don't really get it or see the point, what if ur child just snaps it. And if u bend it in a certain way for too long, it will stay like tht forever and then u'll be watching ice age and they'll all have bent faces!! K maybe I'm ova exaggerating its alright! ;D
This was exciting news about two months ago.
who is going to sit there bending the display screen
so does that mean that the mobile's body is also going to be flexible or its just the screen extended?
agreed. glad to see the tech becoming available, but i want to be able to fold my cell like a banknote and put it in my wallet. the whole phone becomes a flexi-screen with voice activation and touch screen. think i'll wait a little for the tech to catch up with the idea. took them long enough!
Does this mean that my new tv will b out data? Thank about it!:-)$
the body doesn't need to be flexible. they can already make gadgets you can wear around your wrists for example. the screen can bend, so you can wear it and it still works. no need to keep being flexible. ;)
Its no better than alenovo phone.
It will help people form droping and braking there phone's :-)$
"demonstrated their new OLED Flexible Display technology in a CES keynote last week"... they demonstrated that last summer...
wow this is amazing mob
wow this is amazing mob
Tbh this is old news. They showed this last year the ces.
new technoligies are allways welcomed
wtf is the delay? this technology is pretty old.... well ...of course, they still have to milk our wallets with the old ones...
one question..... what's the need?
I Think samsung is very fast grow inTECHNOLOGY' that is example 4 us.
Neeche itna bda dabba kyu lgaaya he :D:D ... i don't need a fold able screen .. I need a fold able and flexible SMART PHONE
I remember i saw this before 8 years on discovery channel .... they may have made that technique better but nothing i would be very amazed with. Just a Hype..... 
wow is really doing well these day
there CES keynote has some of the uses of it... its amazing..waiting to see these devices
I want one doesnt want to get mixed up with notes though when out shopping
ohh mah god .. i think it iz a nize and amazing performer of samsung..
It would be good to know what the bend failure rate has been tested at. How many bends till a failure occurs. Interesting technology though.
Then you put bigger hard drive in the phone
What u gonna do wrap it around ur Dick ?
Actually if you do drop your phone it may still potentially break. BGA solder joint failure from built up stress and shock of impact are known failure mechanisms. 
samsung makes apples screens:)
apple can't improve on that, they dont make screens
Then now i dont need to worry if my bro trys to chew it
Screen ??? Fail...
No more screen in the future !
But... it is conected to non flexible dewice
soon you'll be able to actually go with a lunchbucket screen to school and your bread bucket will tell howmuch you ate. Mayb it even deprives you from eating much lol.... All these techno's
Anybody have a tissue? Here, use my phone.
I don't get it whats the point? Build a phone with a built in projector, and then I'll get interested.
I am looking forward to the window curtains on which i can see tv :)
Thats pretty incredible engineering and ingenuity. Is that using the new Graphene  
Inder D
Samsung is simply the best 
but sony is going to produce the most flexible phone,,which can transform into bracelet,watch etc.. the only cellphone u ever needed!!! wait till its out.....they r already working on it!!!
Awesome! But why would I need to bend my screen anyway?
this is the new tecnology of samsung,,,; nai waki mai tarraki kar le..;-)
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