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Flying boat?

This picture is taken on One House Bay in Greece. The water is so clear that the boat seems to be floating on air!
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I'm suspicious of that rope at the front (for the anchor?) that disappears as it goes into the supposedly super clear water.
Awesome! I wanna have a vacation at there!
+Bobbie Booyse Im gonna give you a virtual high-five for that.  You're my best friend for the next ten seconds.
If this were the original image, you would see the anchor line and the guys feet in the water as well as the rest of the bathing guys body too.

Cool photoshop though.
You morons need a lesson in the physics of light...light bends as it enters and exits the surface of water. You can get the same lensing effect by looking at the surface water of an aquarium. The shot is real.
reminds me of Mani - beautiful
Very clever shot:) well done
I hope that future generations will take care of our earth so that ther will always be such places... wow!
B Lloyd
This is the Mediterranean it all looks like this. O should we all be this lucky. Do not worry about the financial problems.
wow, It's clear .... more than our drinking water :D
Pretty sure its the mineral content of the water that produces that color. Its not clear, but it is real, and pure. Nice shot!
Now that's just amazing. I'm sure it won't be like this for too long, you know.... we're very good at polluting our surroundings.
Really Amazing ! Fantastic !!
Wow! I actually thought it was flying above the water for a moment.
Reminds me of the early scenes in Star Wars. Speeder, anyone?
Mil mi
amazing. I want to be there!
Mo Ayaz
i thought it was flying above the water for a second
I saw the same sort of shot from a bay in Cuba. The water there was so clear the small canoe like boat looked as though it were hovering over the water. Not Photoshop just really clear water.
+Derek Davies - you're right, the rope at the front of the boat seems to disappear. Now you got me thinking... lol
It could go either way, it's photoshopped, or cleverly shot. Either way, it's a little annoying that these days we don't know for sure.
Hallucination...that shadow makes the boat to float...see the boat without shadow..not floating ....anyhow its very nice picture ...
The only 'catch-you-out' in the thought is the legs of the boy at the end. That states that it is in the water, but... wow. Amazing clear water.
I have a solution for all you infidels, heresy shouters and untrusty souls. Put a finger , or a piece of paper on top of the boat shadow, and it all comes into place. Boats are not supposed to throw a shadow in the bottom of the sea, and it makes it all seem outta whack.
ye mate sick arss and yavar skrillix great description brov
:( not boat okay!
its one type of plain :D
Just like anywhere in the Mediterranean.
It seems to be photoshoped though I have seen water this clear.Go to any clean beach in the Ionian...
Beauty of Greece.Given by Nature...............
OMG i really though that the boat really flying so amazing look great 
i dont believe that the water is that clear
this blue water is compelling me to get lost in the old but still fresh memories of my childhood
He he the water is so clear u can see the base but still doesn't show us the lower part of boat. It's a photoshop job. Inadequately done. Many flaws. The rope disappears. no anchor .the person at the back ,whose feet r in water are not seen . no water ripples near his feet. 
Alec B.
well arnt u a nag
The water is crystal clear.
looks photo shopped, water looks very clear, but it is still blue, the boat seems to be hanging  a few feet above, looka t the ripples, and the water mark on the rock.
 This photo looks like a prank.
What's most clear in this picture is that it got a little help from Photoshop. If disappearing lower body or the rope isn't enough, look at the actual shadow of the boat that suppose to darken the surface of the water around the boat. Don't tell me the water is lit from bottom.
You can get similar photos at Lake Tahoe, Nevada.
fly what ! surprising !!!!!so,how u today?
cool looks awesome
The boats floating? Man this cocaine is potent O.o
pretty obvious it isnt floating on air if you look carefully...
Gotta get there some day, maybe in a year or two.  
this is on my list of places to go
Tri Ra
eeh unyu,,
The resolution is so bad that any would-be photoshop edits are well hidden in the jpg artifiacts. I believe this is real. The only way to prove it's been photoshopped is to locate a higher resolution version.
That's Greece for yas!
If you block out the shadow you can clearly see that the boat is floating on the water. Since the shadow is on the sand on the bottom, your brain is confused. It assumes that a shadow is attached to the bottom of an object. Since the shadow is not cast onto the water but the sand below, you "read" this incorrectly.
fake. and not even a good one. I can see through the clear water but not the part of the boat under the water level? And the rope in the front is stiff without any reason? lol
Leo T
photoshop!!!!!!!!!!!! no way that its real
Arthur Weasly, you've gone to far!!!
I did think the boat was flying!!
It's fake... Clear water would still show a reflection of the boat.
Living here in Crete, Greece I believe it. Many of the beaches look like this. 
Greece may be going thru economic problems, but it remains one of the most beautiful vacation spots in the world.
It seems every picture I see on google + is accused of being photoshopped or compared to star wars somehow. There is some reality left in the world. I know it doesn't seem like it but, its there. Beautiful picture. Lets not take away from someone's talent.
You can see the Sunlight & the shadow of mount on the water !!!
Photoshop is very good application ;)
it looks like its not on the water but is so it tricks the mind if you dont look hard
It doesn't look like flying. It's just the shadow angle. 
wow that so cool
i want to go
All I can say is crazy....
You can tell by the person he has his feet in the water.
I'm glad it flies cause I get totally sea sick
No its on the water you can just see its shadow under water. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww such clean water
whaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttt thhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeee fuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk
soooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
this is more than likely photoshopped, here's just 3 reasons: 1. the anchor seems to be cut off above the water (Air doesn't obscure view of a part of an object while the rest is visible, simple physics) 2. as has been said, the boat is floating a few feet above the water, either it's using a high tech system that hasn't been invented yet to keep itself above water (unlikely) or the picture was pasted there. 3. notice how the very bottom of the boat is cut off? yeah, that's the effect of copy and paste. any amateur photoshopper with time could do this. FAIL.
Nic R.
what a boss
Wow that's incredible
Great choice of words....all negative, no positive.....
Just like the people who've +1ed this
the boat is not flying it's the shadow
i love it wow its amazing
i hate to be the spoiler but if u look at the person on the very back u can see half of his leg in water
Ok.... this is image IS NOT photoshoped! I have been there and i have seen many times this place through my eyes. The water is so clear and the sun so bright that making this shadow. 
Thats so serene and calming...i love it
Looks like Photoshop of pool with some distant boat..
nice sun shine hope it was me on that boat
Clearly photoshoped, you can see the black spots on the bottom of the boat where they cut it out of another picture.
Wish every sea looked as clean and clear as this
dude really?!?!?!?!?!? its probs the reflection of the boat! DAUH.................!
i think may trick.
wish i cud tk a deep dive in dz water
if this is true, i wish someone could bring me there...:) 
if this is true, i wish someone could bring me there...:) 
its not floating above air you can see the water waves next to it 
Wow this looks so fun I love the blue water
Mission Impossible 5! Here it comes!
The water is blue, not clear. Two different things. Great place anyway.
I want to go there
Just for the experience of being there in clear clean water, is amazing.
i would love to go there.
Nice, looks good. until you KNOW that it is a mind tricking photo or photo shopped.
Gim Lub
Yeah the Greece water so clear and the budget so black!
Nearly as good as some Southern Quintaroo beaches you look straight down and think you could touch the bottom and they're 26 metres deep when you get there
I like it but it takes the fun of a boat ride.
No, that boat is floating. You can't convince me into thinking it's not. ITS FLOATING! Holy $%^&
its fake a shadow is in the water so it looks like its floating
Same thing happens when people just think "clearly".
That is either photo shopped, or is somehow true 
I love it! I can't wait to go swimming in some clear blue water like that! 
Wow, that's some clear water. Wouldn't mind trying it
wow love the water makes me want to go swiming!!:)
A tourist HAVEN!!! Bankrupt government...askin for loans and help, What say you all? Are we bein' brain washed as people carryin' the economy for the land we pay for...
whoa thats awesome!!!!!! :)
+Did You Know ?  WRONG! The post preface is simply making a fallacy assumption.  It is true when the water is so clear and I've seen examples where it looks like boats are floating on top of the water, but that is only true when you can see below through the water and to the bottom with fauna and flora surrounding the boat. In this case, in this particular photo you cannot see the ocean bottom.  In this case the reason it looks like the boat is floating is simply because of the boat shadow placement unattached from the boat.  You don't need clear water to pull that illusion off.

Here's a similar example of shadow detachment from object (an illusion in itself in this case) where the object seems to be floating.
That "eppppppppppppppppppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccccc" was epic. :D
It appears that the shadow IS on the bottom.  The wind riffle is just hiding it or the bottom is just white sand with no vegies.
I call PhotoShop! I agree with the anchor rope, and the hull is cut off. 
I call PhotoShop! I agree the with anchor rope being off, and the missing hull. Maybe they couldn't pay for the whole boat, they are Greek
"floating on air" like the Greek economy...
Vacation List

#1 : Greece

cool it is funny a flying boat
Jon Los
Ya y can't u see the rope
This hurts my head! Is it ps'ed?
This hurts my head! Is it ps'ed?
This hurts my head! Is it ps'ed?
This hurts my head! Is it ps'ed?
When is a good time to go to Greece? :-)
If you try really hard, you can make out the water
There's like zero life in that water, it looks like a pool lol. 
There's like zero life in that water, it looks like a pool lol. 
How telling, and sad, that the sight of clean, clear water is so unusual as to be immediately deemed (by some) to be unbelievable, and distrusted as fraudulent.
The photo is cool but Manu people forget to see the dead guy in the water. It does a great job of misleading everyone from the true crime. Poor guy. 
its not true only photoshop work out dear
cool, that does look like it's floating:^)
like the pic however i believe it's photo shopped i mean look at the black cable it mysteriously vanish's in the so called clear water at least it vanish's for me and the shadow look's oddly placed however still a great pick just want some explaination's  i guess
Amazing water. Have never seen anything so clear. Guess I would have to leave PA to see that.
Omg i want to go somewhere like that in my lifetime! Such beautiful water!
After very careful examination you can just about catch a glimpse of David Blain at the stern of the boat about 10 meters in the water biting on a rope that is attached to a series of hidden pulleys and levers that gives the illusion of the boat floating in the air. Simple. Problem solved
That water looks awesome. Would love to swim in that.
omg thats so cool! I want to swim there!!!
John B
optical illusion of the shadow
Going to Greece to train in a couple of years.
it dos look like its flying due the shadow under water makeing look like its flying and the waters so clear
It's an optical illusion. If you look close you can see the boat is actually in water. The shadow of the boat is farther out because of the mountain behind the boat. Just gaze at it.
Shadow of the boat is adding to the illusion....
The shadow makes it look like its floating too
But u can only see the shadow if the water is clear 
Not like any lake or pond I've seen here in Ohio, U.S.A.
Andy Hughes
doesn't look real - pic has been tampered with!
Wow! really cool, Thanks for sharing ;)
i can still see it in the water. yay 500th comment!!!!!!!!!!
for a second, i actually believed that boat was floating.....
An Pham
Very beatyfuly,I like it
yes i knw an i like row row royer boat
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