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             Left-Right Brain Comparison

I am left brain. I am a scientist. A mathematician. I love the familiar. I categorize. I am accurate. Linear. Analytical. Strategic. I am practical. Always in control. A master of words and language. Realistic. I calculate equations and play with numbers. I am order. I am logic. I know exactly who I am.

I am right brain. I am creativity. A free spirit. I am passion. Yearning. Sensuality. I am the sound of roaring laughter. I am taste. The feeling of sand beneath bare feet. I am movement. Vivid colors. I am the urge to paint on empty canvas. I am boundless imagination. Art. Poetry. I sense. I feel. I am everything I wanted to be.
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im a lefty so i have the rught brain!! TEEHEE
I'm co-dominant (and mildly ambidextrous) so I guess I'm just confused.
I'm the left brain since I'm a righty
I am also a 50-50 according to an online test I took. Like Charles Summers I too am ambidextrous.
the whole left-right brain idea is a misrepresentation of the facts. its not nearly that simple, and the different emotional, and perspective qualities traditionally associated with the left-right brain idea, are spread out over both halves of the brain
there are no such things as left-brained/right brained people. we use equal parts of each side at any given moment. inconvenient, but true
People.. you need to calm down..why do you need to know which sided you are when you are able to think and do things normally..!!
FOR THE LAST TIME PEOPLE "LEFT AND RIGHT BRAIN THINKING" DOESN'T EXIST! there are ordered thoughts, there are manic, exuberant thoughts.  there are logical thoughts and there are illogical thoughts. but putting pointless lines in the sand between them when reffering to how the brain works is just idiotic, and its spreading misinformation
For the sake of the ignorant, let me state that that I am BOTH!!!
+James Tomasino - thank you. I came to say the exact same thing.

So, boys and girls; follow your dreams. You can be a scientist AND an artist, if that's what you want. :)
I'm a right brain, although I'm a righty :P, artistic. Not practical at times
you people haven't  understood a single word I said, have you?
I think I fall more into the Abby Normal category...
Depending on the assessment of the other person, an individual activates the traits of one half of the brain!!
But first at the very beginning... it is only the Left brain traits function. Later, if the person is reliable, then the right half characteristics surface!!
so true but the only thing is i don't which one i am b cuz traits of both are extremly prodominant in my life!!!!!!!! LOL so confused!!!!!! ^-^
I'm left handed but i feel like i'm more right than left
b cuz i love art and free spiritness, and math,and logics idk which one to choose !^_^
Why do people continue to post such nonsense? This is why people stay so utterly dense about reality ...  +Ambrose Sullivan ... people don't actually care about reality ... they want to believe whatever they want ... 
I am left handed what you know about that???? PEP 
wat ppl think n believ is no matter in front of truth
I'm a right-lefty! A+ in science, reading, english, art, and math!
I also really like Chorus. And the beach!
this is a v poor assumptiont of the functions of the two sides...
very retro...
very unfortunate.... should have stayed in its grave....
inaccurate and lacking in modern research...
its a kind of a 'cult' approach to psuedo data...
Enaa u worry to much about detail if u have nothing nice to say shut up
LOL! EZ = Left brain.  This is not a doctorate thesis, People! It's ART...
why do all those pictures make the left brain seem so boring?
left + right  = bright!!!!!!!!!!! is it not??!!
Sounds like abrain alright-on a good day!
because this is an emotion based set of concepts...
not darta or research based...
Turn left for the Geek and right for the Dude. 
Erica B
I took a test, I'm a left brain. :(
Left and right thinking does exist!! What happened to thinking outside the box?! I'm my own person, and I do what I want! I say it exists, therefore it does! Ta-da!
Well i have both hemispheres of my brain so at times i'm linear and then free spirited and goofy... =) For everyone else with only 1/2 a brain, you confirmed my suspicions...haha!
In the words of #Homer Simpson, 'shut-up brain before i stab you with a Q-tip'...
This probably is not exactly a true characterization of the difference between left and right hemispheres of the brain.
a better way to describe the differences between the two sides of the braiin would be
'focus' and 'encompasment' ...
they are vastly different... and it is detectable in people easily..
but this piece is more some kind of latter day fairy tale...
if you want to believe in it...thats fine... perhaps it may kindle some interest in discovering the reality..
there are a lot of very good and fascinating research online in this domain...
you dont have to fantasise...
Erica B
I took a test online and said i was a left brain, but reading this I am DEFINITELY a right brain!!! 
jeez, well what if both descriptions sound like us? A'm I just messed up???
i am both even tho my right brain dominates cos im left handed. anyone can still aquire the characteristics of the left brain if one is a right brainer like me. =)
I'm left wonder I've been going in circles...
I just gave 5-stars to Hire-A-Helper. Bravo
im definitely a right brain
Oh wow, i don,t belive because mostly i see people they work more than donkeys. No art no science.
I am a right brain and that gives pause to people
Who question my personality!!! :)
but really people, at any given time we only use like 5% of our brain's potential...some of the comments though I wonder...come on not take everything you read seriously on here...
 سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم
The Hallelujah Bhmdeh  Hallelujah Great
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Brains do not work that way!
The right side is so gay
When I started to read the left brain description I thought you were breaking into Guided by Voices lyrics.
We are nothing. We are ants scurring'round our uptight hopeless circles.  Nothing matters=stop analyzing.
My husband and I are actually 'both' he is more left with splashes of right while I am right with splashes of left...... hhmmmm... does this mean I'm always 'right'? : ) 
Let me add up: the scientist who proposed it and eventually won Nobel prize for this was Prof. Dr. Roger W. Sperry and this particular theory was called Right and Left brain theory.
I'm left-handed..writer ,painter,carver..most of the power-tools and weapons in the world are built for "righties"..fine by me..
For the love of god when are people going to stop perpetuating this.  This type of left vs right brain characterization is a gross oversimplification of a theory that was never correct to begin with.  We've known this for over 30 years now.  +Did You Know ?. No, you didn't know, because it isn't true.
If the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, then only left handed people are in their right mind.
Very good decription & love the picture too!!!!!! I am somewhere in between; not exactly genius & no where near dumb either, both of my right & left brain working hand in hand perfectly. Hehehe...,
Yes we do not fully use even left brain due to switch button gadgets,where is using rt brain,if only you train rt brain with deep meditations&relaxations you can do ANyTHINg in world,man true saints have done,our grand old forefathers knew,we lost all good,other coountries learnt our arts&archeaology has proof for thisgj
I've taken dozens of tests to determine whether you're right or left brain dominate.  I boggle their poor little statistical innards every time because I'm apparently one of the few people who have an equal balance between the two.  I'm both an engineer and an industrial designer.  I do both the art and the science.  I argue with myself, a lot, and wind up letting other people make the final decision between aesthetics and structural integrity at times.
In addition, modern biological psychologists are also still arguing whether brains functions are localised (hard-wired) or distributed (adaptable).  In other words, it is still a mystery. 

psychologists want to explore, is idea of the mind (IQ)  located in the (heart) , but "its branch and fruit is located at the brain".... hmmm
leo kun
I have both the left and the right brain!
and thus it is proved: my left brain is infinitely smaller than my right brain
ok, now for the brain on pot!
Interestingly enough after much testing.....I am both!!  All my psych classes, creative writing, critical thinking etc. I come out the same on all the tests. . .I think it has something to do with being ambidextrous?
We took a test in my school to find out which students were which brain and i got a perfect 50/50. Im both! :3
haha . that means i always listened to the right brain . cool side.
The right side of my brain disagrees with you,,,,
i like the right brain more sounds more like my personality
Hope that all people are either right or left. But, sadly I believe that there are alot of people neither both (no brain)
i know this might sound stupid but is the brains right and left the same as ours?
I'm more on the right but I can be on the left too.
It is a reference to how each of us has a "Yin" and a "Yang" side.
What does it mean when I'm left-eye dominant, gross motor skills righty and mostly fine motor skills lefty?
Our understanding of the brain is still in the dark ages. 
.. and both sides are equally wonderful.
Hi I'm middle brain.
I'm a little something of right brain left brain. But most of all, I'm the best part of them both.
I'm the one with all the fun stuff.
my dear nay sayer friends, the person who proposed this theory won Nobel prize and i don't think they distribute Nobel prize just like that without confirming it scientifically, I am a researcher and i love Dr. Sperry's work cause he proved why one behaves in a certain way.. 
is this real? Serious or a joke?
Is that the same as being left or right handed??
that cant be right! im a scientist, author, song-writer, breakdancer, and an artist. well i guess im middle-brained too.
and yes one more thing  everyone uses both part of the brain, some use it 50-50 some 49-51 and so on but you use both. Left is for logical and mental function while right is for creativity and memory
anyone having doubt can ask me for the research papers
im totally left brained but i would of been right brained but im too out of control all the time
I am parts of both. Ambibrainerous?
Left seems pretty boring. Although we all have both.
Sometimes you have to be creative to solve problems. Sometimes problems must be solved to create.
What about a lefty that does everything with the right, or a righty that does everything with the left?
For the sake of the post, I will say that I am a righty with lefty controls ;-)
i have -5 memory. witch side is the remembering side? i want it enlarged.
Its all about that right side 4 me baby! Tink a lot of people barley ever use theirs. Th pay off, i guess, is that th lefties r left wit security, stability, house, car, career. Where as, after a lifetime of music, art & partying. Shunning th left, in preference of th headonistic, exciting, right side, I got a whole load of good stories & not a great deal else. Cant really even say i got good memories (though I got some) as my memory is shot 2 shit. Any regrets? Yr havin a laugh. I wouldnt change a thing. As Spacemen 3 said ' I found heaven on earth, gonna burn for my sins, but I think iv been good company down there with all my friends'
DesCartes, Correct yet in error. Missing more than the Missing.
I'm the left coz my languague so poor...
Cool I guess in a way I'm both
So instead of thinking of the brain in sepret halves...why not think of it as one...the left side compliments the right side giving structure to your creativaty & the right side makes your logic more intresting (the left side)...though sepret it's still used as one because thats all we have...yin & yang, push & pull...
After reading this I wonder if I even have a left side to my brain.
& right now my brain is urging me to be more productive & do something ealse with my time...& thats comin from bothe sides...
Some people's brains don't have spell check.
I think I'm pretty even, though partial to the right brain
I am both right and left brained.  We all are.  We just have to train ourselves to use them.
I'd hope you're all able to use your whole brain...

Seriously, again; no part of the brain is dominant. How many times must this be disproved before people stop spreading such confusing misinformation?
I'm guessing that the common sense is inbetween the left and the right side!
Finally found my brain, now you're telling me it's split?
What about those who are both creative and scientific? Surely you can own a passion for art, creativity and a profound knowledge of science and logic.
I'm more right than left but not only one
I've taken the brain test in high school and again recently.  I scored each time and I use my left and right brain equally.
I am mostly right because i laugh all the time!
amazing picture
You can have both sides of the brain like Del:)  Seriously neuroscience has rejected a lot of behaviorist and sociological research, because they can't figure out how intelligence works exactly.  A better approach in my opinion is teaching people about multiple intelligence theory (which doesn't exist according to some scientists).  Gardner posed that there are such different forms of intelligence (how the brain works).  While these forms tend to be generalized, they make for great insight into our individual learning processes.  This is helpful to educators, parents, and learners of all ages.  This way of formally categorizing intelligence takes a much more humanistic approach that celebrates the fact that we don't all learn or think the same way.  How we receive and process information is a diverse equation consisting of a variety of physiological and social factors.  

I have grown to be more "left brain" over time for the sake of survival in an economy that mainly rewards "left brain" activities.  In school, I was the kid who never seemed to pay attention, I had poor organizational skills, and I rarely did my homework the night before.  This was a reflection of my "right brainess" (physiological) and the social environment I grew up in (social).  So, while I wasn't the model student, I was an insightful writer and artist.  I also excelled at humanities like sociology, political science, and current events.  Now that I am mature enough to have semi-decent study habits, I actually value my "left brain" skills just as much as my creative nature.  In addition to this diverse array of intelligence, human are constantly adapting and growing.  So in effect, the neuroscience mapping is just as flawed as any behavioral/social theories because the brain is a world onto itself that humans have only begun to understand.  I like neuroscience for the insights it has provided (great things like lumosity...).  I think it helps to look at both propensity and development in new ways so that we have the most complete picture of intelligence we can.  
can i b the one that has mixed brain?
Please credit your sources or at least do some research confirming the veracity of your posts before posting. We don't want to be ignorant and be told myths, especially ones that have already been debunked. Perpetuating common myths in a public setting is not cool. 
This is a myth, the only reason we use "left brain, right brain" is because people in one test who had their corpus callossum (the connector of the brain hemispheres) were slightly better at identifying artsy stuff when their right eye (controlled by the left hemisphere) was covered. I really don't like this myth because it forces people into molds, when there is really no force stopping you from creating art or writing poetry just because you're naturally logical or good at math.
In reality, there isn't such a clear distinction between left brain and right brain, when it comes to how the mind actually works. You need to use both sides..
Did you also know that stuff like fibonachi patterns and other sorts of patterns based on mathematical realtionsships and formulares, speaks to both side of the brain because it's both very logic and firm while it's still beautiful and artistic..?
As a student of neuroscience, I can say with certainty that is indeed a gross over simplication. The entire brain is involved in all cognitive processes, just in different ways. Theres also a great deal of individual differences to the point that one cannot say if a particular person's brain is structurally and/or functionally the same as another. We are all far too different and complex for such a generalization.
I heard if u speak more than one language
U r using both sides of the brian
(I don't know)
If these are myths then so are countless other scientific theories.  These are the rudiments of understanding intelligence physiologically and socially.  We have an incomplete understanding of intelligence because of divisive science and egotistical behavior.  I don't want to stop the artist from keeping great financial records, or stop accountants from painting.  Right-brain/Left brain theory is a generalized way of looking at people and categorizing intelligence.  It has further developed into advanced neuroscience, but that same science will and has confirmed many of the generalizations and guesses of this earlier theory.  Science isn't about being right, it is about theories being progressively corrected through experimentation and data collection.  
+Anthony Stewart _"Science isn't about being right, it is about theories being progressively corrected through experimentation and data collection."
So, science is always wrong?  ;) 
Just kidding.....just kidding!  <G>
(Sorry, couldn't help myself.) 
I am the left brain, I am the right brain; this makes me who I am and will always stay that way, and no one is going to ever change it no matter how hard they try
Intresting...vry nic.......briany one
Interesting! I'm also Left + Right! :)
I like this! & that's a good picture :-)!
Awesome info. Thank you for sharing this with me :-)
you guys do know while different parts of the brain control different actions like laughing and doing math they must interact and blur together to create a functional human brain and all said in pic is not true
my right brain is resting since i left my country.but im enouhg happy with my left brain.
would explain why i'm bipolar!
Left brain is me down to a T. Right brain - no chance. None of that is me. And I'm bipolar too :)
my left brain has nothing right, and my right brain has nothing left.
i feel nithing is left in the right and nothing will be right in the left
I'm wht I call: the GOLDEN BRAIN!!!! I'm both!!! :)
Gorgeous image but the right left thing is a myth
Stale truisms based off of faulty extrapolations of fuzzy data like this are why Google+ needs a -1 button.
Grace F
I guess only if u not use much right side brain u become a left side person. Most people got strong brain on both side. Knowing this can help u train the weak side of your brain so u are not out of balance too much, so are still 'Normal' .there is no such thing of normal. But if u r too left side, you may have problem in social life or being a very boring person. If u r too right side, you cant make logical decision in life. You are bad in managing your finance... 
leftys use the right side, and rightys use the left side
im a lefty xD
Yes, Mercedes has been in the brain making business for a long time. They know how it all works.
JaMan O
I am both that creates a wonderful mixture
wait does this mean sleeping on the right side is better? 
This is so amazing and so true at the same time! I love it!
I have my left so active bcz i alwys try smthing new
Joey C
the right 
Everyone has both, but I think the right side contains creativity and the left side boring smart-tistic. Though some people may just have a "right mind" or "left mind"
brain structure is so complicated yet very fascinating .  i think i am  more lefty  lol
It's by Mercedes-Benz... good picture but what does this have to do with cars?
3rd time this post has been on the "What's Hot" stream. 
This picture itself is came from the right brain!
I guess I'm more right side dominate. Although I imagine both sides having some kind of Tae Kwon Do fight to see who will be the dominate of the day or if they will both take turns to make me appear crazy to others. Lol
that's been the background on my xoom for a couple weeks....
This was discredited years ago but the momentum kept rolling because it was such a feel good idea for academia 
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So I must be right in the middle, not on either side.. LOL
That's awesome. Now i know, my right side dominates the left 
This makes it sound like being left brained is a bad thing....
I'm bleassed to have a brain an that it works correctly
Or so I say Haha
How could being brilliant be bad
Vise versus I think they attract the opposite so with the two you have one perfect brain Right 
Using full brain, therefore I don't believe this bullshit.
Come on I'm sure the left should have some yellow and black hatching on it.
I agree how is it boring an dull if you are mentaly gifted. Left-brainers are just as good!
I find it interesting that some would accept generalizations in the realm of science, and reject them so soundly in other aspects of life.
When I say : " I have a brain . I have a left brain ; I have a right
brain ... "  Why should the rest of my body sort of claim ownership of 
my or that brain ? Why can't my brain claim ownership of the rest of 
my body ? What is the " I " when I say " I have a brain " ? Come on , let's get philosophical ! 
i have a brain also, rt & lft one is for dreams & the other is 4 reality
I am a left brained .i love languages and learn new things
im a little of both    very interesting though
I'm a little bit of a gray area. One side always overlaps the other. 
Explains why conservatives are brainless. 
I swear, everything my brain cooks up, originates in the right brain and is then filtered by left brain, to insure all the madness is at acceptable levels.
It's funny because we're looking at the right side with our left brain (You know, because eyes cross hemispheres)
What are you when you feel like you are a mixture of both? :P
I guess my brain is working fine then.  I'm able to learn things, catagorize things, and use logic.  I'm in love with poetry, music, and I love the arts.  Don't laugh if one day I put up something logical or creative and its actually poo.
It is important for every to find a path to your "other" self. The non-dominant hemisphere is often quietly watching. Right handed left-brain dominants must still live with "Lefty" while Lefties must cope with Mr. Right-Brain. :)
I am a left brain guy, through and through. Oh hey, a cupcake!
I'm stuck in the middle right now, I'm basically both...
left brain bad, right brain good=oversimplification
so guess, if your both that would mean bi-polar.
Does the left brain control the right or left side of body? Is there a male and female side of the brain? I kind of remember something about this in massage therapy. Can anyone enlighten me?
omg; my left brain is stuck in a right brain environment because i need to pay my bills too
 when  my left part questioning,my right part began imagine.....thus i stands belong both of these with the domination of right parallay rational with the left quite some extent.....thats how it works ,thats how it feels......
+Kimberly Duran The left side of the brain controls the right side of the body. The right side of the brain controls the left side of the body. I'm not sure if there's a gender to each side of the brain, but I doubt it.
Why is the left side so damn boring
Would the analytical types's not as if G+ is science digest.
I know the left-right brain but my in middle and always walk straight. Crab have left-right brain bcau they walk left & right only.......
I didn't really read this, I just like all the pretty colors on the right side of the picture. I'm sure it's fun to read, though. 
we all have left brains and right brains...
And when that brain has the problem of ADD, it is easily distracted and.....look at that!! Shiny! !!
this is only a slight focus on the working of human brains. it has nothing to do with being left handed !!! creativity is mostly done in the left side but what if your creativity needs some mathematical imput ? brain doesn't swap sides . anyway we know less about our brains than we do our planet.that says it all
I use only d right 1
jin li
nice picture
Mine does not have all those nice colors,:(
I guess I use both sides, because I am all those things and more.  No wonder others hate me.
I honestly don't know which one I am. I wish there there was a legitimate way to kind out!
Soooo !!!! only my right side Works ???????
I am left brained. This picture makes being smart and under control seem boring (which they wanted to do because they used gray and didn't add much detail). Why not show the wonders that could not exist without left-brained people? Such as the computer or phone you are using right now?
Keep and used our brain nicely
I am Right Brained :-D :-D I love creating music and Singing. :-D Very cool   illustration! 
I see bits of me on both sides!  More right though.  I'm terrible with Math/Science...yikes!
Mercedez Benz made this... EPIC!
I am totally the left. i cant draw worth crap!! <3
Me too.  Wouldn't wanna be left brain.
Otherwise known as a 'head video type' brain! ;]]
your left and right sound like twins! x
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