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       Amazing Forced Perspective Photographs

Forced perspective is a technique that employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is. It is used primarily in photography, film making and architecture. It manipulates human visual perception through the use of scaled objects and the correlation between them and the vantage point of the spectator or camera.
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Interesting how the human eye can be tricked by perception and illusion. If that is the case then what else do we miss interpret in life?
i think i'll start doing that with my camera!
I'm very happy to see people's careers are blossoming!
Teia t
wow that's an amazing photograph....Wish I had though of that myself!!!
Annoyingly clever and simple idea.
the flower is like a skirt! that's so cool!
Awesome photos my favorite is the one in the middle
Duy To
My honey likes these
I just love photography so much because it is relaxing ( at least to me)
really awsome photos they are really unique
that is awesome thier flowers and then they are a dress
Looks so great, inspires me to do my own
incredible ! cool ! amazing ! and must share!
mike W
Those are super well taken great photography
Lovely photos; beautiful and imaginative.
CoCo H
Haha azm!!!!
Definetly had to look twice!
Imma take a pic like this that is really cool rite
Really simple but so effective not seen anything like this, original and clever.
this brings "tulip skirts" to a whole new level
The first two look awesome but the last one doesnt look as convincing as the first two 
I know it's not amazing, but who wants to listen to all your complaints? If they honestly asked for you to complain about them, fine. But they aren't. So they may be pretentious, out of focus or whatever criticism you have. But first of all ask yourself this. Can you make it better? Have you even thought of doing that? If you didn't, then technically you're in no position to criticize them.  
i wish i could make some realy awesome clicks.. love it
Well, this really a good picture of deception by using the flowers seemingly integrating with the background pictures. Brilliant!
all the girls in this picture is so lovely
wow, that is beautiful!!!  and so creative!!
thats kool i want a dress like that
love those things which give u joy but not sorrows.the word love is used as fashion but not for relations
wow this is amazing. and what an unique idea with the flowers
that's so pretty pictures like that are amazing they make you think whats really behind the creation of the beautiful things in this earth
What a unique perspective on life... All things in life should make one feel as these pictures do
Flower dresses that comes with the stem
Can we have a photograph showing a man adopting his wife's point of view?

Now that would be a real forced perspective.
that is so beautiful i wish i could do something like that
Hau i can make edit my picture in my nset like tht have sofwer editor picture like tht for the henpon?
ballerina can dance the loop the loop tango grate cloSe footng and move n slow to find fiction 20 perfect finish,cool
cool whant a two dance chandy lane a contestnt grate dancing with the star s cool
I tink that all the pictures are really beautiful and I am in awe
+VIV VIV Yeah I agree, thats what I mean. One thing is to never assume because what we think is happening and what is happening could be 2 different things!
I think this collection of photos is very beautiful. It show how girls relate to something so delicate, fragile, and beautiful. This is a wonderful piece of art. I love it!
The marriage of vision in reality very nice 
wow, so creative! love this
Thats so pretty!! I love it. It is very inspireing. I want to draw it!! :D
 I like the first one it rimindes me of ballet! im a dancer so a lot of things look like that to me ahhahahahahaa
nice one but
flaweres are not protacted our...,
that's so creative and really beautiful<3 love it
This is such an amazing creation and looks really effective.
Very cool! That's what I call art.
That is amazing!!!! Very cool!!! And beautiful!!!
Theses are beauitful and very creative you should be pleased;) xx
Simply beautiful. Great simple concept.
tese are amazing they are so awesome luv them
omg that is so pretty!!!! very cool
Astistic...I can do the same thing with my phone and internet access!!
amazingly beautifull,elligant and smart...awesome love it...i want 1
That's so cool and awesome and amazing!!!!!!
creative minds inspire the world
I just love this keep your mind open to imagine new and wonderful things around you.
Forced perspective never stops impressing me. The fact that forced perspective was a commonly used ' special effect' in hollywood for many years speaks to how versatile it is for story telling.
That's my pro pic on a website !!!(will not name it)
Thats awesome and rediculousely good

that's creativity, you got A+
lve what you did. It really looks like she is waering the flowers as skirts. Love it
Superbly brilliant
Hans Ai
Illustrated by techniques, great art
WOW!! How do you focus pictures like that?
This isn't just visual manipulation, this is Art!
Shon Ko
It is easy to do that, you just need tons of imagination
i wonder if they make real skirts like this..
That is cute and are they baked???!??!?!?!?
that is cute and are they baked!?!!!!!!???!?!
my fav is the first then the second then the third
that is like the coolest thing that I have ever seen!!!
Outstanding! Refreshing to see new ideas for a change. 
Exquisitely imagined.. the pictures are beautiful, but the photographer's perception of these shots are very inspiring..
very nice great......
Wow! People have very good imagination :) 
woooow cool pic :D good 
Oh my god it is awsome
好  太厉害了。。。错位视觉美啊
Very well executed! A lovely series
that would be so awsome if we could actually have these dresses
if there are these dresses some where i would really like to buy them
Beautiful Flowers!!!...........
Love it........And Lovely............!!!
fantabulous photography.... lovely....
BEAUTIFUL, LOVE THE CONCEPT. ..How about a bikini? (lol)
Bao Cao
so coooool, i gotta see if i can do this.
awesome   i should try that sometime!
excellent imagination
Wow! (and yay!!!!!! I'm the 500th comment! :D)
Awesome Photography..... n I'm 500th....
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